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Presenting the Chestnut Burr for 1940 . . . 

In this book, the record of the 1939-40 
academic year, the staff of the Chestnut Burr 
has earnestly endeavored to bring to you an 
accurate picture of a growing university. 

Since our campus is in a stage of evolu- 
tion, we have compiled the pages which follow 
with a predominant theme of Construction. 

On this motif of Construction, then, the 
Burr intends through its pages to construct a 
class, a student body, a faculty, and a univer- 
sity. We of the staff hope that you will find 
your Burr the truest and most sincere recol- 
lection possible of the months just passed. 

We give you the Chestnut Burr for 



It was our idea to dedicate the 1940 Chestnut Burr to a man who has 
contributed much to the successful growth of Kent State University. We 
felt that this book should be offered to someone instrumental in the rise 
of this institution, and to one in whose mind the welfare of the university 
has always held an important place. 

Such a man is John Edward McGilvrey, A.B., Ph.D., and president 
emeritus of Kent State University. 

Arriving in Kent from the Cleveland City Normal School in 1911, Dr. 
McGilvrey was president until 1926. During those years, he watched and 
helped the campus grow from what was then almost a wilderness to the 
site of the progressive university of today. He managed and lent weight 

to all of the appropriation campaigns for building on the campus, including 
the new science hall which bears his name. In 1935 Dr. McGilvrey promoted 
the bill which changed Kent State "College" into Kent State "University". 

With cameras clicking and with members of the faculty and several 
hundred students looking on, Dr. McGilvrey on December 22, 1938, broke 
first ground for the beginning of construction work on the science hall. 
Actual proceedings on the million-dollar structure began four months later, 
on April 4, 1939; the new building is expected to be ready for occupation 
in time to accommodate fall classes this year. Its four floors will have 47 
rooms, including lecture rooms and libraries. 

These, then, are the facts which cause us of the Burr staff to feel 
justified in dedicating this book to the first president of Kent State 

The university has honored Dr. McGilvrey by naming him president 
emeritus and by giving his name to the new science hall. We of the Burr 
staff add to these honors with the dedication of this book. 

The 1940 Chestnut Burr salutes Dr. Edward McGilvrey. 

J^uDe^'ulsina (^nalneei^6 



President Karl Clayton Leebrick, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 


■ ■ 

During the two years that Dr. K. C. Leebrick has acted as president of 
the university, his unassuming friendliness, his keen sense of responsibility, 
and his sincere interest, not only in Kent itself, but in each student, have 
made him a popular prexy. 

His knowledge of educational problems and his interest in his special 
field, the Far East, makes him an authority sought after by students and 
organizations alike. 

The task confronting any president of a growing university is one re- 
quiring infinite tact and patience. Students and faculty both look to him for 
advice and as a person to whom they may express their grievances. Moreover, 
he must be cooperative in his dealings with others. Dr. Leebrick meets 
all these requirements. 

His genial smile is known to all both on and off the campus. 

The first annual President's Day, honoring Dr. 
Leebrick was sponsored on October 23 . . . Dr. Clyde 
Miller of the Institute of Propaganda Analysis was 
the principal speaker . . . students had their part, too, 
with Gordon Hostettler, Woodrow Barkett and Jean 
Ulmer voicing their appreciation for the youthful 
chief executive . . . Following the program, students, 
faculty and friends were "received" by "K. C." in 
his office. 

Jr?^?^B« ■ • 

J:' "^^7 ^ 

The administration of a growing university, increasing yearly in num- 
ber of students, expanding over the campus, and enlarging its teaching 
staff, demands the constant assistanc? of the Board of Trustees. 

Members of the 1939-40 board are: John R. Williams, superintendent of 
Lake county schools, president; Joseph B. Hanan, superintendent of mechani- 
cal goods division of B. F. Goodrich company, vice-president; Roy H. Smith, 
president of Lamson-Sessions company, treasurer; Albert V. Dix, publisher 
and editor, secretary; and Charles H. Lake, superintendent of Cleveland 
Public schools. 

The board meets monthly with President Leebrick to approve appoint- 
ments and expenditures, and to carry on all other official business. The 
university is fortunate to have such an efficient, interested Board of 

Kent State University's seven deans provide the best opportunity the 
university affords for "personal contact" between the student body and 
the administration. 

Below, left to right: Arden L. Allyn, dean, college of business administra- 
tion; Dr. John L. Blair, dean, college of education; and Oscar H. Williams, 
dean emeritus, college of liberal arts. 

Dean Raymond E. Manchester originated the Men's Union, and also 
the custom of individual birthday greetings to campus men. Dean Mary 
L. Smallwood, only one year at Kent, is now an indispensable member 
of the faculty body. 

Dean Emeritus O. H. Williams, six years head of the college of liberal 
arts, retired in September, 1938, to be replaced by Dean Earl W. Crecraft, 
from the University of Akron. Dean Arden L. Allyn prides himself on 
the growth of his, the youngest college of the university. Dean John L. 
Blair and Dean Fren Musselman have worked together for years in 
building the first college of the university, that of education. 


Left to right: Dr. Earl W. 
Crecraft, dean, college of 
liberal arts; Fren Mussel- 
man, dean, summer school 
and extension. 

Dr. Mary L. Smallwood, dean of women; Raymond 
E. Manchester, dean of men and head, Department 
of Mathematics. 


Seven officials, keeping stride with the construction and progress on 
the campus, do the work behind the scenes to keep the machinery of 
university administration running smoothly and efficiently. 

Business Manager B. F. Renkert and Assistant Treasurer C. K. Anderson 
work together in the money matters of the university. 

Dr. Lester H. Munzenmayer, director of teacher placement, arranges 
interviews for prospective employers of student teachers, while the instruc- 
tion and practice teaching at the University Training school is under the 
direction of Dr. Amos L. Heer. Dr. Heer also represents the university at 
national educational conventions besides teaching educational classes. 

Miss Margaret Dunbar, reigning over the Rockwell library with dignity 
and precision, still performs the yearly task of acquainting freshmen with 
studying and making use of the library facilities. 

One of the busiest of the officials is Registrar E. C. Stopher, who with 
the aid of his office assistants, must keep in close touch with all students, 
record their cuts, their grades, and scores of other facts concerning each 
of them. 

J. W. Dirkson heads campus construction and supervision of grounds. 


Administrative officials are, left to right; B. F. Renkert, business mana- 
ger and University purchasing agent; Lester H. Munzenmayer, director of 
teacher placement; E. C. Stopher, registrar; Margaret Dunbar, librarian; 
J. W. Dirkson, construction supervisor; Amos L. Heer, director of the Train- 
ing school; and Charles K. Anderson, assistant treasurer of the university. 


K^onSuitlna C^nQineev'S 

Typical of faculty meetings at the 
university is this one of the faculty of 
the college of liberal arts. 

Dr. Donald Anthony, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
Head of Division of Business Administration 
"Keep Labor Sweet" 

Dr. Maurice Baum, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 

Head of Department of Philosophy 

"My Philosophy Is . . ." 

Dr. Willis J. Burner, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
Head of Department of Foreign Languages 
"Eso Es" 

Dr. H. D. Byrne, A.B., A.M., LL.B., J.D. 

Head of Department of Political Science 

"And Then We Have . . . What?" 



Dr. Raymond M. Clark, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. 
Head of Division of Elementary Education 

"Yes, Yes" 

Prof. Harry A. Cunningham, B.S., A.M. 

Head of Department of Biology 

"The Fundamental Biological Factors Are" 

Prof. Fred H. Denker, B.M., M.M. 

Head of Department of Music 

"Isn't That Amazing?" 

Dr. Arville O. DeWeese, B.S., M.D. 

Head of the Department of Health and Physical Ed. 

"Open Wide Please" 

Kockweli cJ^lb 



• • 



"^^ >w^ 

■•' ■'^•iff 

Prof. Eric T. Griebling, A.B., M.A. 
Acting Head of the Department of English 

"So What?" 

Dr. Hersel W. Hudson, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 
Head of the Department of Economics 
"Well, Now I Will Tell You" 

Prof. Nina S. Humphrey, B.E., M.A. 

Head of the Department of Art 

"Don't You Think So?" 

Dr. James T. Laing, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
Head of the Department of Sociology 
"We Can't Be Dogmatic" 

yjliumiA ^J^c 


Prof. Bertha L. Nixson, B.S., A.M. 

Head of the Department of Home Economics 

"Please Outline the Chapter" 

Dr. David Olson, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. 

Head of Department of Geography and Geology 

"The Point I'm Trying To Put Over Is" 

Dr. Daniel W. Pearce, B.S., A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 

Head of the Department of Psychology 

"Psychology Is A Great Subject . . ." 

Dr. a. S. Roberts, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. 
Head of the Department of History 
"Test Next Hour" 



(y • • * 

Dr. Christian F. Rumold, LL.D., A.B., Ph.D. 

Head of the Department of Physical Science 

"The Most Complex Things Are Simple In Reality" 

Dr. Alfred W. Stewart, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. 
Head of the Division of Secondary Education 
"Come Prepared Next Time" 


Prof. E. Turner Stump, A.B., A.M. 

Head of the Department of Speech 

"O.K., Shoot!" 

Prof. G. Hazel Swan, B.S., A.M. 

Head of Kindergarten-Primary Education 

"We Must Have Cooperation" 


Prof. William D. Taylor, A.B., A.M. 
Head of the Department of Journalism 
"This Is The No Alihi Department" 

Prof. Clinton S. Van Deusen, M.E., M.A. 

Head of the Department of Industrial Arts 

". . . If You Will . . ." 



eacns = 




The rush of being first in line to register . . . the disappointment at 
receiving a 2 o'cloclc hour card . . . the number of gaping freshmen looking 
over the upper classmen with awe . . . the gladness of seeing so many of 
the old gang back . . . the wondering how the activity ticket picture will 
turn out this year . . . looks of amusement on the faces of upper classmen 
watching freshmen going through a strenuous physical examination . . . 
the stray bits of conversation whereby the student tries to convince the 
professor that he can't have a Saturday class . . . the trek to the Brady that 
becomes a habit . . . the freshman blue caps dotting the campus, and the 
garish sweaters of the coeds marring the green of the grounds . . . the 
scurrying about to buy books . . . the thinking that there must be an increase 
in the enrollment since the waiting line is getting longer . . . aching feet 
and legs after standing in line all day . . . the visit to the treasurer's office 
. . . and the after-registration letdown . . . 

First days . . . 2565 remember them this year . . . that figure tops last 
year's by 155, and the record for '37-'38 by 463 . . . maybe that explains that 
registration line, the harassed advisors, the hustling students, the dulled 
pencils, the empty pens . . . and everything that went with registration 
week last September. 


FRESHMEN . . . . 

Well equipped with sharpened pencils and new notebooks, 1150 new 
students came to Kent in mid-September for a hectic Freshman week. 

As the year advanced they matured under the education of smokers 
and rush parties, library dates, Brady sitting, and class cutting. 

Under the guidance of officers Mickey Dover, president; Peggy Fike, 
vice-president; Elizabeth Tucker, secretary; and Dick McGinnis, treasurer, 
the class sponsored freshman assembly, freshman play and the successful 
"Club '43" dance. 



"C'mon, sister . . . rise and shine!'' 

. . . oh! oh! . . . get that alarm clock! . . . another new day . . . but about 
three hours too soon . . . 

... a hurried coke — maybe . . . hurry up, will you? . . . I've been here 
for an hour . . . 

. . . that run up the walk really wears you down . . . guess I'll catch up 
on a . . . little . . . sleep . . . 

. . . no, I wasn't sleeping, professor . . . just concentrating . . . that was a 
swell lecture . . . (what I heard of it) ... 

. . . thank heavens! . . . classes over . . . have to hurry for that date . . . 

. . . gee, I'm sorry . . . didn't know it was over-due . . . (wonder what it 
was about) . . . 

. . . classes aren't everything in college . . . 

. . . ah! . . . relaxation for the tired brain . . . 

''Well ... I suppose you have to work once 
in a while" 

they say this gets to be a habit . . ." 


". . . everybody says eight hours of sleep are neces- 
sary to the growing body . . ." 

". . . ah . . . good morning, pro- 
fessor . . . (hope I'm not late for 
class) . . . 

"Reflections and wishes 

. dorm date 

"You bet . . . cramming for that exam to- 
morrow . . ." 



. . . graduating from the "green" class into the "we-know-it-all" class, 
the Sophomores made names for themselves in dramatics, journalism, 
legislation, and social activities . . . never has so much of the university 
activity been so noticeably executed by the students with only one year of 
college experience behind them . . . 

. . . not forsaking their own organization in the process of doing things 
elsewhere . . . the Sophomores first exhibited their talents in the class- 
sponsored "Sweater Swagger" . . . Alf Bottomley and orchestra playing 
in Wills Gym . . . Stan Mouse and Bill Guisewite cutting-up much to the 
enjoyment of the dancers . . . hailing the day of the dance as "Sweater Day" 
. . . shag contest drawing many dancers into the limelight . . . chaperones 
being Dr. and Mrs. John Cuber . . . Dr. and Mrs. Harry Wolfe . . . Dr. and 
Mrs. Henry Dater . . . Prof. Clarence A. Slocum and guest . . . 

. . . second semester came and with it came plans for the spring formal 
which the Sophs sponsor . . . the Sophomore Hop . . . April 20 . . . part of 
dance that Sophs liked best was deduction of class dues from admission 
price . . . Dick Barrie's "catching rhythms" from 10 to 1 ... in cleverly dec- 
orated Wills Gym . . . presentation of Most Popular Man Dick Firth, senior, 
and Most Popular Woman Jane Rothermund, junior . . . only sore — spot — 
it came during prep-week . . . 

. . . wishing to leave more to Kent State than memories of the Soph 
activities . . . the class contributed money to the planned construction to 
be placed in front of the university library ... a sign, surrounded by shrub- 
bery, boasting that "THIS IS KENT STATE UNIVERSITY". 

This year's large Sophomore class, which figures prove to be greatly 
increased over any previous year, worked congenially and effectively to- 
ward making their group outstanding. 

Many were taken in by clubs and other organizations, while others 
joined fraternities and sororities. The staffs of the three campus publications 
proved what a great percentage of the work was done by the Sophomores. 

Active in music, art and other ex-curricular activities, the class proved 
their versatility in many fields. 

The class was guided throughout the year by officers: Bob Seese, 
president; Don Hawley, vice-president; Janet Foltz, secretary; and Ted 
Charles, treasurer. 







a ■ 

Three wins, four losses, and one tie tell the story of the 1939 Kent State 
University football team. Coach G. D. "Rosy" Starn's men started the season 
with a show of power equal to that of any opponent, but ended the campaign 
with three straight losses. 

Wayne Sidinger, former Western Reserve University athletic star, 
was appointed line coach, replacing Joe Begala, who became the team's 

Coach Starn finished his fifth year as head football coach with a total 
gridiron record of 22 wins, 16 losses, and two ties. 

Only four members of this year's squad, Don Miller, Louis Cardinal, 
George Mollica, and Leslie Netzen, will be lost by graduation. During the 
past year. Dean Winsper copped honors for the best average in yards 
gained from the line of scrimmage with Joe Mileski, triple-threat man, taking 
the runner-up spot. 


Dean Winsper 

Joe Mileski 

James Alogdelis 

Edward Chesleski 

Edward Kordinak 

George MoUica 

Jimmy Jones 


Steve Foltin 

Bill Boliantz 

Vernon Heichel 

Louis Cardinal 

Earl Mcllvaine 

James Blackstock 

Dick Hoose 

Leonard Lifton 

Dick Kilboume 

Walter Porowski 

George Papushak 




With Joe Mileski tossing a slippery pigskin around on a wet and treach- 
erous Rockwell field, the Golden Flash gridiron machine opened the season 
impressively before a large crowd. 


The linemen captured the lime-light when the Flashes broke the 
Heidelberg jinx by trouncing the Student Princes, 19-0. It was the first win 
on the local field for Kent over the Princes. 


Mount Union College maintained its record of never having lost a foot- 
ball game to Kent, when they battled the Flashes to a 6-6 tie at Alliance 
with over 3000 shivering fans watching. 

KSU, 7— FINDLAY, 10 

An intercepted pass and a 16-yard field goal overcame an early Kent 
lead and the Findlay Oilers pulled an amazing upset to knock the Flashes 
from the undefeated class. 

KSU, 8— HOBART, 6 

Rebounding from a surprise loss to Findlay, the Flashes topped the 
Hobart College Statesmen in Geneva, N. Y. With the score tied, 6-6, in the 
last minutes, Kent scored a safety. 


The Kent gridders held their sister-college rivals from Bowling Green 
to seven points for three periods but the visitors staged a track meet finish 
in the last quarter to score 27 points. 


The Flashes didn't do much towards upsetting predictions when they 
traveled to Cleveland to take a 38-0 drubbing from Western Reserve's 
powerful Red Cats on Migration Day. 


Kent stalled the vaunted passing attack of the B-W Yellow Jackets 
but the running attack functioned only too well and the Jackets scored in 
every quarter. It was the fourth loss for Kent. 







TWk, / 

» ^* 







» N 

^^ .--. 





*-^. ■^■ 


./ 1* 




'• v^- 

Bud LeChaix 
Harold Andreas 
Bert Davidian 
Sheldon Helmick 
Dan Gulgin 
Wayne Griffith 
Max Conner 
Joe Price 


Thirteen victories . . . ten defeats . . . 

These cold figures don't begin to tell the story of the 1939-40 Golden 
Flash basketball season. Backers of Head Coach G. Donald Starn's 
basketeers ran the gauntlet of emotions . . . from exultation and despair 
to apoplexy. Memories of scoring sprees in which the swish-swish of the 
net spelled doom for opposing quintets — tight games in which every basket, 
every foul, seemed deciding factors — capacity crowds, alternately gasping, 
groaning, and screaming — the shrill sound of the referee's whistle, barely 
heard above the tumult — the dull boom of the gun, signifying the end of 
the game — all will remain indelibly impressed in the minds of last season's 

A pair of victories over Western Reserve's highly touted cage artists, 
and two wins over Baldwin-Wallace's Yellow Jackets were the highlights of 
the season. These wins were unexpected, and gained sweet revenge for the 
Flashes, who had suffered humiliating defeats to both schools on the gridiron. 

After hanging up four victories in their first five games, the Flashes 
hit a slump and dropped five of their next six contests. They closed fast, 
however, losing but four of their remaining twelve skirmishes. 

Wayne Griffith led the Kentites in scoring for the second successive 
year when he split the meshes for 207 points. Max Conner placed second to 
"Griff" with 131 tallies, and Joe Price, sensational sophomore star, countered 
120 markers. Kent tallied 921 points in the gruelling 23-game schedule, 
while holding its opposition to 889. 


1939-40 REVIEW . . . 

Flashes off to auspicious start, winning four of first five games . . . only 
loss was to defending conference champs, Wooster . . . Bluffton, Ashland, 
Baldwin-Wallace and Ohio Wesleyan all fell before the Starnmen's smooth- 
working switching man-for-man defense and consistent offense . . . Sopho- 
mores Joe Price and Harold Andreas followed up impressive debuts with 
consistently good performances, and vets Wayne Griffith and Max Conner 
maintained a torrid pace . . . 

A sudden slump plus tough opposition spelled defeat for the Flashes in 
five of their next six encounters . . . Penn State's Nittany Lions sprang a 
strange type of basketball to this hotbed of "race horse" tactics when 
their slow deliberate offense controlled the ball 75% of time . . . the locals 
staved off a desperate rally to edge Mount Union by a one-point margin . . . 
fever-pitch excitement which permeated the campus prior to the traditional 
Akron meeting was cooled when the Zippers were rude hosts, sending the 
Flashes home muttering "it was a grand fight, mom, but we lost" under 
their breaths . . . Wittenberg, Muskingum, and Ashland made it four 
straight losses as Flashes were at lowest ebb of season . . . 

Return of Bill Boliantz, Bert Davidian, and Bud LeChaix to harness 
snapped the Blue and Gold out of their prolonged slump, and they rolled 
over Alliance and Hiram with no trouble . . . Fenn pulled surprise when they 
turned locals back, but all was forgiven when Western Reserve went back 
home on the short end of a 40-36 score . . . 

Sweet revenge was had when the Flashes lambasted Akron in a return 
engagement in the locals own back yard . . . Findlay was taken over the 
well known hurdles, and a return joust with Mount Union at Alliance 
resulted in revenge for the Raiders . . . Bowling Green also took the Golden 
Clad's measure in a close game . . . 

The high point of the season came when the Blue and Gold eked out a 
61-60 win over Reserve at Adelbert gym . . . the locals overcame a huge Red 
Cat lead to surge in front, then nearly lost as Reserve scored four points in 
the last seven seconds . . . back home again, the Flashes led John Carroll 
for 37 minutes before falling victim to "clutch" shooting of Fred Fanelly . . . 
Hiram was again a victim, and three seniors, Wayne Griffith, Bert Davidian, 
and Sheldon Helmick closed their collegiate careers by leading their team 
to a 30-28 victory over Baldwin-Wallace in the season's finale ... 

KSU. .63 Bluffton 22 

KSU..37 Wooster 40 

KSU.. 37 Ashland 36 

KSU.. 42 Baldwin-Wallace ..28 

KSU . . 41 Ohio Wesleyan .... 39 

KSU.. 21 Penn State 36 

KSU . . 44 Mount Union 43 

KSU.. 40 Akron U 49 

KSU . . 45 Wittenberg 53 

KSU . . 46 Muskingum 60 

KSU.. 36 Ashland 53 

KSU.. 58 Alliance 31 

KSU.. 47 Hiram 35 

KSU.. 32 Fenn 34 

KSU. .40 Western Reserve . .36 

KSU.. 33 Akron U 29 

KSU.. 36 Findlay 33 

KSU . . 38 Mount Union 49 

KSU . . 26 Bowling Green .... 28 

KSU. .61 Western Reserve . .60 

KSU. .32 John Carroll 35 

KSU.. 36 Hiram 32 

KSU . . 30 Baldwin-Wallace . . 28 




Losing only one match, to Kansas State, Big Six conference champions. 
Coach Joe Begala's crack wresthng team marched through all opposition 
from four states to hang up another fine record, 11 victories in 12 starts. 

After the matmen had beaten all state contenders, including powerful 
Ohio State, there was little complaint from other schools when Kent claimed 
the mythical state championship. 

Coach Begala used make-shift line-ups for many of the matches and 
in several cases had regular men wrestling 20-pounds over their assigned 

The wrestlers opened the campaign against the freshmen and won, 
29-3. However, most of the matches were close and were won by varsity 
men only because of the experience of the upper-classmen. Duane Hague, 
smooth Cuyahoga Falls 128-pounder, won the only match for the Frosh. 

The old rival. University of Akron, proved a soft touch for the Flashes 
and was swamped by a team of sophomores assembled by Coach Begala. A 
week later, the Golden Flash mat team journeyed to Pennsylvania to meet 
Waynesburg college and again won handily. 

With only three days rest, the Flashes met the Kansas State team of 
champions and were beaten, 15-9, in the outstanding match of the year. 
Three straight losses in the middle weights caused Kent's downfall. It was 
the second home loss in seven years for the home squad. 

After winning over the Akron YMCA and Findlay college team easily, 
the Blue and Gold men made the long trek to Columbus to meet the Ohio 
State Scarlet Scourges. One of the largest wrestling turnouts in years 
watched the Flashes edge out a 19-13 triumph. 

Lynn Sivon, veteran 155-pounder, Leonard Pomeroy, ace 136-pound 
grappler, and John Wilber, regular 121-pound man, are the only three 
graduating members of the squad. Pomeroy and Sivon acted as co-captains 
for this season's team. 

KSU.. 9 
KSU.. 27 

Freshmen 3 

Akron U 5 

Waynesburg 4^/2 

Kansas State 15 

Akron YMCA ....5 
Findlay 5 

KSU.. 19 
KSU.. 181/2 
KSU.. 27 
KSU.. 26 
KSU.. 33 
KSU.. 40 

Ohio State 13 

Ohio U 91/2 

Findlay 5 

Michigan State ... 6 
Indiana Pa. State . . 3 
Washington & Jeff. 



Front Row, seated left to right: John Wilbur, George Papushak, Leonard 
Pomeroy, Lynn Sivon, Fred Swasey, Milan Piotrowski, Myron Bruno. 

Back Row. Coach Joe Begala, Joe Foust, Mike Karash, Joe Aschauer, Walter 
Porowski, George Grahame, John Guiher. 






■ ■ 

Climaxing their tenth successful season while under the tutelage of 
Joe Begala, the Golden Flash wrestlers added the seventh Interstate 
wrestling championship in eight years to the already impressive season's 
record. Kent was the host school for the Interstate tournament March 15-16 
but because of spring vacation the meet was moved to the Cleveland Athletic 

Earlier in the year, Coach Begala claimed the mythical state champion- 
ship for his men after the Flashes topped Ohio State. 

The eight Kent men won five first places and three second places while 
rolling up a total of 43 points. This was the largest team total ever scored 
in the annual tournament. Case School of Applied Science was second with 
11 points, barely nosing out Waynesburg college, Pa., by one point. 
Michigan State was fourth with nine points and Buffalo University, Findlay, 
Rochester Mechanics, Baldwin-Wallace, and Albert College, N. Y., trailed 
in that order. 

In winning, Kent qualified a complete team for the national collegiate 
tournament held March 28-29 in Champaign, 111. Winners and runner-ups 
in the tournament earned places in the nationals but only two men reported 
for the latter contest. Injuries kept most of the eligible men on the sidelines. 


Back Row, left to right: Martin Kovalik, Jack Tomasheska, Ray Hromco, Keith 
Spriggel, Vince Cortesi, Bill Boliantz. 

Front Row, left to right: Wayne Griffith, George Spratt, Russ Doan, Bob Steuve, 
Steve Foltin, Jim Blackstock, Clayton Heinlen, Joe Beal, Steve Feduniak. 
Standing, left to right: Tris Speaker and Coach John Starrett. 

After winning their first three games of the 1939 baseball season, the 
Golden Flash diamond nine fell apart in the clutches in later games and 
a mediocre season resulted. 

The home team was alternately hot and cold with many of their 
losses coming from erratic fielding. Coach John Starrett lost one of his 
most capable infielders, Bob Whitman, early in the year and was forced 
to use a make-shift line-up in several games. 

Kent opened the year quite impressively, beating Oberlin twice and 
Heidelberg once in their first three games. Wooster dropped the Flashes 
9-3 in a game featured by loose play. Kent reversed the decision later, 
however, by winning 3-2 in the best-played game of the year. Toledo 
University inflicted two defeats upon the Blue and Gold men by wide 
margins. Other wins came at the expense of Ashland and Heidelberg. 

Two of the three outstanding hurlers last year are missing this spring. 
Keith Spriggel, right-hander, graduated, and Jack Tomasheska is now 
playing professional ball. The season's record shows seven wins and five 






Head Baseball Coach John 
Starrett, left, shows by the 
broad grin that he has just 
completed an encouraging 
practice with the boys. 

Catcher Clayton Heinlen, 
below, seems to be having 
trouble trying to keep his eye 
on a foul fly. 

Back Row, left to right: Kirk Lowery, 

Dick Gardner, Dice Alexander, Sam 


Front Row, left to right: Mark Treat, 

Ray Greene, Bill Watson. 

Right: Coach Ray Novotny. 


Coach Ray Novotny's 1939 tennis team completed one of the most suc- 
cessful seasons in the seven year history of tennis at Kent State University, 
finishing the campaign with seven wins against four losses. 

The Flashes' four losses came at the hands of the strong Wooster and 
Hiram outfits. The Scots handed the Kent net-men both defeats by a score 
of 6-1, while Hiram tagged them with two defeats, the score in each being 
5-2. Wins came at the expense of Ashland, Mount Union, Slippery Rock, 
and John Carroll. 

Wrestling Coach Joe Begala started tennis at Kent in 1932 and acted 
as coach for two years, when Novotny took over. Although the Flashes 
failed to score in the 1939 Ohio Conference tournament, all matches they 
played were carried to three sets. 


Leslie "Swede" Netzen, versatile senior athlete, practically turned the 
1939 track season into a one-man show by accounting for 29 or more points 
in each dual meet, while competing in seven events. 

Netzen led Kent in the three victories over Heidelberg, Hiram, and 
Baldwin-Wallace, and scored 29 points while the Flashes were losing their 
only meet of the season to University of Akron, 68-63. 

First Row, left to right: Hubert Lawrence, Francis Jacobs, Reynold Nischwitz, 
George Buzulencia. 

Second Row: Bob Potts, Jules Bognar, John Armour, Myron Lawrence, John 

Standing: Coach Joe Begala, Norvel Hill, Harry Williamson, "Swede" Netzen, 
Sam Farkas, Lyle Follin, Tom Manko, assistant. 


Seated, left to right: Warner Dickson, Richard Johnson, John Paulich, Louis 
Hrabko, Max Beetem. 

Standing, left to right: Prof. George J. Altmann, G. Davis, Ralph Church, Paul 
Steffen, John Bridges, John Schindewolf. 

Supplying entertainment for fans during intermission of Golden Flash 

basketball games is the primary purpose of the university Gym team. 

Coached by Intramural Director G. J. Altmann, the squad draws many aw's 

and oh's during its performances at half-time. 




■ ■ 

The aim of the intramural program of sports is to reach every student 
in the university whether affiliated or not. Steady growth of the institution 
has made apparent the need for such a program. 

Individual awards are presented at the end of the school year to the fra- 
ternity or organization accumulating the highest number of points from all 
intramural sports. 




Beginning with cross-country in the fall and continuing with horseshoes, 
swimming, basketball, track, gym, fencing and golf, the final results of the 
program are not determined until completion of the final events in May. 

Throughout the school year the intramural program offers the finest form 
of diversion and recreation. 

Because of the variety of sports offered to each student, competition has 
proven much keener this year. 

These seven mask and foils men are 
part of the large group of Kent stu- 
dents who have taken a great interest 
in the ancient sport. 


These shots show Gene Finks, Akron 
heavyweight, winning the feature bout 
of the Courier-Tribune boxing show in 
December. Finks won a five-round 
decision over Kent's Lewis DeWeese. 


Co-educational gym classes are a 
regular part of the university curricu- 
lum, another field in which KSU has 
pioneered. Here you see the regular 
classes of Professors Virginia Harvey 
and G. J. Altmann playing volleyball. 


"You Know Where, I Don't 

"Reeling 'em On Down" 





"Swing your partner, follow through, — now's the time to promenade 
. . . O . . . swing your partner, turn her too . . ." 

Barn dancing this year proved to be one of the most popular activities 
offered by the Department of Health and Physical Education. 

With Stubby Sindledecker to call the figures, Kent's square dancers 
spent many a happy and hilarious evening in Will's Gym clapping to the 
tune of popular "hill-billy" numbers played by Stubby and his Jolly Four. 

Many students learned the various steps in their gym classes while 
others simply picked them up. Faculty members, too, enjoyed the informality 
of these farmer affairs. 

'Birdie In The Cage, Three Hands 'Round" 

"You Swing Yours, I'll Swing Mine" 

For the second successive year, George T. Costello, national Red Cross 
field representative, came to Kent to examine candidates for the rating 
of water safety instructors. 

This year thirty Kent swimmers qualified for the rating after several 
weeks of intensive training, which consisted of a written test and a water 
examination, given in the Kent pool March 26, 27, and 28. 


L A 

< ( 

F W I M 

> > 

Topping the finest season in the short swimming history of Kent, 
the Golden Flash natators came through in the Ohio Conference swim- 
ming meet at Bowling Green to take second place, finishing close behind 
the nationally-known Kenyon squad. 

During the regular season, led by Dale Stewart and powerful-stroking 
Roman Wojno, the Kent team won 10 victories in 12 starts. Stewart and 
Wojno, swimming in free-style races, dominated most of the meets. 

The powerful Wooster Scots and Oberlin College were the only colleges 
able to beat the Flashes. Kent gained revenge for the Wooster loss by 
winning the second meet between the two colleges, 38-37. 

Outstanding for the local tankers were Don Johnson, senior diver; 
Pete Woyar, breast-stroke; Russ Smith, Sam Farkas, and Captain Bruce 



The year 1939-40 introduced a new program of sports activities for 
women at Kent. The opportunity for every woman on the campus to take 
part in one or all of the various sports was offered by the Women's Athletic 
Association, which invited sororities, dormitories, and clubs to compete 
for the big Participation Cup to be presented to the organization which 
piled up the greatest number of points. 

The best feature of this program was the fact that the winning team 
did not have to be the champions of the sport, but was simply required 
to have the most players out for each activity. Thus, experienced sport 
enthusiasts and novices alike were encouraged to "come out and have 
some fun". 

The success of this new program can be amply demonstrated by the 
membership figures which show that over fifty women were initiated 
by the Women's Athletic Association in March. Many other students, not 
affiliated with that organization, however, expressed their appreciation 
of the new program by taking part in the WAA activities throughout the 

Besides the big Participation Cup, trophies of lesser importance were 
presented to winners of the various team sports such as soccer, Softball, 
basketball, and volleyball. 

Then, not satisfied with these trophies, WAA gave awards to winners 
of the individual sports which included tennis, badminton, ping pong, darts, 
and archery. 

The Sharks Club formed a Super Sharks Club and invited all women 
to try out for membership. Those who qualified enjoyed the thrill of 
swimming in the 1940 National Intercollegiate Telegraphic swimming 
meet, held between February 15 and March 15. 

Among the year's most pleasant surprises was the sudden popularity 
of the Modern Dance Club. Approximately 80 women attended each meet- 
ing, and because of such consistent interest it was possible for the club to 
put on several recitals, one of the most successful ones being the presenta- 
tion of the "Pre-Classic Suite" in the music room at Moulton Hall. 

At the end of the semester the Women's Athletic Association held 
their annual awards banquet at which the much publicized Participation Cup 
was presented to the winning organization. 

Chenille letter K's were presented to those of WAA who had earned 
250 points and gold pins were given to those who earned 600 points. 

In summary it is fair to say that the Women's Athletic Association 
experienced one of the most successful years of its existence on the campus. 
The plans for the scheduling of activities which was introduced this year 
were accepted by Kent women as the basis for one of the strongest 
programs for women sport enthusiasts that has ever been tried at Kent 
State University. 



ion an 





■ ■ 

In the low light of dusk a blare of trumpets heralds the procession of 
May Queen candidates, moving toward the high white throne for coronation 
ceremonies. A hushed silence falls over the large crowd. 

The assemblage watches expectantly as the president of Student Council 
declares the queen and, as she ascends the throne, crowns her with a 
wreath of flowers. Suddenly, the silence is shattered, and coeds wind the 
traditional Maypole. Campus Night is now well under way. 

With sororities, fraternities, and other organizations ranked according 
to seniority, the parade forms, and jubilant students follow the multi- 
colored lamps tracing the parade route which winds from the front campus 
through the town and back to Wills Gym. 

Festivities are soon interrupted by announcements of cup winners for 
the exhibitions in the parade. 

Dancing resumes, to continue on into the evening, concluding for 
another year all the spirit and colorful pageantry which has made Campus 
Night a glorious tradition. 


" 'Tis a hail to Kent forever, 
On the Cuyahoga shores . . ." 

Those same Cuyahoga shores last year were the site of Kent's first 
"annual" Rowboat Regatta, an event hoped to become a permanent univer- 
sity tradition. 

As sponsor of the classic, The Kent Stater was able to arouse enough 
enthusiasm in the student body to make this first rowboat race a conspicuous 
success, with fraternities, sororities, dormitories, and independents all 
entering the contest. 

Beginning on the river two miles north of Kent's Main street bridge, 
the race was followed from the bank of the river by crowds of cheering 

Kent State University's band furnished music along the west bank 
of the river, while members of the Department of Speech broadcasted the 
developments from a vantage point on an upper floor of a building to 
the east of the river. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma's entry crossed the finish line first to claim the 
women's cup, while Sigma Tau Gamma broke the tape first for superiority 
among the men's entries. 



Politics, a new queen, "Ethan Frome", a "rotten game" and "what a 
mob" tell the story of this year's Homecoming. Cold northern winds 
greeted the returning grads but the spirit reflected in meeting the old, as 
well as the new faces, soon stimulated a warm atmosphere. 

The week-end was ushered in by previous campaigning, climaxed 
by the election of Miss Peg Carper as Homecoming Queen. Presented to 
the Friday night play audience, Miss Carper welcomed the alumni on 
behalf of the students. 

The play, "Ethan Frome", gave three new faces to the university 
audience in an excellent portrayal of a somewhat morbid story. Walter 
Krumm and Elizabeth Gorlich, cast in the leading roles, gave outstanding 

Then, on Saturday, Bowling Green outclassed the hapless Flashes 
with spectacular runs to cop the Homecoming tilt, 34-0. 

In the evening, nearly 3,000 students and alumni jammed into Wills 
Gym for the get-together dance. 

Gradually, the crowd began to thin, the town resumed its usual way 
of life, and Homecoming was over for another year. 



Under the direction of Prof. A. Clarence Smith, of the School of 
Journalism, the third annual Short Course in News Photography was held 
here March 5-9, bringing to the campus news photographers from all over 
the United States. 

Every phase of photography was offered with special attention being 
focused on aerial photography, news picture value and reader-interest 
in news pictures. 

Visiting dignitaries included Miss Jackie Martin, photographic and 
art director of the Washington Times Herald, Jack Price, associate editor 
of Editor and Publisher, and Major Albert W. Stevens, of the army air 
photographers. Also on the program was Jack Willem, director of research, 
Stack-Goble Advertising Agency, and Tom Wallace, editor of the Louisville 

Highlights of the week's program included lectures and round table 
discussions, a beginner's course conducted by J. Winton Lemen, of the 
Eastman Kodak company, a trip to Nela Park, and a symposium on ethics 
in news pictures, conducted by Dr. Maurice Baum, of the University Depart- 
ment of Philosophy. A special tea was held in honor of Miss Martin. 






Greek met Greek ... a spacious ballroom . . . Gilcrest's swaying 
rhythm . . . girls clad in their gayest formals . . . fellows uncomfortable but 
proud in tuxes and tails . . . such was the background for the annual All- 
Greek formal . . . 

. . . sponsored by the Alpha Omegas . . . introduced their pledges to 
the actives of other campus sororities and fraternities. . . 

. . . held this year at Portage Country Club in Akron ... on Saturday 
night, November 18, from 9-1 .. . bright colored banners of each sorority 
and fraternity on the campus decorated the walls of the ballroom . . . 
brilliant red jackets of the orchestra contrasted with the dark banners . . . 

... at intermission each organization present entertained the others 
in turn by singing its songs . . . 

. . . chaperoned by Dean Mary L. Smallwood, Dr. Foster Brooks, Dr. 
and Mrs. Charles Sumner, Prof, and Mrs. Merle Wagoner, and Prof, and 
Mrs. Bruce Handley . . . advisors to Greek organizations invited . . . 

. . . planned by a committee of Alpha Omegas, headed by Charlotte 
Boedeker, and including Maxine Lenner, Bonita Dray, Virginia Himes, 
and Jeannette Malat. 


. . . climax of the grid season . . . held later than usual this year — on 
Friday, December 1, instead of in November as has been the custom . . . 
honored the blue and gold eleven, who wound up their season with a record 
of three wins, four losses, and one tie . . . special praise was given Louis 
Cardinal, Don Miller, Les "Swede" Netzen, and George MoUica, the four 
graduating seniors. . . 

. . . the team selected attractive Martha Jane Thomas to reign over the 
prom as queen . . . Wills Gym was the site of the dance, with the Juniors in 
charge . . . Mark Treat, Les Morato, and Marietta Carlozzi officiated . . . 
Kyle Smith furnished the rhythm . . . and "a good time was had by all", to 
coin a phrase . . . 

. . . one of the brighter campus events, the dance was one of the most 
popular of the year . . . semi-formal style . . . highlighted by unusual decora- 
tive effects . . . 

. . . officially closed the 1940 football year with awards to players for 
"services rendered" . . . featured on the program was the presentation of 
the O-Kent Keg to the freshman footballers, who beat the sophs by virtue 
of a 1-0 forfeit. 

F U N F E S T . 

■ ■ 

Packed with entertainment and originality, the annual Funfest was held 
December 18th in the University auditorium, with the Men's Union in 

Thirteen organizations, nine of which were Greek, entered the com- 
petition for the eight places open on the program. 

Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity took first place with a bitter satire, 
written by Jack Leggett, portraying the spectacle of college friends meet- 
ing in the trenches, the hardships they faced; while the Alpha Omega 
sorority won second place honors with a skit about Santa Claus. 

Four Greek and four non-Greek clubs shared places on the program 
with the nine individual renditions of Clara Biasella, Bob Orpin, Pearl 
Rongone, Harold Thwaite, George Campbell, David Flynn, a quartet led 
by Paul Critz, and the Stan Mouse and Bill Guisewite team. 

Dean Mary L. Smallwood, Mrs. A. Sellew Roberts, and Dr. H. W. 
Hudson acted as judges. 





^"^^ < 




. . . sponsored each year by the artists of the university ... to reveal 
their talent, as well as to entertain the entire student body . . . features of 
the ball this year . . . costumes ranging in representation from kings to 
clowns . . . blending with decorations caricaturing forms of art from Petty 
to Picasso . . . the satirical floor-show during intermission depicting how one 
artist looks to another . . . 

. . . ten dollars in prizes given for the prettiest costume, the most 
unusual costume, and the most original costume . . . Lynn Miller took the 
prettiest. Stew Fern the most unusual, and Carolyn Fretz the most original . . . 

... the ball was held in Wills Gym . . . 9-12 p. m. Friday, January 12 . . . 
Kyle Smith furnished the rhythm . . . decorations were superb ... the gym 
hardly recognizable ... all athletic apparatus hidden by super-human 
sized scenic Petty girls . . . 

. . . Al Kieselbach, social chairman of the Art Club, and John Paulich 
made the arrangements for the dance . . . 

. . . chaperoned by Miss Harriet Adams and guest, Prof, and Mrs. Bruce 
Handley, Prof, and Mrs. E. L. Novotny, and Prof. Mary Kathryn Boswell 
and guest . . . 



. . . dorm dances . . . class dances . . . club dances . . . Greek dances . . . 
dances galore from June of last year to June of this year . . . some held on 
campus, others held at near by country clubs . . . some with big name 
orchestras, others with groups of college musicians . . . but all being fun . . . 

. . . the All-University dance, one of the earliest . . . held in Wills Gym 
with Harry Gilcrest and orchestra. . . 

. . . fall semester came and with it the Homecoming dance, furnishing 
plenty of fun for alumni and under-graduates ... as year progressed other 
dances were slated, such as the "Club '43", Soph Sweater Swagger, All-Club 
dance and Junior-Senior Prom. . . 

. . . Father Time and Lady New Year danced with students at the 18th 
annual New Year's Ball in Wills Gym on January 5 . . . WAA Sweetheart 
dance with King of Hearts chosen on February 16 . . . Akron chapter dance 
at Akron Mayflower, supporting SUB drive . . . Newman club formal at 
Congress Lake country club on April 16 ... " '49-er," informal as everything 
with beards whiskering around Kent Armory. 

. . . and so they went ... all adding their part to the enjoyment of college 
life. . . 

Kent State co-eds turned mountain gals and chased the hill-billy men- 
folks over the campus on Wednesday, November 8, and then dragged their 
catch to the Sadie Hawkin's Day dance at Wills Barn. 

Patterned after the comic strip characters, the 1500 dancers formed 
in line for the grand march and paraded before guest of Dogpatch, Tony 
Weitzel, Akron Beacon Journal columnist, while he selected the best 
dressed students and those of the students attending who were most 
representative of the characters in the comic. Winners of the contest were 
Kay Suits as Daisy Mae; Joe Aschauer, Li'l Abner; Agnes Bowles, Sadie 
Hawkins; Myron Lawrence, Lonesom' Polecat; John Watson, Marryin' 
Sam; and Howard Resseger, Hairless Joe. 

Clever costumes brought recognition to Elaine Lattin, Jean Marie 
Johnston, Ernie Williams, Bob Harrington, Dorothy Rychlik, and Betty 

Three gallon jugs of cider were donated for prizes by The Kent Stater, 
and gifts were furnished by Phi Beta Phi and Alpha Phi Beta fraternities. 
Ribbons were given by various Greek organizations. 






mRRTY jfine THomAS 












/ if^avynic 

.„■> ■ t^ ^ i^--^- •%^..t»-: 

y 1/ Lal^ ai^Ji 1/ Ua 




The fifth annual presentation of Handel's Messiah was given before a 
capacity crowd in the University auditorium Sunday, December 17. 

With students, faculty, and citizens of Kent taking part in the presenta- 
tion, the oratorio was produced by the Department of Music and brought four 
outstanding New York soloists to the campus. 

Corleen Wells, soprano; Ellen Repp, contralto; Arthur Bailey, tenor; and 
Robert Crawford, bass, blended their voices with a choir of nearly 200 voices, 
under the direction of Prof. Fred Denker. 

The chorus accompaniments were played by the university orchestra. 

A.S in the past, the audience rose to their feet and stood in silence with the 
singing of the finale, "Hallelujah chorus." 



The A Capella Choir again made KSU proud of its musical program. 

Members highhghted their tuneful season with off-campus singing, 
including Christmas concerts in surrounding towns, and before the Ameri- 
can Association of University Women. 

Forty voices, singing in unison comprises the choir when singing at 
university functions, but when singing off-campus, the group includes only 
thirty-two voices. This year the choir enjoyed the distinction of being 
presented on the air waves both over station WADC in Akron, and station 
WTAM in Cleveland. 

Garbed in blue robes, A Capella crowned its season's efforts with a 
spring concert on Sunday, May 5, during Music Week on the campus. 

Officers of the choir are: Libby Pliskin, president; Clara Biasella, sec- 
retary-treasurer; John Busch, librarian. Prof. Bruce Handley was the 


Kent State University boasts possession of two fine bands, the concert 
band and the marching band. The concert band, consisting of 50 members, 
played for student assemblies and rallies, and presented a special program 
of popular and classical music. The marching band, a group of 62 students, 
provided music and cheering at football and basketball games. This year 
the marching band presented several new formations, among them the 
"K. S. U." and special formations honoring opposing teams. 

Drum Major Norman Uhl was responsible for the excellent marching 
formations. Prof. Roy D. Metcalf led both organizations. 

The university orchestra rose to new heights this year, thrilling the 
Messiah audience with their fine instrumentation. The 48-piece orchestra 
was exceptionally capable during performances of "The Firefly" and dur- 
ing the Commencement exercises. 

Besides lending important musical background for dramatic produc- 
tions, the orchestra and band provided opportunities for student musical 
expression. Student conductors directed both units several times this year 
at various athletic and social events. 



Set up this year as a definite campus organization with a staff of 
officers and a constitution, the University Men's Glee Club now boasts a 
total membership of more than 60 voices — the largest group in its history. 
Another advancement inaugurated this year is the club's new policy of 
operating directly through its own administration. 1940 saw the Glee Club 
taking part in many university activities. 

Club records show that the first concert given by a men's glee club 
here was 11 years ago, in 1929, with 19 members participating. The first 
full program by the Glee Club took place in 1934, with Prof. Fred Denker 
directing 25 members. Another program was given by 35 men a year later. 

In 1938 Prof. Bruce C. Handley began directing the group, which since 
that time has averaged a yearly membership of 30 singers. This year, how- 
ever, renewed interest in tryouts swelled the organization to a total mem- 
bership of almost double that of any preceding year. 

Oflficers are George Stone, president and treasurer, and Charles Kruck, 
vice-president and secretary. 



Director Prof. E. Turner Stump 

Associate Director Prof. G. Harry Wright 

Manager Leonard Rodkey 

Secretary-treasurer Jack Harris 

Social Chairman Wanda Griffiths 

Mistress of the House Mildred Maxa 

Master of the House Ralph Wands 

ITiis year marks the tenth anniversary of the University Theatre. 

Membership in the Theatre has grown to almost 500 since it was first or- 
ganized by Prof. Stump in 1930. During the decade fifty major productions 
have been presented. 

The yearly schedule includes several one-act plays which are given for 
assembly and outside organizations, and four major productions. 

The Theatre enjoys national reputation because of its organization and 
varied programs. Major productions this year were "Ethan Frome", "Beggar 
on Horseback", "Firefly", and "Pursuit of Happiness". 


University thespians cast aside their costumes and grease paint and 
forgot about acting for one evening to dance and entertain at the University 
Theatre's annual winter formal in December. 

Unusual decorative effects transformed Wills Gym into a contrast 
between a modernistic garden under a night sky and a sunset-lit mountain 
lake. The decorations were part of scenery used by the actors in play 

As in other years, the University Theatre members carried on in fine 
style. No one was left to saunter along the sidelines and all were swung into 
the dance by the prevailing atmosphere. 

Nor were university students the only ones who enjoyed the dance. 
A half hour broadcast was given over Akron's station WJW. Later in the 
evening the membership cup was presented to the Sigma Sigma Sigma 
sorority for selling the most theatre tickets. 

Marjorie Thompson, of the Alpha Omega sorority, won the individual 
award for selling the most tickets, the first year that these awards have 
been made. 




Prof. Wm. Taylor, John Powell, Kay 
Maloney, Prof. J. T. Johnson, Ernestine 
Baumgardner, Prof. Ada Hyatt, Prof. A. 
Clarence Smith. 



. . . University newspaper ... a 14-year-old campus institution . . . rose 
to new prominence this year under the direction of Editor Jack Watts and 
Business Manager Joe Blair . . . went daily (except Mondays) late in the 
fall semester . . . tries to be a true mirror of campus events. . . . 

. . . troubles begin early on the Stater . . . short on copy, hammering 
typewriters, scurrying reporters, all help to confuse the scene . . . worry . . . 
worry . . . worry . . . where's the assignment sheet? . . . has anyone seen 
Watts? . . . deadlines and more deadlines ... no copy . . . where's the photo- 
grapher? . . . who's going to the print shop? . . . get that story or else . . . beats 
must be covered . . . and stories in before class. . . 

. . . conducted along metropolitan lines this year . . . edition editors up 
early and down to the print shop by 6 a. m. . . proof after proof turned out, 
read, and fitted into the pages . . . more fillers . . . more news . . . where's the 
layout for the front page? . . . worry . . . worry . . . worry. . . 

. . . interviews and more interviews . . . can't make type fit spaces . . . 
will have to skip class again . . . the press breaks down . . . where's the head 
to this story? . . . why doesn't somebody do something? . . . 

. . . much credit to Betty Crampton and her crew of workers for a fine 
job of copy reading and head writing . . . and to Kenyon, Seese, Fleischer, 
and all the rest for pounding away to make the deadlines . . . and plenty of 
credit to Edition Editors Bob Hirt, Tom Bates, Gus Chigges, and John Mine . . 

. . . stories don't fit dummy . . . what to do . . . worry from beginning to 
end of the week . . . but fun nevertheless. . . 

. . . troubles don't end with the editorial side of the paper . . . Blair 
chases staff members after ads . . . advertising greatly increased over last 
year's record . . . for each inch of advertising sold, some one must draw up 
an appealing ad . . . must make the ad appeal to faculty as well as to students 
. . . deadlines for advertising as well as for copy, and sometimes it takes 
two days instead of one to make a sale . . . but then there is always Publi- 
cations Supervisor George Betts — who replaced Merrick M. Hill in mid- 
April — to guide the Stater's bustling activities . . . 

. . . The Kent Stater managed to enlighten the students on many big 
stories, including construction on the campus, theatre production casting, 
off-campus parking problems . . . sponsored queenships . . . campus politics 
. . . backed conventions and all sporting events. . . 

. . . instrumental in driving the slots from public places ... on October 
23, took charge of the President's Day program . . . saw "li'l Abner" and 
"Daisy Mae" chosen at Sadie Hawkin's Day dance . . . big shots Watts and 
Blair attended newspaper convention in Des Moines late in October . . . 

. . . most outstanding event was the Stater's co-sponsoring with the 
university's School of Journalism of the Ohio College Newspaper Association 
spring convention late in April . . . Bill Schraegle, chairman, and Jack 
Watts, secretary, took charge . . . gave student journalists a chance to rub 
elbows . . . Stater was given special recognition among college papers. . . 


. . . Watts and Blair . . . 1940 Stater moguls . . . editor and business 
manager respectively. . . 

. . . Jack Watts, senior . . . topping off four years of college work as 
chief-of-staff of the university paper . . . among other things, is a Blue 
Key man, and was Executive-Secretary of the Ohio College Newspaper 
Association. . . 

. . . Joseph S. Blair, figures in plans of the sophomore class . . . did a 
nice job on Stater economics . . . Joe was one of the few lower classmen to 
hold an executive position. . . 


1.^ t 


. . . scene at the print shop . . . some of the most important work on 
The Stater is done here, off-campus . . . setting the copy up in type, reading 
proofs, checking page layouts, printing the pages, picking up the completed 
papers for final distribution . . . lots of night work comes in "close to the 
hum of the presses" . . . and plenty of daytime labor too, for publishing a 
daily paper is a seemingly never-ending task ... an integral part of Stater 
organization . . . 

. . . engrossed in the duties of the linotype operator are (left to right) : 
Jack Watts, George Fleischer, Bob Hirt, Bill Schraegle, John Mine, and 
Hube Briers. . . 

. . . crowded into the slot of the copy desk at the Stater office are three 
of the Stater's executive heads (left to right) : Bob Kenyon, make-up editor; 
Betty Crampton, city editor; Bob Seese, news editor. . . 

... a candid shot of the Stater office portrays typical afternoon activity. . . 




r ji 






Thurman Artz, Editor-in-Chief 

Robert Wilson, Business Manager 

Assistant editors, Winnie Eyre and Bill 

Below, left: 

Leonard Kramel, Janet Foltz, Arden Brake 

Below, right: 

Marjorie Daubenspeck, Ralph Braden, 

Janet Petty, Bob Haberkost 


Work on the Chestnut Burr was begun in the summer months when 
printing, engraving, and cover contracts were signed, and the final "dummy" 
whipped into shape. 

Into the book went a lot of energy, time, and worry — and a lot of fun. 

Many trips were made to the printer's, galley after galley of proof read 
and re-checked, and much night work done in order to complete the book 
on time. 

Much credit goes to each staff member of the Burr for a job well done. 

Editor Thurman Artz 

Assistant Editors Winona Eyre, William Schraegle 

Business Manager Robert Wilson 

Society Editor Virginia Frederick 

Greek Editor Kay Maloney 

Sports Editor George Fleischer 

Photographers Henry Beck, Leonard Schafitz 

Staff: Merry Allen, Ann Armstrong, Mary K. Balser, Lindy Barch, Tom 
Bates, Gus Chigges, George Condos, Gertrude DeVos, Mickey Dover, 
Cathryn Ervin, Clyde Friar, Nat Floersheimer, Jack Leggett, 

Cornelia Porea, Bob Seese, Geraldine Swope, Jackie Richner, 

Charles Maglione. 

Below, left: 

Allen Smith, Geraldine Swope, Virginia Frederick, 

Gertrude DeVos. Charles Maglione. 


Ann Armstrong, Gus Chigges, Cathryn Ervin, George 

Fleischer, Lindy Barch, Jackie Richner. Merry Allen. 


The Duchess, campus humor magazine, is the baby of the University's 
publications. Those interested in creative writing, art, advertising, photo- 
graphy and other phases of magazine work, have an opportunity to express 
themselves in its pages. Students from nearly all the departments of the 
university are found on the staff. 

Issued eight times during the college year, each edition of the Duchess 
has a different theme. An attempt is made to present a complete perspective 
of campus life. Fraternities, sororities and other university organizations 
fall into its scope. 

Having its inception in 1936, the Duchess has made rapid progress 
since, enlarging in both size and circulation. Under the magazine's sponsor- 
ship a contest was held this year to determine the "Duke of Kent." Dorothy 
Lamour, glamorous star of radio and screen, acted as judge. Jack Harris, 
editor and Jules Bognar, business manager, have guided the Duchess to 
one of its most successful years. 

Bertha Kernen, Max Johnson, 
Virginia Frederick, Al Kieselbach 

Mary Hazen, Rose Fetterly, 
Kitty Liptak, John Advent, Louis Salzer 

Joe Michaels, Betty Crampton, 
Dave Flynn 



Jules Bognar, Jack Harris 

Elizabeth White, Betty Moreland, 
Donna Johnson 

Nat Floersheimer, Bob Hirt 
Marge Hunt, Betty Line 


mw/ iLJo^de:i 







Officers: Gordon Hostettler, president; Woodrow Barkett, vice-president; 
Martha Jane Thomas, secretary-treasurer. 

Members of Student Council: Leland Zahniser, Ed Zink, Paul Hazen, Virginia 
Frederick, Howard Resseger, Wanda Griffith, Connie Waldo, Louis Cardinal, Bob 
Cook, Vince McDevitt, Fred Prasse, Robert Stockdale, Dorothy Hostettler, Helen 
Rothermund, Kay Maloney. 

Student problems and activities are the concern of the Student Council, 
hub of the student government wheel. 

Accomplishments this year included obtaining greater representation 
on activity controlling committees previously limited to faculty members, 
and a recommendation for an increase in the student activity fee. The addi- 
tion to the activity fee was intended to be applied for class dues. 

Membership in the Student Council is made up of representatives of 
all university organizations through central committees. 

Officers included: Gordon Hostettler, president; Woodrow Barkett, 
vice-president; Martha Jane Thomas, secretary and treasurer; Bob Seese, 
chairman of elections. 



Back Row, left to right: Gene Antonuk, Lenny Opeil, John Steiner, Dr. John 
Cuber, Walter Holms, Fred Prasse, Sam Yates. 

Front Row; Paul Hazen, Leland Zahniser, Les Morato, Dick Wiland, Howard 
Resseger, Walter Mural. 

To foster good-will among fraternities and to cooperate with the 
administration as a governing body for all Greek letter fraternities are the 
duties of the Interfraternity Council. Smokers, dances, and banquets num- 
bered among 1940's activities. 

Highlight of the season for the council was the annual Interfraternity 
Banquet, held April 16 at Lowry Hall, and featuring prize cup awards and 
speakers, as well as the introduction of a new type of educational week to 
mark the end of initiation for pledges. The new system enables pledges to 
exhibit organization abilities, valuable as good training to prospective 
fraternity men. 

Officers are: Lester Morato, president; Louis Cardinal, vice-president; 
Richard Wiland, secretary; Paul Hazen, treasurer. 



. . . women's honorary . . . aims for service throughout the year . . . one 
of the sponsors of Campus Night . . strives to promote higher scholastic 
standards in the student body . . . officers, Florence Grosvenor, president; 
Ernestine Baumgardner, vice-president; Virginia Vutech, secretary; and 
Lillian Kochenderfer, treasurer . . . advisor is Dr. Florence G. Beall. 


. . . representative men's honorary . . . future braintrusters and finan- 
ciers . . . officers . . . Bob Potts, president; Harold Serne, vice-president; Don 
Scullion, secretary-treasurer; Gordon Hostettler, corresponding secretary . . . 
Dr. K. C. Leebrick and Prof. William Taylor among faculty members of the 




Tries to serve every university woman ... as students, all are members 
. . . year of activities topped by Big-Little Sister tea, transfer, dinners, assem- 
bly programs, and senior dinner . . . officers are Peggy Suppes, president; 
Betty Ofensend, vice-president; Martha Rufener, secretary. 

M E N'S UNION . . . 

Organized by Dean Manchester 25 years ago . . . now is largest campus 
group . . . Executive committee consists of Richard Firth, senior, chairman; 
Vincent McDevitt, junior, secretary; Woodrow Barkett, senior; Harry Mount, 
graduate; Harold Seme, junior, and Don Sullivan, junior. 







One of the first organizations on campus . . . founded over 19 years ago 
. . . devoted to promoting good fellowship . . . officers are Aileen Milligan, 
president; Eileen Cook, vice-president; Laura Miller, secretary; and Betty 
Schlesinger, treasurer. 


. . . really going strong after several lethargic years . . . varsity letter 
owners make up membership . . . year's men with reins are Bob Potts, pres- 
ident; Dale Alexander, vice-president; Myron Bruno, secretary-treasurer; 
Frank Estochin, parliamentarian . . . Wayne A. Sidinger, advisor. 



. . . national professional education honorary . . . established at KSU in 
May, 1935 . . . members "the cream" of the educational crop . . . led by Ernes- 
tine Baumgardner, president; Marvin KoUer, vice-president; Eleanor Evans, 
secretary; Bonita Munger, historian . . . Dr. Amos L. Heer, faculty advisor. 


. . . furnishes vital contact for these two groups . . . administrators 
and counselors of joint student and faculty problems . . . delegated this 
year with the task of revamping allotment of student activity fees . . . 
faculty members chosen by President Leebrick; students by the Student 


Y. W. C. A. 

. . . aims to assist university women to become better acquainted 
. . . activities included annual doll show and teas . . . headed by Virginia 
Andes, president; Frances Koole, vice-president; Margaret Leist, 
secretary; Mabel Esping, treasurer . . . advisor is Miss Jeanne Parrish, 
assistant dean of women. 

Y. M. C. A. 

. . . boasts forty members entered in numerous activities . . . assists 
students intellectually and socially . . . supervised by James N. Holm, 
instructor in the Department of Speech . . . officers are Paul Gloss, 
president; Joseph Calta, vice-president; Dewitt Cox, secretary; Dominic 
Tarantine, treasurer. 


W. A. A. 

■ ■ 

. . . Women's Athletic Association, offering all university women an op- 
portunity to participate in some recreational activity . . . main social events . . . 
the Sport Show and Tea, the Sweetheart dance, and the WAA banquet ... a 
member of the National Athletic Federation of College Women and the 
Athletic Federation of Ohio College Women. 

W. A. A. 

■ ■ 

. . . WAA officers . . . president is Betty Ferguson, last year's treasurer 
of the association . . . Viola Smith is vice-president, with Adele Singley, 
secretary and Jane Stroup, treasurer . . . Prof. Marie Hyde Apple is advisor of 
the group this year. . . 



. . . membership has grown steadily since inauguration of club eight years ago 
. . . offers varied programs throughout the year . . . activities of social char- 
acter attract many members . . . headed by Myron Bruno, Clyde Hawthorne, 
and Bob Harrington . . . Prof. E. W. Tischendorf is faculty advisor . . 


. . . organized to further interest in biology . . . open to everyone specially 
interested . . . field trip second semester. . . 

Officers . . . Charles Tabler, president; Tom Utter, vice-president; Betty 
Shetler, secretary; Virginia Vutech, treasurer. Club advisor is Prof. Harry 
A. Cunningham. 



. . . organized to make and enforce rules for rushing and bidding 
in Greek organizations for women . . . encourages sorority participation 
in campus activities . . . Mrs. David Olson is advisor . . . officers, 
Martha Jane Thomas, president; Arlene Howell, secretary; Margie 
Hunt, treasurer. 


. . . now 12 years old . . . sponsors Christmas dinner, lectures, and French 
movies . . . advisors are Professors Helen Machan, and Edith Rowlen . . . 
officers are Mary Brandt, president; Helen Swisher, vice-president; Lillian 
Antonelli, secretary-treasurer; and Gloria Brogneaux, program chairman. 



. . . aims to study and disseminate information regarding the 
education of children . . . officers are Martha Stephens, president; 
Margaret Williams, vice-president; Marjorie Diltz, secretary; Maxine 
Miller, treasurer . . . advisors are Prof. G. Hazel Swan and Miss 
Jeanne Parrish, assistant dean of women . . . 


■ ■ 

. . . discusses teaching problems and subjects pertinent to mathe- 
matics . . . guest speakers and social functions highlight activities . . . 
officers, Phillip Finnegan, president; Alex Papp, vice-president; Helen 
Erf, secretary-treasurer . . . Dr. H. E. Stelson and Prof. Harold P. 
Rogers are advisors. 



. . . four-year-old official campus representative of the College 
of Business Administration . . . sponsors guest speakers and field trips 
. . . officers, Eugene Antonuk, president; Mack Geitgey, vice-president; 
Norma Wright, secretary; Jules Bognar, treasurer . . . Dr. C. C. 
Kochenderfer is advisor. 


Has undertaken to develop professional attitude among members since 
1916 . . . not to forget social activities . . . officers include Patricia Fuller, 
president; Ollie Mae Melick, vice-president; Virginia Vutech, recording 
secretary; Jeanne Claypoole, corresponding secretary; Ruth Beachler, 
treasurer; with Prof. Bertha L. Nixson as advisor. 



... a medium of expression for those interested in international 
events . . . devotes meetings to guest speakers, open forums, book 
reviews, discussions of foreign affairs . . . executives are Leland 
Zahniser, president; Robert Beuck, vice-president; Ralph Wands, 
secretary-treasurer . . . Dean E. W. Crecraft is advisor. 


D ■ 

Made important visit to International Exhibition of Paintings, Pitts- 
burgh . . . followed by annual masked ball and May show . . . led by officers 
Max Johnson, president; Ray Rozuk, vice-president; Carolyn Fretz, secre- 
tary; Al Van Auker, treasurer . . . advisor . . , Prof. E. Ladislaw Novotny. 



. . . endeavors to promote closer relationship among physical 
education majors and minors . . . sets standards to develop professional 
attitude . . . Ralph TuUis, president; Sue Myser, vice-president; Delia 
Harms, secretary-treasurer . . . advisors, Prof. Virginia Harvey and 
Dr. A. C. Poe. 


■ ■ 

. . . offers an out-of-class interest to Kent's psychology-minded 
students . . . studies psychological problems further than classes afford 
. . . officers, Charlotte Volk, president; John Higgins, vice-president; 
Dorothy Strain, secretary; Maurine Fulmer, treasurer . . . supervised 
by Dr. D. W. Pearce. 



. . . men's journalism honorary . . . revived this year by a handful! of 
student journalists . . . sponsored the '49er Dance, one of the best events 
of the second semester . . . officers, Jack Watts, president; Charles Maglione, 
vice president; Jack Harris, recording secretary; Hube Briers, corresponding 
secretary; Tom Bates, treasurer. 

Top, Seated, left to right: Charles Maglione, Jack Watts, Jack Harris. Standing: 

Tom Bates, Hube Briers. 

Below, Seated, left to right: Thurman Artz, John Mine, George Fleischer, Bob Hirt. 

Standing: August Quattrochi, Gus Chigges, Bill Schraegle, George Condos, Henry 




. . . embryonic theatre experts . . . tenth anniversary this year . . . assisted 
in four University Theatre productions . . . headed by Leonard Rodkey, Jr., 
president; Joseph Michaels, vice-president; Wanda Griffiths, secretary- 
treasurer . . . and Prof. E. Turner Stump, national president of the fraternity. 


. . . national honorary speech fraternity . . . has the Ohio Iota 
Chapter on our campus . . . purpose, to stimulate interest in inter-colle- 
giate oratory, debate, and public speaking ... led by Gordon Hostettler, 
president; William Leever, vice-president; Marjorie Jacot, secretary 
and treasurer. 



. . . one of the largest campus organizations . . . organized at Kent 
State University four years ago . . . guides Catholic students spiritually, 
intellectually, and socially . . . regular club meetings feature guest 
speakers . . . sponsored one assembly program and a dance this year . . . 

. . . the Newman Club is a branch of the National Catholic College 
Students' Association . . . the Rev. Father Leo Carlin is advisor . . . 
officers, John Maurer, president; Vilma Krusko and Kenneth Adolph, 
vice-presidents; Robert Beuck, treasurer; Catherine McGowan, record- 
ing secretary. 



. . . aims to build Christian character and to train students for 
leadership in their home churches . . . attempts to be a "home away 
from home" . . . meetings are of a social and reUgious nature . . . this 
year's activities included fireside discussions, lectures, retreats, hikes, 
and social hours. 

. . . Wesley is promoted by the board of education of the Kent 
Methodist church, under the guidance of the Rev. Walter C. Eyster . . . 
group officers are Roy Deming, president; Dale Ganyard, secretary; 
Dick Gardner, treasurer; and Marjorie Jacot, program chairman . . . 





The Gammas went "Hollywood" this year, and through Bob Renkert 
and his movie camera they've recorded every fraternity event of the year 
. . . own Lincoln street home with redecorated basement which flaunts beaver 
board walls, with newly papered and painted interior . . . much talked about 
skit won them the Funfest cup . . . proud of strong alumni group and support 
. . . E. C. Stopher, faculty advisor for 12 years . . . traditions — flower serenade 
for feminine wearers of pins, alumni homecoming banquet, Mothers-Fathers 
day in May . . . campus leaders in Student Council, president and members, 
class officers, champion swimmers, and active in journalism, speech, and 
politics . . . representatives in baseball, swimming, basketball, football, 
and track teams. 

L. Zahniser, president 

W. Swallow, vice-president 


B. Altmann 

R. Blockinger 

M. Bonar 

T. Burke 

R. Curtiss 

L. Difford 

D. Duncan 

W. Eisenha 

R. Eriser 

D. Flynn 

R. Fry 

D. Hawley 

R. Hirt 

G. Hostettler 

j|^ ^^gpw^^w 


Leland Zahniser president 

Bill Swallow vice-president 

Robert Curtiss secretary 

Milton Bonar treasurer 

Bill Leever corresponding secretary 

J. Irish R. Kenyon C. Kruck E. Knechtges M. Lawrence W. Leever W. Love 

J. Mine W. Palmer R. Renkert R. Seese W. Show K. Siedschlag D. Stewart 

K. Trow R. Wands R. Wiland W. Wilkin E. Williams R. Wojno D. Zink 

^ O '^ ^ f^ f^. 

TZTJ I 1 \^_^ 1^^] lV=*-»- '?^r^' S:*,*^'^ 

f^ ^ ^ fm- f^ ^. 



New 12 room house on N. Mantua street houses 17 members this year . . . 
fraternity membership has been increased by addition of 30 pledges . . . take 
part in many activities . . . KMK's proud of the fact that, organized in 1922, 
they were first Greek letter organization on the campus . . . placed large 
letter K in the ground back of the library in 1927, now paint it each year on 
Campus Night during gala parade of costumes . . . inaugurated winter formal 
this year in addition to pledge dance and spring formal . . . claim captains in 
three major sports, and represented in football, basketball, baseball, tennis, 
wrestling, and swimming . . . also boasts much activity in campus politics . . . 
have several members on Student Council, including vice-president. 

J. Alogdelis 

W. Barkett 

P. Becker 

R. Braden 

H. Brooks 

H. Brown 

G. Buzulencia 

J. Buzulencia 

E. Charles 

D. Clay 

R. Cook 

W. Crow 

R. Eiben 

H. Eifort 

F. Estochin 

L. Follin 

L. Cardinal, president 

S. Helmick, vice-president 


Louis Cardinal president 

Sheldon Helmick vice-president 

Howard Resseger treasurer 

Merritt Wolfe secretary 

J. Fowler 
R. Lammlein 
H. Resseger 
J. Verbanek 

R. Haberkost 
H. Latorraca 
R. Ruschell 
E. Wolfe 

C. Heinlen 
J. Mathews 
K. Smith 
R. Zimmerman 

D. Hoff 
J. McGurk 
R. Smith 

D. Johnson 
R. Mitchell 
M. Treat 

B. Kreighbaum 
F. Percoco 
T. Utter 




A mantle chucked full of intramural trophies (all but last year's) 
attest the athletic prowess of the Delts . . . innovated an exchange of dinners 
with the various sororities this year . . . Leading singers of the campus, 
the Delts serenade dormitories and sororities many times throughout the 
year . . . tradition of the fraternity's is to serenade the dormitories and 
sororities the first and last week of school . . . staged spectacular fireworks 
display as part of the fall political campaigning . . . skyrockets and colored 
signs included . . . have special meetings with outside guest speakers invited 
. . . fraternity always noted for great number of representatives in various 
varsity sports . . . also have members in Blue Key, Student Council, and 
Chestnut Burr . . . has biggest membership of the local fraternities. 

F. Anderson 





M. Cochran 

B. Davidian 





S. Foltin 

M. Frase 





C. Hawthorne 

H. Herbert 





W. Ingham 


^Wfe »!»«■ 


P. Hazen, president 

R. Potts, vice-president 





Paul F. Hazen president 

Robert Potts vice-president 

Leonard Opeil secretary 

Dean Winsper treasurer 

L. Kramel 
L. Opeil 
R. Roderick 
J. Wilber 

C. Lawrence 
R. Orpin 
O. Simmons 
B. Wilson 

W. Linsenmann 
H. Penn 
W. Stuber 
R. Wilson 

E. Mcllvaine 
L. Pomeroy 

F. Vacha 
D. Winsper 

D. Miller 
F. Prasse 
R. Vaughn 

f^\ f^ ^^ 

'^ «rf[ l:^ ^ T^ ^ -^ f 





The first of Kent State University's fraternities to go modern in plaques 
. . . hung their blue and gold neon sign over 126 Linden road where they 
moved at the beginning of the year . . . held large house-warming, October 
19, and house was made spic and span by the first semester pledges . . . 
proud of Sparkplug, Irish terrier, which they adopted as mascot . . . mascot 
wears a coat showing the fraternity's crest . . . for many years the univer- 
sity's bridge champs, and although they have invited competition, all comers 
have been sent home in defeat ... at a recent house party the Kappa Sig's 
provided entertainment for the guests with recording machine and ping 
pong tables . . . began a new idea this year which bids for popularity — that 
of electing an annual "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi". 

'r **ri*^'- 

R. First, president 

J. Page, vice-president 


Robert First president 

John Page vice-president 

Elmer Stewart secretary 

Walter Mural treasurer 

V. Beal 

W. Dengle 

W. Holms 

C. Huff 

C. Kasik 

R. Kiffor 

H. Kilby 

K. Lowery 

W. Mural 

H. Parrish 

H. Shaffer 

J. Starrett 

E. Stewart 

H. Tifft 

A. Torma 



Founded in April 1931, Alpha Phi Beta has taken its place among the 
major fraternities on the campus . . . takes great pride each spring in pre- 
senting the Manhood Key Award to the outstanding June graduate . . . 
considers scholarship, leadership, character, and courage when making 
the award . . . this year started tradition of presenting the Key at a banquet 
with university deans, honoring the winner. . . 

Has distinguished itself by winning the scholarship honors more than 
any other fraternity . . . annual Founder's Day dinner, held late in April, 
found many grads returned . . . started second semester with 12 men 
living in their new home, located on East Main street . . . Prexy Morato 
also president of the Interfraternity Council . . . initiated largest pledge 
chapter in history of fraternity on May 1 . . . takes part in all university 
functions . . . well represented in varsity sports. 

. Antonuk 



G. Begg 

E. Boyd 

7. Cropley 



F. Holzhauser 

R. Kenyon 

. Monaco 



E. Simpkins 
W. White 

D. Tramonte 
J. Wynkoop 

Lester Morato president 

Robert McElroy vice-president 

Gene Antonuk treasurer 

Fred Holzhauser recording sec. 

G. Fleischer corresponding sec. 

L. Morato, president 

R. McElroy, vice-president 




. . . baby of all the campus fraternities . . . established on the campus 
September 26, 1938 . . . started when five students felt the need for another 
fraternity . . . members pride themselves on being rugged individualists . . . 
although not as large as the other fraternities, its members take an active 
part in all extra-curricular activities . . . members take part in forensics, 
theatre, sports, music and departmental clubs. 

W. Binford 
J. Gifford 
G. Mollica 


V. Boorom 
J. Liebert 
W. Ormsby 
H. Wagner 

R. Boyle 
S. Malarik 
A. Scarpitti 
H. Weil 

H. Briers 
G. Marthey 
J. Steiner 

Sam Yates president 

Ellis Mayhew vice-president 

Jack Gifford secretary 

Harold Wagner treasurer 

Q- ^' 


pm ^^■' 



S. Yates, president 

E. Mayhew, vice-president 



. . . honorary business administration fraternity . . . aims to foster a 
professional attitude and to advance business courses in educational institu- 
^ tions . . . sponsors field trips and business meetings . . . activities this year 
featured special projects in which members endeavored to tap business 
men's opinions of college graduates in interviews . . . the fraternity is guided 
by Prof. Clarence A. Slocum, advisor. . . 

D. Scullion 
H. Godges 
Prof. H. Nissley 
R. Smith 

K. Adolph 
D. Hawley 
J. Pentz 
J. Stefanosky 

J. Blair 
L. Hill 
R. Porter 
J. Steiner 

L. Burger 
W. McGune 
R. Redmond 
T. Williams 

Don Scullion president 

Kenneth Adolph vice-president 

Leonard Hill secretary 

Richard Redmond treasurer 

G. Campbell C. Erickson 

J. McKinley N. Minor 

H. Serne Prof. C. Slocum 


^^^^ ^^1^ ^P^ 

^0& <^ ' ■39* 0^ 






Another one of the popular national sororities that dropped their 
charter in favor of the local social . . . hostesses at the traditional and much 
talked about All Greek formal . . . held late in fall in honor of the newly 
pledged members . . . establishers of the popular white-boot fad which 
swept the campus this winter . . . Greek bridge champions again this year, 
winning the trophy which is presented annually . . . considered the best 
singers of all the sororities . . . entertained the faculty with musical tea early 
in the spring . . . house is modern in furnishings and decorations . . . humorous 
skit panning Santa Claus and what he should bring the coeds captured the 
Funfest cup along with the Gammas . . . Alpha Omegas won places in 
Cardinal Key, Chestnut Burr, class officers . . . also took some of the top 
honors in beauty contests. . . 

R. Allendorf 
J. Comerford 
J. Doak 
V. Frederick 

J. Brown 
M. Crutchfield 
E. Downs 
W. Griffiths 

C. Boedeker 
J. Culhan 
B. Dray 
F. Grosvenor 

E. Christian 
J. DeVaux 
S. Easterbrook 
M. Hilsinger 

V. '^w^/'f 

M. Hunt, president 

M. Lenner, vice-president 



'^ I 

Margie Hunt president 

Maxine Lenner vice-president 

Virginia Himes secretary 

Florence Grosvenor treasurer 

Bonita Dray corresponding secretary 

V. Himes 

D. Hoffman 

E. Johnston 

G. Kline 

V. Konkel 

M. Koster 

H. Lenner 

B. Line 

J. Lyons 

J. Malat 

E. Marquis 

J. Petty 

R. Petty 

L. Reitzel 

M. Rowles 

M. Sherriff 

B. Starkey 

M. Stilenbawer 

M. Stromberg 

M. Thompson 

E. Tucker 

D. Ulmer 

J. Ulmer 

M. Woods 



Beta Gamma . . . last year severed national relations and became a 
local sorority . . . have practically doubled membership this year . . . feted 
22 pledges with wiener roast in Slates Woods, chartering busses for the 
party . . . biggest contribution to Greek welfare was their social service to 
Kent ... by means of rummage sales and raffles they raised a large money 
chest . . . donated clothes and food to the needy families in Kent ... at five 
o'clock in the morning on the last day before Christmas vacation they sang 
carols at the various houses throughout the town and campus . . . have 
their own riding club in the spring . . . elaborate breakfast given to seniors 
on morning of graduation . . . exchanged parties with one of the leading 
fraternities on the campus . . . found this type of social event created 
goodwill and elevated the esteem of the sorority. 

J. Bair 

M. Boehm 

M. Bower 

M. Brandt 

B. Chapman 

C. Clawson 

M, Davis 

M. Diltz 

S. Duckwitz 

G. Dyble 

E. Groeger 

V. Vutech, president 

C. Wagstaff, vice-president 

i\ - 



Claire Jane Wagstaf f president 

Thora Uebel vice-president 

Viola Smith secretary 

Sue Duckwitz treasurer 

Eva Parsons corresponding secretary 

Donna Happoldt social chairman 

D. Happoldt 

B. Hart 

H. Harter 

M. Hine 

K. Hyomyak 

H. Kelly 

J. Melick 

R. Mitchell 

E. Myers 

K. O'Conner 

E. Parsons 

M. Saelens 

L. Serksnis 

B. Shetler 

V. Smith 

L. Stallard 

G. Swearengin 

T. Uebel 

B. Wright 

L. Yarano 




Gamma Sigma Phi's are rounding out their first year as local social 
since relinquishing their national educational charter . . . 1940, also marks 
the first year in their new home on Summit street; many claim it's the 
most beautiful on the campus . . . familiar sight at the football games last 
fall was "Speckles", a lop-eared cocker spaniel mascot of the group, trudg- 
ing along at the heels of her mistresses . . . most unique social affair of the 
Gamma Sigma Phi's is their annual Gold Digger's dance . . . the ladies call 
for their men, take care of all expenses . . . sorority points with pride to its 
politicians, queens, and extra-curricular activities . . . Prexy Thomas as 
Panhellenic president, Cardinal Key member and Student Council secre- 
tary, is one of the most active campus coeds . . . Elizabeth White, secretary, 
was named Miss Kent State. 

M. Allen 

A. Armstrong 

M. K. Balser 

R. Baumberger 

R. Bradley 

B. Brozio 

H. Byrne 

J. Caldwell 

M. Carlozzi 

E. Clark 

C. Ervin 

V. Estabrook 

P. Fike 

J. Fish 

B. Fisher 

M. J. Thomas, president 

M. Maxa, vice-president 


Martha Jane Thomas president 

Mildred Maxa vice-president 

Janet Fish vice-president 

Elizabeth White secretary- 
Geneva Roberson corresponding secretary 

Natalie Floersheimer treasurer 

N. Floersheimer 

C. Hagan 

M. Harper 

M. Hazen 

B. Heath 

J. Heath 

D. Johnson 

M. Johnson 

R. Keppler 

B. Kesselring 

R. Lea 

S. Millman 

Betty Moreland 

P. Morrow 

M. J. O'Brien 

L. Parson 

H. Pfeifer 

V. Pierce 

E. Rawles 

M. J. Rhodes 

G. Roberson 

E. Schorr 

D. Stringer 

P. Swan 

C. Waldo 

E. White 

J. Whitman 

.^/ - 

^- I 

^ J- 


Sports seems to be the selected recreation of the Theta Sig's this year 
. . . active in intramural competition and in outdoor activities . . . turn to- 
wards sports did not prevent them from scholastic attainments . . . won the 
scholarship cup for the first time this year . . . award is given away at All 
Greek dance to the sorority with the highest accumulative point average 
. . . one member elected national secretary of the Theta Sig council . . . that 
member, Mrs. Clayton Alden . . . turned to giving praise to their mothers 
by organization of Mother-Patronesses club . . . presented Mother's Day 
program featuring a banquet and social gathering in the evening ... an 
annual event of the Theta Sig's is the benefit style show in Akron with 
members modeling . . . Advisor, newly elected, is Miss Katherine Boyd . . . 

E. Pickard, president 

F. Chapman, vice-president 


Elsie Pickard president 

Fay Chapman vice-president 

Jean Harmony treasurer 

Kay Eddy secretary 

B. Ackley 

J. Adams 

F. Chapman 

V. Clark 

K. Eddy 

J, Harmony 

P. Harris 

A. Hartman 

D. Hull 

R. Keith 

P. Laubach 

D. MacLelland 

L. Stump 






Largest and oldest national educational sorority on the campus . . . 
only one of the major sororities who did not drop its national charter at the 
end of last year . . . house located on Main street, opposite university library, 
was repainted and redecorated during summer . . . Peg Carper elected to 
Homecoming Queenship, active in extra-curricular activities . . . placed two 
on Student Council this year . . . members in Cardinal Key, women's honor- 
ary society, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Psi Omega . . . three sorority 
members were elected to class offices . . . claim presidents of Kindergarten- 
Primary Club, Home Economics Club, and Women's League . . . won 
valuable University Theatre cup for selling the most yearly subscriptions 
for the Thespians . . . held gala spring formal. . . 

J. Arnold 

A. Boecker 

A. Bowles 

B. Bowles 

M. Carper 

A. Chamberlain 

B. Church 

L. Coley 

R. Dangler 

M. Davis 

H. Eshelman 

E. Evans 

V. Evans 

H. Fagert 

P. Fagert 

J. Foltz 

D. Ruggles, president 

K. Maloney, vice-president 


Tri-Sigs lead all sororities of the campus in the number of pledges 
this year . . . made an unsuccessful attempt to have a mascot this year . . . 
an evening diner brought along a duck for his dinner at the request of the 
hostesses . . . guest found meal already prepared when he arrived so the 
duck was presented to the sorority . . . despite rationed diet and good care, 
the five-pound mascot met an untimely death . . . held a buffet supper in 
the spring for honored seniors, with faculty members as guests . . . affair was 
well attended and is destined to become a part of the sorority . . . several 
members of the national organization visited the house during the school 
year . . . sorority celebrated its forty-third birthday anniversary with the 
annual Founder's Day Banquet held in April . . . many alumnae attended. 

P. Fuller 

V. Goss 

J. Gilcrest 

B. Hanes 

E. Harvey 

L. Hawk 

B. Hildebrand 

D. Hostettler 

N. Hulbert 

M. Hurst 

J. M. Johnston 

B. Kernen 

J. Kilby 

L. Kochenderfer 

E. Lattin 

I. Lenz 

H. Little 

M. Long 

H. McCarthey 

K. McDonough 

R. Mehlenbacher 

M. Minor 

J. Myers 

J. Nearpass 

J. Powell 

H. Rothermund 

F. Reed 

S. Reiss 

Dorothy Ruggles president 

Kay Maloney vice-president 

Eloise Smith secretary 

Janet Foltz treasurer 

Jean Gilcrest corresponding secretary 

M. Rose 

M. Rufener 

B. Ruggles 

E. Smith 

L. Smith 

V. Steinhauser 

M. Stephens 

K. Suits 

A. Summers 

M. Suppes 

P. Suppes 

M. Switzer 

J. Thomas 

M. Tissot 

J. Walsh 

M. Weimer 

M. Williams 

V. Stoner 






Betty Rose Wolcott president 

Arlene Weymouth vice-president 

Arline Howell treasurer 

Helene Ingram secretary 

Acclaimed the oldest local sorority on the campus . . . presents each year 
the Womanhood Key award to the most outstanding woman . . . not only 
scholarship but social basis is considered in making this award . . . two 
outstanding social activities of the year are the annual spring formal and 
the winter pledge dance . . . topped the year's accomplishments with a 
dinner and program in May called "Pop and Mom" night . . . this program 
will become an annual celebration for the fathers and mothers of members 
of the sorority ... in June the Phi Alph's have special festivities for the 
parents of graduating sorority members. 

'. Devine 

A. Weymouth 

G. Brogneaux 

F. Byers 

G. Cassidy 

R. Mattis 

1. Minor 

L. Dugan 

A. Howell 

H. Ingram 

G. Kellogg 

P. Steele 

'. Stoner 

G. Newman 

C. Parker 

M. Shanks 

M. Schray 

G. Young 

J. Thomas 

H. Tweed 

M. A. Winters 

B. Wolcott 


Martha Driver president 

Edith Brown vice-president 

Anna Dunn recording secretary 

Rose Zdesar corresponding secretary 

Edith Gerlach treasurer 

Psi chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma, of the Association of Educational 
Sororities, established here in 1911 . . . this year five of the officers attended 
a district meeting in Detroit . . . entertained 15 under-privileged children 
with Christmas party . . .district president, Mary Heidlebaugh, visited 
here in December . . . won prizes for two dolls in Y. W. C. A. doll show . . . 
prexy Martha Driver is prominent Cardinal Key member . . . present 
house of chapter has been slightly altered to give better inside appearance. 

E. Brown 

L. Clark 

M. Driver 

A. Dunn 

M. Eichenlaub 

J. Evans 

C. Forbs 

A. Fulmer 

E. Gerlach 

A. Hanus 

R. Jameyson 

B. Kirk 

G. Krupansky 

J. Lee 

H. Muzik 

P. Rongone 

F. Smith 

A. Totten 

G. Warner 

R. Zdesar 




eanna ^^owimeuon 






Ruth Osborne, Hilda Rohlf Howard Rust Jack Taylor, Howard Tift 

Marjorie Smith, Isabelle Ward Jane Osborne, Gertrude Apley Phil Finnegan, Joe Szabo 

Betty Ruggles, Les Morato 

Harold Weil Helen Tury, Faye Chapman 

Joe Stefanowsky, Ellis Mayhew Betty Minor, Bertha Heichel 

Dick Hoose 

Dean Winsper 
Jerry Brown 


Don Taylor, Bill Robinson 
Donna Barridge, Peg Ballard 

Harold Weil 

Rick Harper, David Donald 

Frank Korano, Howard Tift 
Jack Taylor, Harold Wagner 

Rick Harper, Charles Holloway 
Jim Richardson, Mack Geitgey 

Art Eisenmann 

Winnie Eyre, Joe Aschauer 

Lenny Kramel 

Janet Petty, Charlotte Boedecker 


Stephania Chayka, Agnes Chesnak 
Margaret Micsko, Constance Parker 

Jim Blackstock, Joe Beal 
Steve Foltin, Gene Jackson 

John Steinert, Bill White 
Nelson Wait, Herb Schaffer 

Norma Bartholomew, Margaret Godfrey 
Marjorie Davis, Jean Bartlett 

Virginia Andes, Phyllis Martin, Winnie 

Pauline Hurd, Lucille Baum 

Jack Harris, Joe Michaels 
Jim Blackstock, Gene Jackson 

John Steiner 

Charles Sindledecker, Virginia Goss 

Dorothy Snyder, Ethel Baum 
Jean Stroud, Mary DeJute 

Phyllis Lamb, Norma Bratton 
Edith Midgley 

Mary E. Echelberry, Florence Byers 
Betty Baxter, Gladys Baldwin 

Hube Briers, Ray Hromco 

Bill Richards, Elmer Stewart 
Hal Serne, Bob Hirt 

Alice Webb, Betty Kern 
Arlynn Schmidt, Hazel Williams 

Henry Beck, Vince McDevitt 
Jane Rothermund 

Joe Szabo, Helen Erskine 

Eileen Cook, Louise Clark 
Anna Dunn, Aileen Milligan 

Dean Winsper 

Joel Etter, Merle Cochran 

Mack Gcitgey, Robert Johnson 
Dale Stewart, Charles Holloway 


\^ Al^^ 









"y. ■ -^^ 









m «' 

• x/j 


joing down!" 


"Plenty of reed, but not much ride" 



I . .1 i_ 



"Yes, this is 
Moulton hall" 

"Shoot the supper to me 

"Lowry hall service deluxe , 









• • 


klna ^ouch 


Kenneth S. Adolph 

Ann E. 


William M. 




Keith A. Bahler 



Ruth Baumberger 

Ruth E. Beachler 

Samuel W. Beaver 

Carl J. Beecher 

Fred Bennett 

Virginia M. Bica 

Weston M. Binford 

Robert J. Blockinger 

Lois Bockhorst 

J. C. Booth 

William H. Bosworth 

Ruth S. Bradley 

Don Miller Gordon Hostettler Howard Resseger 
Dorothy Ruggles 


First graduating class, 1914 


Leland Erode 

Hugh Brown 

Alvino a. Buccilli 

Lamont W. Burger 

Charles J. Bush 

Louis Cardinal 

Richard A. Chapman 

Kenneth J. Chiavetta 

Vonda M. Clark 

Joan M. Cleary 

Charles H. Conger 

Vernon Conrad 

Florence L. Corbett 

Patricia L. Corbin 

Vincent Cortesi 

Carl R. Curtiss 

Ruth Dangler 

Hazel E. Darner 

Helen E. Davis 

Clara E. Day 

Rose DeEulis 

Sam C. DePietro 

Marjorie R. Diltz 

Beatrice Dimmerling 

Richard S. Dodson 

Richard R. Dowding 

Martha Driver 

Gertrude Duckwits 

Louise Dugan 

Donald T. Duke 

Marian Duncan 

Gene A. Dutter 

Mary Margaret Dyer 

Don H. East 

Helen E. Erf 

Cathryn M. Ervin 

r' ■-■-•'3^'.-->:" - • ^ <- 

- -••'^■••.■ft. - 

■^ .'■•^^■-j* i7^. 




Air conditioned classes, 1913 style 


Climbing the hill at Kent, 1915 



A' \ j^-(^s» 


Eleanor Evans 

Betty H. Fairfax 

Pauline Farson 

Lucille Feller 

Betty J. Ferguson 

Catherine Few 

E. Larue Fink 

Robert S. First 

Richard W. Firth 

Janet L. Fish 

Lyle O. Follin 

Kathryn Fores 

Daniel F. Fouser 

Arthur B. Frank 

Virginia Frederick 

Carolyn J. Fretz 

Frances E. Fuller 

Mary L. Furcolow 

Patricia C. Fuller 

Carey C. Gardner 

Arthur E. Genuske 

Helen I. Gilham 

Richard H. Gillis 

Heinz Gladigau 

Leigh W. Gosling 

Wayne L. Griffith 

Florence Grosvenor 

Enid E. Groves 

Helen Gruskiewich 

Geraldine F. Haas 


Margaret P. Hall 

AiLEEN F. Hanus 

Donna E. Happoldt 

Helen Harris 

Arlene Hartman 

Barren was the site of the Rockwell library, 1913 

Small indeed was the summer session of 1913 


Bray O. Hawk 

Lois J. Hawk 

Clyde S. Hawthorne 

Paul F. Hazen 

Sheldon H. Helmick 

NoRVEL E. Hill 

Virginia M. Himes 

Ervin a. Hoefler 

June E. Hoben 

Harold M. Holshoy 

Sarah Ann Horner 

Gordon Hostettler 

Donald W. Huffman 

Nadine Hulbert 

Mary Jane Hunter 


Ruth M. Jameyson 

John M. Jenkins 

Lloyd E. Johnson 

Max Johnson 

Charles A. Johnston 

Etta Jean Johnson 

Gertrude S. Karnes 

Dorothy J. Kennedy 

Jack A. Kennedy 

Blanche A. Kesselring 

Alfred G. Kieselbach 

Ruth W. Killgrove 

Margaret Klein 

Marvin R. Koller 

Freda Krieg 

Bruce Kreighbaum 

Ruth M. LaPolla 

Alberta Laughrey 

Jessie L. Laurenson 

Elizabeth C. Laurenson 

Cloyd L. Lawrence 

Dr. McGilvrey addresses the first student assembly in 1914 



A dirt lane led to Merrill hall in 1913 


Hubert B. Lawrence 

Myron W. Lawrence 

Ruth B. Leah 

Maxine V. Lenner 


Hazel Long 

Mary K. Lovejoy 

Kenneth Lowry 

Jeannette Luikart 

Jane Mahaffey 

Charles V. Maglione 

Madge M. Mandula 

James Martin 

Betty E. 


Jack N. Matthews 

Robert J. Matthews 

Robert J 


John P. Maurer 

Mildred Maxa 

Robert M. McElroy 

Jack S. McGurk 

Jay McKinley 

Lois M. McMillen 

Kathryn M. McPherson 

Ralph E. Meachen 

Ollie Mae Melick 

Donald Miller 

Laura Ann Miller 

Mary K. Miller 

Iris L. Mitchell 

Helen Mae Mock 

Helen Molnar 

Nick Monastra 

Delbert T. Morgan 

Joan K. Morgan 

Jerry S. Mosher 

Construction on a growing campus, 1914 

Proud was the women's basketball team of 1914 


BoNiTA F. Hunger 

Margeret E. Mullett 

Elizabeth Myers 

Jennabel Myers 

Willella Myers 

Stanley F. Nickar 

Fred H. Neidert 

Charlotte J. Nearpass 

Grace K. Newman 

Betty O. Ocasek 

Betty J. Ofensend 

Robert R. Orpin 

Irene Osborne 

Katharine Osborne 

John J. Page 

Anthony S. Paluch 

Marion Pannier 

Alex W. Papp 

Eva Parsons 

WiLMER O. Patterson 

Elsie Pickard 

Vera Pierce 

LiBBY Pliskin 

Cornelia E. Porea 

Iris L. Pratt 

Howard L. Pyle 

Adeline L. Raimonde 

Harold Rebeck 

Frances Reed 

Evelyn Rees 

Harriet J. Rees 

Robert E. Renkert 

Robert D. Rentschler 

Charles H. Resseger 

Kermit C. Reynolds 

John M. Robart 

A well-worn path led to Lowry hall, 1913 






The Lowry hall "lassies" of the School's first year 

iL,_L__j-:„ x:;:x:j3;_i _j._ 








F fl 



1 ■ 




Geneva Roberson 

Tom Rodda 

Leonard L. Rodkey 

Floyd R. Roland 

Pearl F. Rongone 

Nathan Rosenbloom 

Dorothy Ruggles 

Doris Russell 

Dorothy H. Rychlik 

Louis W. Salzer 

Arthur O. Scarpitti 

Betty Schlesinger 

Mary L. Schray 

Arlene L. Seeman 

Mary A. Seesholtz 

Elmer C. Sekeres 

James E. Sell 

William L. Shaw 

T"' K:'i >-' 

Betty Lou Shetler 

Virgil J. Siebert 

Elwood B. Simkins 

Orlie H. Simons 

Adele a. Singley 

Dorothy P. Smith 

Frances Smith 

Harry W. Smith 

Margaret L. Smith 

Robert G. Smith 

Russell L. Smith 

Viola M. Smith 

June Snyder 

Stella Solack 

George Spratt 

Evelyn Squires 

Gertrude Squires 

Betty Jean Starkey 



The "Ty Cobbs" and "Christy Mathewsons" of the 1913 
Kent State Normal school. 





\ 1^^ 



I If. ■"■'. r r 


Seats for the ladies . . . the gentlemen stood at this 1915 
Kent State assembly. 


Bernice Stauffer 

Martha Stephens 

Arthur J. Stokes 

George Stone 

Robert Stueve 

Mary C. Suderow 

Ernie T. Sullivan 

Gertrude Suppes 

Marjorie Suppes 

Charles J. Tabler 

Dominic J. Tarantine 

Donald T. Tewes 

Andrew L. Tobasco 

Eugene Tocus 

Don R. Tramonte 

Mary Lou Trunkey 

Ralph H. Tullis 

Jean Ulmer 

LoREN C. Utter 

Juliana Van Slyke 

Enos p. Vaughn 

Dominic J. Vitangeli 

Mary Vlad 

Charlotte Volk 

Virginia Vutech 

Claire Wagstaff 

Nelson P. Wait 

Mary A. Wallace 

Ralph Wands 

Genevieve Warner 

Jack Watts 

Roger H. Weaver 

George E. Wegman 

Jennie Jean White 

Marjorie Whittlesey 

John V. Wilbur 

Paul Williams 

Margaret L. Williams 

Thomas H. Williams 

Harry B. Williamson 

Mary Jane Wilson 

Robert J. Wilson 

Virginia F. 


Betty Rose Wolcott 

Merritt C. 


Norma Wright 

Samuel D. 


Dale A. Young 

Rachel Yount 

Leland Zahniser 

Vivian Ziler 

Dale E. Zink 


t < 














y U,^^ 




Acknowledgment . . . 

The editor and business manager wish to express their 
thanks to the many contributors to the 1940 Chestnut Burr, 
without whose aid its publication would have been impossible. 
Particularly to President Leebrick, Mr. Renkert, and members 
of the faculty, do they wish to express their appreciation. 

They wish to thank Merrick M. Hill and George Betts, for 
timely suggestions; Bill Gadd, and the Canton Engraving com- 
pany, for invaluable assistance and personal enthusiasm; Bob 
Wilson, and the KingsKraft Cover company, for their help; 
Judson Rinebold, and the Gray Printing company, for excellent 
printing; Prof. William Taylor and Prof. A. Clarence Smith, 
whose guidance proved invaluable, and the Waltz Studios of 
Canton for their photographs. 

To each staff member and innumerable individuals who 
gave of their time and energies, the editor and business manager 
wish to extend their appreciation. 


We, the business staff would at this time like 
to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to 
the advertisers in helping to make this book into, 
what we feel is a success. The integrated parts are 
very essential to the success of a thing as a whole. 


tlslna . . . 



students enrolled at Kent State University for the First and Second 
Semesters, 1939-40. Those enrolled only in the first semester are 
indicated by the number 1. Those enrolled only in the second semester 
are indicated by the number 2. 


Abbott, Robert Sutton 1339 Yale Ave. N. W., Canton, 

Abegglen, Ruth Ann 2630 Ridgewood St., Alliance, 

Ackley, Betty Marie 371 Lisbon Ave., Buffalo, ] 

Adams, Dorothy Winifred 2937 East 112 St., Cleveland, 

Adams, Eddie John 912 Franklin Ave., Kent, 

Adams, Jean Elise 2320 S. 22 St., Akron, 

Adams, June E 267 W. Prospect St., Mantua, 

Adams, Orman 1 1 59 Pitkin Ave., Akron, 

Adams, Ruth 267 W. Prospect St., Mantua, 

Adolph, Kenneth L Suffield, 

Advent, John Robert (1) 11118 Buckeye St., Cleveland, 

Albert, Robert 854 Wooster Rd. N., Barberton, 

Alden, Paul Dunham 226 E. Williams St., Kent, 

Aldinger, Russell Louis Randolph, 

Alexander, Dice Curtis Jr. (2) 2746 N. 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Allen, Frances M 7307 Linwood St., Cleveland, 

Allen, Margaret Alice 1763 12th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Allen, Merry Charlotte 216 University Dr., Kent, 

Allen, Thelma 377 Euclid Ave., Akron, 

Allendorf, Rita Ida Chestnut Ridge, North Olmsted, 

AUmen, Henry E. (1) 8420 Lake Ave., Cleveland, 

Alogdelis, James 723 Bisson Ave., Akron, 

Alien, Mary Louise (2) 1519 N. Lakewood Blvd., Lorain 

Altmann, Berton George 317 E. College Ave., Kent, 

Altmann, Jeanne Margaret 317 E. College Ave., Kent, 

Alvord, Altamae 912 Crain Ave., Kent, 

Amon, Viola Mae 39 Chester St., Massillon, 

Amstadt, Richard Anton 344 W. Bowery St., Akron, 

Ancin, Irma Jeanne (1) 3234 W. 54 St., Cleveland, 


Alfred Verner 1535 Overlook Dr., Akron 

Felix 234 Dodge St., Kent 

Frank Oliver 961 McKinley Ave., Akron 

James Jerry 428 Palm Ave., Akron 

Jean Anna 936 Oakland Ave., Akron 

Anderson, Willis Schultz R.D. No. 2, Box 538, Barberton 

Andes, Virginia Bette 341 Arlington St. N. W., Canton 

Andreani, Oscar {2) 914 E. Summit St., Alliance 

Andreas, Harold Metcalf 614 Pioneer Ave., Kent, 

Andrew, Jack Francis 2231 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Andrews, Velma Ruth 1 63 1 Battery B, Akron, 

Angelone, Armand Augustus 10802 Cedar Ave., Cleveland 

Angle, Betty Pearl 393 W. North Ave., East Palestine, 

Anglemyer, Mae Belle 347 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown 

Angne, Albert Franklin (1) 400 Brown St., Akron 

Ankrom, Sara Jane 904 Pierce Ave., Toronto, 

Anter, Richard George 1463 E. 105 St., Cleveland 

Antonelli, Lillian Marie 319 Charles St., Warren 

Antonuk, Eugene 561 Parkdale Drive, Akron 

Apley, Gertrude M 3033 Idiewood Ave., Youngstown 

Appleby, James Robert (1) 969 5th Ave., Akron 

Archer, Earl Edward (1) 795 Yale St., Akron, 

Armitage, Russell Charles New Miiford 

Armstrong, Ann E 532 E. Genesee St., Fayetteville, 

Arnold, Eileen Jane Miami Rd., Mentor, 

Arnold, June Maxine 352 Dalwood Dr., Cleveland 

Arthurs, Richard Grant 1924 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Ariz, Thurman B R. F. D. No. 2., Ravenna 

Arva, William Manhattan 671 Tries St. S. E., Massillon 

Aschauer, Joseph Albert 2209 Elria St., Cleveland 

Atkinson, Alice Margaret . .4140 East 111 St.. Cleveland 

Averill, Seward E 878 West Main St., Ravenna 

Avery, Lyle B. (1) 94 Kirkwood Rd., Akron 

Avery, Mary Elizabeth 280 Merriman Rd., Akron 

Ayres, Charles Henry 842 South Main St., Ravenna 



Babyak, Bettie L. (2) 324 Eddy Rd., 

Bachkin, Dobrila 8008 Clark Ave. 

Bachman, Elton George R. No. 1 

Bacon, Luetta Ann (1) Forrest St., Garretfsville 

Baer, Audrey Mae (2) 10971/2 S. Main St., Akron 

Bahler, Hope Catherine Sugarcreek 

Bahler, Keith Albert N. Broadway, Sugarcreek 

Bailey, Perry Erwin R. F. D. No. 1., Cortland 

Bailey, Robert E 579 W. State St., Sharon, 

Bailey, Wilson W 904 Iredell St., Akron 

Bailie, Ivy Muriel 23 S. Evanston Ave., Youngstown 

Bair, Janet 3054 W. Tuscarwas St., Canton 

Baird, Alma Janice R. D. No. 1, Copley 

Baker, Elinor Louise (1) 814 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Balder, Margery June 31 EUenwood St., Bedford 

Baldwin, Arthur LeRoy 1365 Burkhardt St., Akron, 

Baldwin, Charles Loren (1) 210 East College Ave., Kent 

Baldwin, Gladys Mae 2576 Paxton St., Akron 

Baldwin, June Anita (2) 421 N. Bentley St., Niles, 

Baldwin, Norma Louise 518 Lafayette St., Ravenna 

Baldwin, Robert Wilton R. D. 8, Box 720, Cuyahoga Falls 

Ballard, John Thomas (2) 2304 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Ballard, Peggy Ruth Chardon 

Balliett, Beryl Brown Box 854, Bellville 

Balser, Marion A 228 Madison St., Ravenna 

Balser, Mary Katharine 228 Madison St., Ravenna 

Bammerlin, Jack Ernest 19208 Orchardhurst, Cleveland 

Bane, Norma Elaine 781 Bonnie Brae, Warren, 

Bangham, Mildred Merker 325 High St., Kent, 

Bania, Chester James 1 148 Buhrer Ave., Cleveland 

Barch, Lindy 3235 Hyde Park, Cleveland Heights 

Bard, Marcella Mae (2) Chagrin Falls 

Barham, Charles K 1449 Maple Ave., N. E., Canton, 

Barkalow, Richard Claude R.D. 1 Route 20, Perry, 

Barkett, Woodrow Kamil (1) 1025 Maywood Ave., Akron 

Barkoukis, Athanasius Michael 166 W, Buchtel Ave., Akron, 

Barlow, Roma Dorreen (1) Ravenna, 

Barnes, Robert Alfred (2) 28 N. Richview, Youngstown, 

Barney, Duane Edwin 2104 East 42nd St,, Ashtabula, 

Barnhouse, Hilda Ruth Route 5, Lisbon 

Bartholomew, Norma Ruth Chagrin Falls 

Bartlelt, Edward Charles 597 Robinette St., Akron 

Bartlett, Jean Ellen 27771 Gilchrist St., Euclid 

Bartley, Harrell Ethelbert 1964 5th St., S. E„ Canton 

Bates, Ivah Case R. F. D. No. 1, Kinsman 

Bates, Thomas Ahem 244 N. Pardee St., Wadsworth, 

Bauer, Willis Edgar 2400 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls 


N. ■ 

N. Y 



Baughman, Isabel Louise 615 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls 

Baum, Ethel M 2182 W. 98th St., Cleveland 

Bauman, Z. Patricia 2825 Vincent St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Baumberger, Ruth P 311 E. Summit St., Kent, 

Baumgardner, Ernestine M. (1) 225 S. Willow St., Kent, 

Baxter, Betty Jane Hubbard 

Baxter, Wilma Phoebe Amsterdam, 

Bayes, Betty Jane Olmsted Falls 

Bayliss, George Harold 1102 Winton Ave., Akron, 

Baynes, Wanda Jean 100 W. Crosier St., Akron 

Beachler, Ruth Elizabeth R. F. D., Brookfield, 

Real, James Herbert 524 North St., Warren, 

Beal, Joe Leon 395 Springmill St., Mansfield 

Beal, Vernon Lester R. D. No. 2, Kent, 

Beam, Naomi Pearl R.D. No. 8, Box 215, Akron, 

Beam, William Clifford 1044 Irvington St., Massillon 

Beaver, Samuel Wayne (1) R.D. No. 1. Barberton 

Beck, Harold Vernon 467 Page St., Ravenna 

Beck, Henry Charles 3380 West 46th St., Cleveland, 

Beckenbach, Dorothy Martin Windham 

Becker, Lawrence F 2025 West Blvd., Cleveland 

Becker, Marie Gertrude 1016 Brown St., Akron 

Becker, Paul F. Jr 2369 Stratford Rd., Cleveland Heights 

Beech, Charlotte Elizabeth R.D. No. 1, Novelty 

Beecher, Carl 1 211 Herald St., Mantua, 

Beery, Eli Whitney 85 Frances Ave., Akron 

Beetem, Max 2041 13th St., Akron 

Begg, George Francis 7606 Jameson Rd,, Parma, 

Belcher, Edna Earle 403 Baird Ave., Barberton 

Bell, William Harlan 636 Ohio St, N. W., Warren, 

Benko, Josef Alex (1) Bedford, 

Benedict, Nancy Jane (1) 1538 West 30th St., Ashtabula 

Bennett, Fred W 929 W. 41st St., Ashtabula 

Bennett, Lawrence A. (1) 1063 Ohio Ave., East Liverpool 

Bennett, Ned Oliver 1086 Laurel Ave., Akron 

Benson, Alan Paul 11733 Edge-water Dr., Lakewood 

Benson, Margaret Annette 834 Michigan Ave., Ashtabula, 

Bereit, Arnold Ernest 1860 Pleasant Valley Rd., Cleveland 

Berg, Thomas Charles 270 Storer Ave., Akron 

Bergdorf, Clarence Arthur 2345 East Ave., Akron 

Berk, William Clayton (2) 13436 Hartford St., E. Cleveland 

Bernard, Evelyn Marie 138 N. Prospect St., Youngstown 

Bernstein, Katherine Louise R.D. No. 1, Beaver Fall: 

Berridge, Donna Gene 1032 East 174 St., Cleveland, 

Bethel, Russell Kingsville 

Betts, George Cornelius 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. E., Warren, 

Beuck, Robert Tonkin 18321 Landseer Rd., Cleveland, 

Bevilacgua, Margaret Lucille. . . .11217 Woodland Ave., Cleveland 

Beyer, Donald Edward (2) 318 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron 

Biachofsky, Margaret Marlene 3542 West 128 St., Cleveland 

Biales, Karl 10843 Massie St., Cleveland 

Biasella, Clara Lillian 500 N. Mantua St., Kent, 

Biasella, Edmund 1131 Liberty Ave. S. E., Canton 

Bibbs, Lola Jean 8906 Blaine Ave., Cleveland, 

Bica, Virginia Mathilda 750 Linden Ave., Alliance, 

Binford, Weston M 1111 Second Ave., Akron 

Bird, David Frederick 77 Grand Ave., Akron 

Birkner, Richard R.D. No. 1, Kent, 

Bishop, Leona Darleen Twinsburg, 

Bittner, Johnny (2) 900 Sherman St., Akron 

Bjorson, Louise Elaine 146 E. Delason Ave., Youngsto-wn 

Black, Rosemary Louise Main Street, Perry, 

Blackburn, F. Marion R.D. No. 1, Barberton, 

Blackstock, James Garfield 1519 E. 174 St., Cleveland 

Blair, Joseph Skiles 118 Linden Rd,, Kent, 

Blakemore, Wallace Bruce (1) Lake Cable, Canton, 

Blanchard, William Keith 565 Fairfield St., Warren, 

Blinebery, Robert Evans Ill Clinton St,, Ravenna 

Blockinger, Robert John.... 412 Marauerita Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Blomquist, Cosette Natalie 3407 Altanont Ave., Cleveland, 

Blue, Marguerite Josephine 2218 East 81 St., Cleveland 

Bockhorst, Lois Marie 736 E. 131 St., Cleveland 

Boecker, Alice Alita 126 Franklin St., Melrose, 

Boedeker, Charlotte Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake, 

Boehm, Louise June 3601 Cummings St., Cleveland Heights 

Boehm, Marjorie 13912 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, 

Boesch, John Kirtland Rd., Willoughby, 

Bognar, Jules D 671 Noah Ave., Akron 

Bohn, Musser Edward 667 Noah Ave., Akron 

Boliantz, William John 271 HarkeTi- St., Mansfield, 

Bolin, Russell Clark R. No. 2, Uniontown 

Boltz, Fern Virginia 511 Munroe Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Bonar, Milton John 378 Palm Ave., Akron 

Bonardi, Lorena May East Rochester 

Bond, Rhea Inez 865 Berv^yn, Akron 

Bond, Glen E. (2) Hotol Anthony Wayne, Akron 

Bonecutter, Harold Earl 238 Cummin St., Marion 

Bonsteel, Alberta Ruth 92 Streetsboro Rd., Hudson 

Boorom, Richard William (1) 7.. '...2164 16th St., Akron 

Boorom, Vincent Louis I.. . . .2164 16th St. Akron 

Booth, J. C 33-Sl W. 130 St., Cleveland 

Borofka, Joanne Josephine 1452 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood 

Borton, Joseph Clifford / . .209 E. Mill St., Alliance, 

Bortz, Fred Albert .•' R.D. 2 Box 128, Akron, 

Bosley, Delbert Carter ,-',.'1878 Goodyear Blvd., Akron, 

Bosworth, Jean Alberta c 3638 E. 114 St., Cleveland 

Bosworth, William H Burton 

Both, Rose Marie Box 235 R. D. No. 3, Barberton 

Bott, Harold 5627 Jefferson Ave., Maple Heights 

Bowen, Jean Marie R.D. No. 1, Chagrin Falls 

Bower, Mary Ellen 219 Roslyn Ave., N. W. Canton 

Bowles, Agnes Joyce Hartville 

Bowles, Betty D Hartville, 

Boyce, Margaret Mary R.D. No. 2, Alliance, 

Boyd, Charles Campbell 1144 East Ave., Akron 

Boyd, Emmett Walter 1355 Dueber St., Canton 

Boyd, Frank Jr 207 Montrose Ave,, N. W., Canton, 

Boyd, Jack Cameron 491 W. Market St., Alliance 

Boyd, Jack Harry 712 Talmadge Rd. Cuyahoga Falls 

Boyd, Nelvin Lester Mineral City 

Boyd, Virginia Mabel 205 N. Cedar St., Niles 

Boyle, Edward John 5115 Haverford Dr., South Euclid 

Boyle, Roy Earl R,D. No. 1, Kent, 

Bozzo, Mary Louise 122 W. Main St., E. Palestine, 

Bracken, Peggy Jane 29934 Lake Rd., Bay Village, 

Bradbury, William E R.D. No. 1 , Brookfield, 

Braden, Ralph Caron 1031 4th St., N. E., Massillon, 

1, Pa. 


RITA MELENBACHER— Venus de Milo with arms . . . around Bill Hudec. 
BILL KENNEDY — says he can drink any girl under the table. How about 
that, fellas. JEAN IHRIG— is really that way about R-r-russians. BRICK 
McCarthy— can play Rach Minanof? in 18th and 19th on Chestnut Street 
style . . . indifferent to everything but music. JOE (Hollywood-in-the-nude) 
PRICE — has longest string of nicknames ever borne by one fellow on one 
campus . . . Isn't that right, Spook? JUNE STERLING— a walking swing 
session infected by the Jitterbug Bite and an overdose of the Goodman swing 
section . . . now a hopeless victim of the disease. MAX JOHNSON — one of the 
most promising prospects of the art department draws his women. WERNER 
DICKSON— Atlas Jr. JEAN MARIE JOHNSTON— those eyes sure give her 
Opeal. AUDRIENNE VAN HYNING— sure helps to add the OOmph to "NO 
Time for Classes." KYLE SMITH— has a Count Basi left hand and an Eddie 
Duchin right possessed with an Omar Kahyan philosophy. (Here today — 
gone tomorrow, you dopes). MARJ DAUBENSPECK— a Junior Leaguer 
stuck at Kent. BETTY LINE— just a "Dick" at heart. 


ROMI WOYNO— carried the swimming team through. MARCIA JOHN- 
SON— helped carry the swimming team through. SELMA FACTOR— she's 
one girl who sure takes advantage of Leap Year. JOHN PINKOS — supposed 
Casanova of the dining hall. (Would that he knew). MARY KAISER— 
diminutive prexy of Lowry Hall makes up for her size by doing big things. 
JOE ASCHAUER— Lil Abner in a Half Nelson. PETE SMITH— a specialty 
in "shorts". BETTY JANE LEADENHAM— Silly symphonies go with Pete 
Smith specialties. ROGER LEWIS — he and Bergen have one thing in com- 
mon—McCarthy. DON HUFFMAN— haunts Library . . . Studying??? JIM- 
MY COX— does the convertible make the man? MICKEY DOVER— socially 
should be called Clarence, in case of another election. WALTER HOLMES 
—the boy that met the wedge. Eh, Watts? HOWARD RESSEGER— it all 
depends on the woman. How about that? LENNY OPEIL — must be striving 
for heaven the way he reaches for it . . . Dance, Lenny. RALPH BRADEN 
— the boy that's going to wear himself out doing nothing. PAUL MOSHER 
— a friend of all the Friday gang. It's too bad you can't join us, Paul. JACK 
LEGGETT— would the Pom room be Peian without Jack? WAYNE SEROY 
—blond bomb shell of the cheer leaders. HELEN ROTHERMUND— brilliant 
little red-head in spite of the time she spends with Wayne. 


Bradley, Ruth Lord 1566 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brainard, Betty lane 886 Silvercrest Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brainard, Lucille 886 Silvercrest Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brake, Arden James 1650 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brandes, Harry Charles (1) 730 Ecton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Brandt, Mary Dean 1389 Lyme Park Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brasaemle, Robert Dale (1) R.D. No. 2, Barberton, Ohio 

Bratton, Norma May Chaffee Drive, Brecksville, Ohio 

Braunstein, Ralph Ed. (1) 333 Trigonia Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Braverman, Harold Abram 910 Whittier Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bredt, George Edwin 11212 Parkhurst Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Breen, Betty Jane 705 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brees, Frances B 1757 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Breetz, Louis D 2232 Coronado St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Breitenstein, Arthur Lewis II. (1) 581 Dorchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Brenner, Jeanne 239 Lora Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Brewer, Joseph Earle R.D. No. 2 Box 239A, Akron, Ohio 

Bridges, John Matthue 716 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Briers, E. Hube 1023 Chester St., Akron, Ohio 

Brigeman, Jr., Fred William. . . .655 Rudolph Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Briggs, Henry Carson Tiltonville, Ohio 

Brimberry, Paul Russell (2) 1340 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 

Brittan, Wesley M. (2) R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Britton, Perry Eugene 1053 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Brock, Ruth Margery 2344 Iota Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Erode, Leland Diamond, Ohio 

Brodie, Edwin Thomas 1928 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brogneaux, Suzanne Gloria 199 Porter St., Warren, Ohio 

Brokaw, Billie Jean 323 Taylor St., ZanesviUe, Ohio 

Bronson, Sally Barbara (2) 3120 Portland Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Brooker, Alice Mildred (1)..2019 Rossmour Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Brooks, Ralph E. (1) R.F.D. No. 1, MassiUon, Ohio 

Brooks, W. Holland (1) 1783 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brosch, Ray Jennings (1) 1553 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Brown, Edith Louise 89 Western Ave., Newark, Ohio 

Brown, Elise Mae R. F. D. No. 1, Peninsula, Ohio 

Brown, Geraldine V 1362 Getz St., Akron, Ohio 

Brown, Hugh A Diamond, Ohio 

Brown, Margie Marida 3255 Scranton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Brown, Marjorie 67 Wilson St., Struthers, Ohio 

Brown, Mary Lois East Sparta, Ohio 

Brown, Paul Wilbur 477 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brozio, Beverly Dolores 192 E. 337 St., Willoughby, Ohio 

Brubaker, Harry Mercer 962 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Brubaker, Paul Eugene 17 Carlton Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Brumbaugh, Elmer Isaac 7263 Spruce St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Brunner, Betty Margot R.D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Bruno, Myron Anthony 324 Ohio Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Brust, Robert Carpenter 803 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Bryan, Harold H 422 Malacca St., Akron, Ohio 

Bryson, Thelma Irene Munson Rd., Mentor, Ohio 

Buccilli, Alvino Anthony 17 Adams St., Campbell, Ohio 

Buccilli, Louis Anthony (1) 17 Adams St., Campbell, Ohio 

Buck, Donald Vernon 619 Kilbourne St., Sandusky, Ohio 

Buehl, Robert Walter (1) 1009 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Buffington, Mary Virginia (1) 1032 Eastport, Uhrichsville, Ohio 

BuUer, Olympia Aureha 1281 Moore St., Akron, Ohio 

Bullock, Phil Milton 322 W. Main St., Canfield, Ohio 

Burger, W. Lament 853 E. 150th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Burgner, Betty Jane (1) 1694 Summit Lake Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Burke, Thomas Michael 1325 E. 82 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Burkey, M. Gertrude (1) 982 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Burkholder, George Wesley 218 Twin Oaks Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Burley, Charles William (2) 567 Gerry Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Burnham, James Arthur (1) 1786 Newton St., Akron, Ohio 

Burriss, Marjory Jane R.D. No. 4, Canton, Ohio 

Burton, Elizabeth Lily West Farmington, Ohio 

Burweil, Richard Eugene Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Burzlaff, Elizabeth Wilhelmina Box 255, Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Busch, John Francis 641 Mill Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 

Bush, Charles James Aurora, Ohio 

Bush, Helen Louise (I) Darrowville, Ohio 

Buss, Martha Kathrine (1) R. F. D. No. 2, Ravenna, Ohio 

Butler, Robert Perry 214 S. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Butler, Thomas Albert 2342 Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Buyarowiez, Stella Mary 13801 Coath Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Buzulencia, George 780 Poland Ave., Youngsto"wn, Ohio 

Buzulencia, James 780 Poland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Byers, Florence Alvada Route 3, Alliance, Ohio 

Byrne, Eleanor Hope S. Willovr St., Ext., Kent, Ohio 


Cody, William James 320 Howe St., Akron, Ohio 

Cain, Robert Kenneth 346 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Caldwell, Janet Eileen 919 Montgomery Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Caldwell, June Rosamond 55 W. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Calhoun, Newton Sherwood 18115 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Callahan, Charles 1230 N. Chople St., Louisville, Ohio 

Callihan, William Herbert 42 Kirkwood St., Akron, Ohio 

Calta, Joe Franklin 4232 E. 119 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cameron, Harold Donald 2429 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cameron, Harry G. (2) 895 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

Camp, Harry Wallace 1554 Edge%vood St., Warren, Ohio 

Campbell, Betty Marie 316 Center St., Huron, Ohio 

Campbell, George Wallace 383 Zeller Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Campean, Samuel Ed^vard 427 Alden Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Camplejohn, Peggy Jane 50 East 202 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Caniglia, Achille Joseph 460 Meridian St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Cannon, Virginia Ruth 639 Merton St., Akron, Ohio 

Capuano, Anthony Middlebranch, Ohio 

Carano, Frank Carl Route 82, Macedonia, Ohio 

Cardelli, James Eugene 1071 Sawyer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cardinal, Louis John 166 E. Oregon Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Carlozzi, Marietta Louise 3352 E. 150 St., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Carlson, William Alden 148 Edgewood Dr., Stov/, Ohio 

Carpender, William Pitt. (1) 2921 Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carpenter, Paul Neal 107 Day Ave., Newark, Ohio 

Carper, Margaret Louise 1710 E. 46th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Carr, Charles Elton Ne'w Lyme Station, Ohio 

Carr, Alyce Lazier (2) 1708 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Carroll, Henrietta 1834 Malasia Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Carrothers, Carl Elmer (2) Box 3532 N. Hill Sta., Akron, Ohio 

Cortee, Nowni R. F. D. No. 1, Painesville, Ohio 

Carter, Norvin P R. F. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Caruso, Anthony (2) 3182 West 33 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Case, Marilyn Esther 374 Babbitt Rd., Euclid, Ohio 

Cassidy, Gloria Avis 143 Linden St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Cassidy, Helen Florence Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Casteel, Lawrence Clayton (1) Novelty, Ohio 

Cathan, Hilda Jayne Falls River Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Cavanaugh, Dan James 761 Shoshone Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cavanaugh, Ronald Joseph 761 Shoshone Ave.. Akron, Ohio 

Cento, Joe Franklin (1) R. D. No. 1, Doylestown, Ohio 

Cerveny, Milo 4517 E. 131 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chadwick, Marjorie Henrietta R. F, D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Chamberlin, Arlene Ruth 2553 Edgerton, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Champlin, Isabelle Lucille R. No. 3, Jefferson, Ohio 

Chandler, Leslie L 2820 Chadbourne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Chandler, Rosallia Marie 935 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Chapman, Edgar Hughes 2881 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Chapman, Faye Katherine R.D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Chapman, Frank Robert 201 Kenmore Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Chapman, Jeanne Yvonne 429 W. Findley St., Corey, Ohio 

Chapman, Mae Elizabeth. .3828 Glenwood Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Chapman, Richard Alexander R.D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Chapman, Wendell Slater (1) 1747 Hollywood St., Warren, Ohio 

Charles, Edward Thomas (1) 239 7th St., Barberton, Ohio 

Chase, Norman Gunn Reynolds Rd., Mentor, Ohio 

Chatham, Gweneth May 1621 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Chayka, Stephania 15114 Miles St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chaykowski, Stella R.F.D. , GarrettsviUe, Ohio 

Chelovitz, Catherine Violet R. No. 6, Box 196, Akron, Ohio 

Chesleski, Edward Joseph 423 Riverside Drive, WellsviUe, Ohio 

Chesnak, Agnes Elizabeth 2335 Burton St., Warren, Ohio 

ChiovettCT, Kenneth James 11806 Sector Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chiggs, Gus John 503 W. Tuscarawas, Barberton, Ohio 

Chinn, Eleanor Louise 10825 Amov Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Chlysta, Charles Jr R.D. No.l, Box 23, Ravenna, Ohio 

Christian, Enola Evelyn 2473 Elmwood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Christian, Rosalie Jane 691 W. Main St., Geneva, Ohio 

Christman, Betty P 2400 Wyandotte Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Church, Darwin Ralph New Milford^ Ohio 

Church, Elizabeth Dake 447 E. Kline St., Girard, Ohio 

Ciancio, Sundae Anthony 474 Meridian St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ciresi, Joseph John (2) 3421 W. Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio 

Cirillo, Victoria Jehle 166 Oregon St., Warren, Ohio 

Cirincione, Joseph Charles 1784 Hayden Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Clapp, Connie 488 Moreley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Clapp, Marion 2373 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Clapper, Arleen Barbara Everett, Ohio 

Clark, Charles Edwin 440 Stinaff St., Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Eugene Nelson R. D. No., Mantua, Ohio 

Clark, Eugene Nelson R.D. No. 1 Mantua, Ohio 

Clark, Louise Irene 207 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Margaret Louise 17903 Brazil St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Clark, Martha Jane Box 409, Brilliant, Ohio 

Clark, Paul James R.D. No. 1, New MiHord, Ohio 

Clark, Richard Martin 440 Stinaff St., Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Ruth Marie Box 41, Augusta, Ohio 

Clark, Vanda Maxine Farmdale, Ohio 

Clark, William Raymond Kent-Ravenna Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Clarke, Dorothy Mae (1) 185 Milbourne Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Clarke, Roy C. (2) Little York Rd., Macedonia, Ohio 

Clawson, Caroline Elmira. . . . 117 W. Chalmers Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Clay, Dain E. (1) 618 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Claypoole, F. Jeanne 306 E. College St., Kent, Ohio 

Cleary, Joan Marie (I) 142 Halleck St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Clemens, Merle Thomas (1) 2468 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Close, Anita Lydal Box 65, Irondale, Ohio 

Cochran, Merle C 1810 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Coder, Marie Catherine 1002 Jefferson Ave., Defiance, Ohio 

Cohen, Lester Robert Main St., Dillonvale, Ohio 

Cole, Clarence 24 Elm St., Bedford, Ohio 

Cole, H. Virginia Mentor Headlands, Painesville, Ohio 

Cole, Kenneth Frederick 2061 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cole, Lee Albert 99 Shaffer St., Akron, Ohio 

Cole, Viola Lucille 101 Jewett St., Akron, Ohio 

Cole, Virgil Allen R.F.D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Cooley, Leota (1) 824 Corley St., Akron, Ohio 

Colley, Lois Virginia R.D. No. 4, Box 68, Akron, Ohio 

Collister, William Stanley 4116 E. 144 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Combs, Betty Jane Suffield, Ohio 

Comerford, Margaret Jean 1656 Walnut St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Conard, Ray Hamlin R.D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Conard, Reed R.D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Condos, George Stephen (I) 221 Starr Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Cone, Mildred Louise Main St., Perry, Ohio 

Conger, Charles H 125 Oak Park Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Conner, Max Wilson Smithville, Ohio 

Conner, Wayne Roland R.D. No. 1, Sterling, Ohio 

Connolly, Thomas James 121 Simon Drive, Akron, Ohio 

Conrad, Vernon Eugene 347 Witwer St., North Canton, Ohio 

Constantino, Gus Angelo 592 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cook, Bessie Anne R.D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Cook, E. Eileen 332 Harmon St., Warren, Ohio 

Cook, Martha Jean 318 Maple Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Cook, Robert Eugene R.D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Cooley, Charles Finley 1100 Youngstown Rd., Warren, Ohio 

Cope, Alan 477 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Cope, Jerome Alexis (1) 477 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Corbett, Florence Louise R.F.D. No. I, Kent, Ohio 

Corbin, Patricia LaVerne 3610 Attica Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cordea, George Jr 1214 Beardsley, Akron, Ohio 

Corkerton, Charles (2) 1365 Meriline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Corlett, Esther Jane 372 Mildred St., Painesville, Ohio 

Cornell, Derrell MandeviUe 37 Youtz Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cornell, George Wade Box No. 881, Jefferson, Ohio 

Cornett, Agnes Harriett 7462 Schoyer Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Correll, Lorin Elton Route No. 3, Canton, Ohio 

Correll, Stanley John Route No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Cortesi, Danny John 1538 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cortesi, Vincent Thomas 1538 lOlh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Coryell, Miriam Ruth 1844 East 87 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Coscia, Joseph Vincent 352 Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Costello, Elizabeth Louise (1) 331 Norton St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Costello, Margaret Ruth (I) 331 Norton St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Cotton, Dale Amos R. D. No. 2, Lorain, Ohio 

Coven, Betty Marie 1 112 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Coventry, James Alfred 612 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Covert, Same Wells Box 177, Perrysville, Ohio 

Cowell, Jane Louise 7009 Clinton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cox, Clair Nelson (1) Hudson, Ohio 

Cox, DeWitt Clayton Jr 715 7th St. N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Cox, Donald Duain (I) 2110 1 0th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cox, James Harold 193 Franklin St., Hudson, Ohio 

Coxe, Lloyd L 14 Calvert St., Harrison, N. Y. 

Cramer, Elaine Mae Suffield, Ohio 

Cramer, Thalia Maralyn R. F. D. No. 2, Canfield, Ohio 

Crampton, Betty Jane 296 E. 271 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Crano, Florence Yvonne (1) 565 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Crawford, Fred 314 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Crawford, Jecmne Hosabelle 436 S. 8th St., Coshocton, Ohio 

Crawford, Sara Maxine 436 S. 8th St., Coshocton, Ohio 

Creal, Charles Edson (1) 609 Third St., N. W., New Phila., Ohio 

Crichton, Robert Christian (1) 215 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Crile, Iro Lucille (2) R. F. D. 3, Wooster, Ohio 

Crisp, Dick (1) 238 Park Ave., Akron, Ohio 







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Critz, John Paul R. D. No. 1, Seville, Oh: 

Crofoot, Frank Eugene (2) 90 Lusard St., Painesville, Oh: 

Cropley, William Dexter 421 16th St., N. W., Canton, Oh 

Cross, Milton B 667 Blaine Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Crossen, Charles Ray 906 Dayton St., Akron, Oh 

Crowe, Willard Myron 131 E. Highland Ave., Ravenna, Oh 

Crowell, Eleanor Ann 19697 Roslyn Dr., Rocky River, Oh 

Croy, Robert Dale (1) 3026 Fifth Street, Cuyahoga Falls, Oh: 

Crumley, Mary Elizabeth (1) 139 Vermont St., Warren, Oh: 

Crumley, Robert Melvin 139 Vermont St., Warren, Oh 

Crummel, David Calvin 704 Jefferson Ave., Orrville, Oh 

Crutchfield, Mary Barnes 1783 Eighteenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh: 

Cuddeback, Jeanne Grace 4124 East 133rd St., Cleveland, Oh: 

Cukrov, Mildred Jane 3590 W. 123 St., Cleveland, Oh 

Culhan, Jean Elizabeth Tvirinsburg, Oh: 

Culhan, Robert Horace Tv/insburg, Oh: 

Culler, Gaultine Naoma Medina, Oh 

Culler, James Albert 162 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Culver, Robert Cloyd Munroe Falls, Oh: 

Cunningham, Donald Irvin Fredericksburg, Oh 

Cunningham, Warner E. (2) 161 Clinton St., Ravenna, Oh: 

Curry, Charles Allen 15112 Arden St., Lakewood, Oh: 

Curtiss, Carl Robert 1100 E. Main St., Kent, Oh: 

Curtiss, Mary Margaret (2) Streetsboro, Oh: 

Cutler, Ruth Lorena R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Oh: 

Cutis, Robert Harry 1561 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Oh: 

Czaplicke, Edwin 148 Mustill St., Akron, Oh: 


Dagg, Josephine Elizabeth 29412 Foote Rd., Bay Village, Oh 

Dailey, Janet Frances 100 Kent Rd., Tallmadge, Oh: 

Dale, Emily Nell Willett 225 S. DePeyster St., Kent, Oh: 

Dangler, Ruth Eleanor 219 E. Williams, Kent, Oh: 

Daniels, Gerald Casper Water Street, Chardon, Oh: 

Daprano, Lucille Marie 2423 E. 13 St., Cleveland, Oh: 

Darner, Hazel Estella 837 Vz Market St., Zanesville, Oh: 

Daubenspeck, Marjorie Jane (2) 1746 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Daugherty, Dorothy Lucille 969 Canfjeld Rd., Youngstown, Oh: 

Davey, Sarah King (1) 308 College Ave., Kent, Oh: 

David, Herman H 3435 Washington Blvd., Cleveland His, Oh: 

Davidian, Bert 11363 Miles Ave., Cleveland, Oh: 

Davidson, June Anita 1701 Cook Ave., Cleveland, Oh 

Davidson, Thelma Dorothy (1) 463 Winans St., Akron, Oh: 

Davies, Jane E 425 East Ave., Elyria, Oh: 

Davis, Edward Harris (2) 580 Dayton St., Akron, Oh 

Davis, George Lauffer 124 Fort St., Bremen, Oh: 

Davis, Helen E Salesville, Oh 

Davis, Hope May 21130 Edgecliff Dr., Euclid, Oh 

Davis, James Glenn Oakes Rd., Brecksville, Oh 

Davis, Margaret Estelle 21130 Edgecliff Dr., Euclid, Oh 

Davis, Margretha Croydan Rd., Avondale, Canton, Oh 

Davis, Marjorie Anne Kiwanis Lake, Movelty, Oh 

Davis, Mary Marjorie (1) Euclid Ave., Wickliffe, Oh 

Davis, Philip Theiss 718 Lafayette Ave., Ravenna, Oh 

Davis, Thomas Loftus 12812 Thornhurst St., Cleveland, Oh 

Dawson, Marjorie Faye 278 W. Franklin St., Mantua, Oh 

DoTATson, Robert Gordon 2781 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Day, Clara Elizabeth 223 Walnut St., Ravenna, Oh 

Day, Janet Stuart 1757 Elberson Ave., E. Cleveland, Oh 

Deal, Robert Windsor 12602 Thornhurst St., Cleveland, Oh 

Decker, Bill Allan 530 Park St., Marion, Oh 

Dedinsky, Ed^vard James 538 St. Leger St., Akron, Oh 

Deem, Catherine M 443 Washington Ave., Girard, Oh 

DeEulis, Rose 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, Oh 

DeGeorge, Bernice Dorothy 22 W. State St., Barberton, Oh 

DeGiralomo, Anthony Box 93, Middlebranch, Oh 

Dehan, Virginia Louise 818 11th St. N. W., Canton, Oh 

DeHoff, Howard Ellsworth 3039 9th St. S. W., Canton, Oh: 

DeHoff, Marjorie Jean Kirk Rd., Canheld, Oh 

Deitle, Charles Morris 286 Black St., Akron, Oh 

Dejute, Mary Alice 222 Williams St., Niles, Oh 

Delaney, Dalton Martindale (1) R. F. D. No. 1, Everett, Oh 

DeLaney, Margaret Louise Orchard Court, Mineral Ridge, Oh 

DeMass, Robert Merle (1) 1277 Kellogg Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Deming, J. Roy 51 Fairview Ave., Canfield, Oh 

Deming, Walter Ray 51 Fairview Ave., Canfield, Oh: 

Dempsey, Rose Mary 1673 Elberson St., E. Cleveland, Oh: 

Dengel, Walter Martin 3273 W. 99 St., Cleveland, Oh 

Deniston, Dale Richard 1095 Triplet! Blvd., Akron, Oh 

Denney, Norma Elvia (1) 33 E. Thornton St., Akron, Oh 

DePietro, Sam Charles 37 Abbey St., Girard, Oh: 

DeSimio, Lucy Margaret 108 Vine St., Ravenna, Oh 

Deuvall, Dorothy Maxine 48 W. Washington St., Alliance, Oh 

DeVauz, Jeanne Marie 634 Moreley Ave., Akron, Oh: 

DeVecka, Ann Flushing, Oh 

Devine, Patricia Joan 64 Tenth St., Struthers, Oh 

DeVos, Gertrude Ella Mantua, Oh: 

DeWeese. Lewis Hubbard R. D. No. 2, Kent, Oh: 

DeWitt, Virginia Louise (2) 2560 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

DeYoung, John Jacob R. F. D. No. 4, Ravenna, Oh 

Dick, Virginia Madeline Windham, Oh 

Dickerhoff, Robert Dale R. D. No. 1, Clinton, Oh 

Dickerhoof, Marie Frances 1012 Snyder St., Akron, Oh 

Dickey, Richard Albert 16003 Damon Ave., Cleveland, Oh 

Dickson, Werner Kenneth 354 E. Crosier St., Akron, Oh 

Diday, William Charles R. F. D. No. 1, Mingo Junction, Oh 

Diefenbach, Jeanne Ellen 60 Miller Rd., Brecksville, Oh 

Dietz, Peg Ruth 361 E. Catawba Ave., Akron, Oh: 

Dietz, Willard Donald Hotel Kent, Kent, Oh 

Difford, Leo William R. F. D. No. 2, Kinsman, Oh: 

Dilley, James Max 804 N. 7th St., Cambridge, Oh 

Dillon, Dorothy Rebecca 216 S. Beaver St., Lisbon, Oh 

Diltz, Donnelly Richard 508 N. Mantua St., Kent, Oh 

Diltz, Marjorie Ruth 508 N. Mantua St., Kent, Oh 

DiLucca, Henry Edward (1) 379 Palmer St., Wooster, Oh 

Dimmerling, Beatrice Lucile 519 College St., E. Liverpool, Oh 

Dingelstedt, Ellen Frances R. D. No. 1, Canton, Oh 

Dingledine, Lewis C 1763 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Dinsmore, Charles Elmer 312 Norwood St., New Castle, Penn 

Dinsmore, Elgie B Greenford, Oh 

Dirodis, Francis Thomas 624 Mill Rd., Ravenna, Oh 

Disinger, Louis Eugene 13412 Casper Rd., Cleveland, Oh 

Dixon, Ola Catherine R. F. D. No. 1, Rushsylvania, Oh 

Doak, Jane Adeline 1348 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 

Dobbins, Aletta Ruth R. D. No. 7, Akron, Oh: 

Dobransky, Michael John 6 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, Oh: 

Dodson, Richard Stephen 1139 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, Oh 

Doland, Robert Lee 458 W. Central St., Ravenna, Oh 

Domoracki, Joseph R. D. No. 1, Mantua, Oh- 

Donald, David 357 Grand Ave., Akron, Oh 

Donberg, William Murrl 2140 Eldred Ave., Lakewood, Oh 

Doria, Vincent Joseph (2) 2765 W. Federal St., Youngstown, Oh: 

Douglas, Lila Gwendolyn 58 Norwood Ave., Norwalk, Oh 

Douglass, Eleanor Marie 915 S. Water St., Kent, Oh 

Douglass, Jean Elizabeth j 915 S. Water St., Kent 

Dover, Clarence Joseph 2211 W. 85 St., Cleveland 

Dowding, Ben 724 22 St. N. W., Canton 

Dowding, David Harper 724 22 St., N. W., Canton 

Dowding, Richard Robert 724 22 St., N. W., Canton 

Dowding, Tasman Andrew 724 22 St. N. W., Canton 

Dowds, Helen Maxine 1848 20th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Downs, Edward Millard 270 E. 191 St., Euclid 

Downs, Elaine DeLourdes 95 Heineman Blvd., Mansfield 

Drasdo, Marion Eleanor New Waterf ord 

Dray, Bonita Nan 210 Caldwell Ave., Chillicothe 

Drew, Robert Darwin 216 Linden Rd., Kent, 

Drews, Robert William 421 Reed Ave., Akron 

Driver, Martha Lee 174 E. 213 St., Euclid 

Drongowski, Stanley Joseph 337 West Elm St., Kent, 

Dryden, Frances Jean 1827 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Duckwitz, Gertrude 1452 Alameda St., Lakewood, 

Duenkler, Arno Henry 52 Sector Dr., Bedford 

Duff, Ehzabeth Rowell 166 Columbus St., Bedford 

Dugan, Louise (1) R. No. 1, Poland, 

Duke, Donald Thomas R. D. No. 2, East Liverpool 

Dull, Rosella Louise Willshire 

Duly, Anne (2) 1039 Starkeweather St., Cleveland' 

Duncan, Donald Edward 54 Center St., Willoughby, 

Duncan, Forrest Edwin Route 1, Medina, 

Duncan, Forrest Roy (1) 539 E. Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls, 

Duncan, Marian Loraine R. F. D. No. 2, Uniontown 

Dunoanson, M. Barbara (1) 4163 E. 116 St., Cleveland 

Dundon, Roy Willard (2) R. F. D. No. 1, Kent 

Dunlap, D. Jean 118 South Ave. S. E., Massillon' 

Dunlap, Lucille Amanda (2) Mineral Ridge 

Dunlap, Mary Lou 3060 Kent Rd., Silver Lake 

Dunn, Anna Loretta 133 N. Prospect St., Kent, 

Durflinger, Margaret Ann 27 Charlotte St., Akron 

Durkott, Helen Sandra 3803 Bader St., Cleveland 

Durkott, Irene LaVerne 325 E. Main St., Kent, 

Dusenberry, Doris Irene 246 W. Main St., Clinton 

Dussell, Robert Nelson P. O. Box 75, Kent, 

Dutter, Gene A R. D. No. 1, Mantua 

Dyble, Grace E 3862 West 150 St., Cleveland 

Dye, Earl Richard (1) Orrville 

Dyer, Mary Margaret (1) 1566 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Dyson, Dorothy Ann (2) 24532 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted 

Dziama, Peter Michael 2116 Glenbury Ave., Lakewood 


Earhart, Charles Edward 171 Mt. Vernon Rd., Newark, 

East, Don H 817 E. Broad St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Easterbrook, Carolyn Minerva (1). .196 W. Warren St., Youngstown 

Easterbrook, Sheila Jeanne 3848 W. 44 St., Cleveland 

Eccles, Margorie Jean 753 Thornhill Drive, Cleveland, 

Echerberry, Mary Ellen 237 Grain Ave., Kent, 

Eddy, Kathryn Marie 413 Beech Lane, New Philadelphia 

Edgar, Guerdon Harold 106 E. Archwood Ave., Akron 

Edgerton, Dave Lowell 525 W. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, 

Edmiston, Charles Walter 1517 Home Ave., Akron 

Ed-wards, David William 141 Ayers St., Youngstown, 

Edwards, Harold Grant (1) 1745 Leighton Ave., Akron 

Edwards, Marjorie Mae (1) 1745 Leighton Ave., Akron 

Eiben, Robert J 3809 Brooklyn Ave., Cleveland. 

Eichenlaub, Mary Catherine 108 Columbus St., Kent, 

Eichorn, Charles D 117 N. Market St., Canton 

Eifort, Hal F. (1) Hotel Kent, Kent 

Eisenhart, William 670 Carpenter St., Akron 

Eisenmann, Arthur William R. D. ?, Ravenna 

Ek, Edith Marie R. D. 1, Box 161, Mogadore, 

Eklund, Lars Erik 76 Grand Ave., Akron 

Elliott, Helen Elizabeth 278 W. 30 St., Cleveland 

Elhs, Carl Thurston 1734 3 St. N. E., Canton 

Ellis, Evelyn Jane 1301 Fulton Rd. N. W., Canton 

Elhs, Robert Ernest (1)...1351 Kranwood Park Blvd., Garfield Hts. 

Ells, Henry Abbott 2870 W. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Elser, Galen Edward (1) North Lima 

Elwood, Bob Mitchel 498 Avalon Ave., Akron 

Emanuel, Juanita Truax (2) 828 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Emigh, Robert Raymond (2) Royal Place, Akron 

Emmitt, Richard Dalzell Tallmadge 

Emmons, Edna Nell (2) 437 Thomas Ct., Cuyahoga Falls! 

Emmons, Richard H 2713 W. Tuscarawas St., Canton 

Epperson, Ruth Louise 730 Rutch St., Massillon, 

Erf, Helen Elizabeth 2458 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Erickson, Charles Theodore 1861 Cramer Ave., Akron 

Erickson, Robert Clayton 811 S. Willow St. Ext., Kent, 

Ericson, Marguerite Alice 1035 Dilliwood PL, Cleveland 

Eriser, Robert James 1578 Elbur Ave., Lakewood 

Erlewine, Kathryn Evalena R. D. 8, Box 241 A., Akron 

Ernsberger, Carroll Ed-ward 14 Salome Ave., Akron, 

Erskine, Helen Jayne 28 E. Wood St., Lowellsville, 

Ertley, Carl William (1) 2696 Elmwood St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Ervin, Cathryn M 335 Park Ave., Kent, 

Ervin, John B 1204 Franklin Ave., Kent, 

Erwin, Velma Beatrice 826 11 St. N. E., Massillon 

Eshelman, Harriett Jane (1) 1260 Cleveland St., Cleveland Hts. 

Espmg, J. Mabel 3119 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown 

Ess, M. Catherine 216 Park Blew, Massillon 

Essig, Carl Fohl 2200 Third St., S.E., Canton 

Estabrook, Vivian Elaine 12965 Emerson Ave., Lakewood, 

Estochin, Frank John 881 Allyn St., Akron 

Etter, Joel B 2495 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Evans, Edward David (1) Wayland 

Evans, Elaine Helen 3628 W. 130 St., Cleveland, 

Evans, Eleanor Jane 430 W. Main St., Kent 

Evans, Jean Frances 3805 Montevista Dr., Cleveland Hts. 

Evans, John Newland 1242 N. Mantua St., Kent, 

Evans, Julia Virginia 347 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron 

Evans, Raymond Henry Jr 328 Lease St., Akron 

Everett, Elaine Blaire Box 37, Tallmadge 

Eyre, Winona Eileen 360 Ruckel Rd., Akron 

Eyster, Charles Ulmer Edison, 


Factor, Selma Lea 222 Cherry St. N. E., Canton, 

Fagert, Hazel Carolyn 225 Graham Rd., Stow, 

Fagert, Pauline Virginia 225 Graham Rd., Stow, 

Fagley, Louise King 912 Grant Ave., New Philadelphia, 

Fair, Frank Lyman 805 E. Main St., Kent, 

Fair, Kenneth Earl 805 E. Main St., Kent, 

Fairchild, William Davis 340 E. Main St., Ravenna, 

Fairfax, Betty Harriet 10614 Drexel Ave., Cleveland, 

Falcon, Benny Charles (2) 1486 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Falcon, Joseph John (2) 1486 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Falcone, Carmen Marion 3686 W. 45 St., Cleveland, 

Fankhauser, Marjorie Elizabeth 132 E. South St., Painesville, 

Fanelly, Ross Elizabeth (2) 334 Cuyahoga St., Akron, 

Farkas, Sam (2) 983 Parkwood St., Cleveland 






eavitiA an 

a ^Ic 


In the Combinations that Always Satisfy 


Sy Kent State University 

S/ Terese Green^ Florist 

414 E. Main St. 

Dial 4565 

Farson, Edna Pauline 2477 N. Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Farson, Ralph Edgar 2477 N. Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Farwell, Richard Walter (2) 367 Spalding St., Akron, 

Farwell, Roland 1 367 Spalding St., Akron, 

Faulds, Helen Minnie Hartville 

Faust, Eliene Edythe 2620 Portman Ave., Cleveland 

Fedak, Robert George (1) 11419 Buckeye Rd., Cleveland, 

Feduniak, Mike 706 Morgan Ave., Akron 

Feduniak, Steve 599 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, 

Feller, Alice Lucille R. No. 3, Nevir Philadelphia, 

Fenn, Arlene Marie R. D. No. 3, Kent, 

Fenton, Eileen Maude 167 Thompson Ave., E. Liverpool 

Fenton, Ruth Arlene Leavittsburg 

Ferguson, Betty Jane R. No. 1, New Milford 

Fern, Stewart Everson 105 Cleveland St., Milford 

Ferren, Jessie A 351 North Ave., E. Palestine, 

Ferrini, Gino Peter 7818 Vineyard St., Cleveland 

Fetch, David Herrick Walnut St., Jefferson, 

Fetterly, Rose Marcelle 3176 Audubon Blvd., Cleveland 

Fetzer, Norman Lewis 20 Harrison St., Bedford 

Few, Catherine Jane North Ridge, Painesville 

Figliulo, Vincent Philip 212 Elicott St., Batavia, 

Fike, Peggy Fern 1560 Arthur Ave., Lakewood 

Fink, E. LaRue 2013 E. 45 St., Ashtabula, 

Finnegan, Philip Francis 274 Reed Ave., Marion, 

Finnical, Dorothy Marie Wellsville Rd., Ne"wton Falls 

First, Robert Stewart 3095 W. Blvd., Cleveland. 

Firth, Richard William 366 W. Delason, Youngstown 

Fish, Janet L 35 S. Main St., Chagrin Falls 

Fisher, Betty Kathryn 164 Park Ave., New Philadelphia 

Fisher, Janet llene (2) Flushing 

Fisher, John Joseph 1059 E. State St., Salem 

Fisher, Oran V R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls 

Fisher, Richard Ralph 819 Thayer St., Akron 

Fisher, Wilbur G 38 Oak Rd., Rocky River, 

Fitzgerald, Charlotte Louise 213 West Main St., Ravenna 

Flad, Paul 912 Garfield Ave S. W., Canton 

Fleder, Franklyn Eugene 13310 Rexwood, Garfield Hts. 

Fleischer, George Albert 1215 N. River Ave., Toronto 

Fleming, Sega (2) 2181 E. 81 St., Cleveland, 

Flickinger, Harriet June 1113 Sackett St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Flickinger, Olen Howard 462 Olney St., Marion 

Flinn, Fred Joseph (2) 2186 21 St., Akron 

Floersheimer, Natalie M 1 Argyle Ave., New Rochelle, 

Flynn, J. David 2375 Ridgewood Ave., Alliance 

Folger, Maude Elizabeth (1) 5232 Mayfield, Lyndhurst, 

Follin, Lyle Omar 119 S. Mantua St., Kent, 

Foltin, Stephen 637 E. 118 St., Cleveland 

Foltz, Mary Janet Hudson 

Fontana, Carmela Grace 587 Baird St., Akron 

Foote, Lillian Mae 298 E. Schaaf St., Cleveland 

Foote, Richard Freeman 218 N. DePeyster St., Kent, 

Forbes, Walter Warren Macedon 

Forbes, William Cleland 721 Ohio St., Ashland, 

Forbs, Kathryn Josephine R. F. D. No. 3, Kent 

Ford, Arnold Henry (1) 1475 W. 112 St., Cleveland. 

Fortunate, Joseph (2) 817 W. Norwood St., Youngstown, 

Foshee, Samuel Gilbert (1) 359 Turner St., Akron 

Foster, Ruth Eleanore Rayland, 

Fouser, Daniel R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls. 

Foust, Dorothy Anne R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, 

Foust, Joe Edward R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, 

Fowler, Jack R 2558 Maplewood St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Fox, Genevieve Esther Mogadore, 

Fox, Vincent Leroy E. Satin St., Jefferson, 

Francis, Andrew Frank (1) 527 St. Leger Ave., Akron, 

Francis, LaVerne Mae 780 Kenilworth S. E., Warren 

Frank, Arthur 209 E. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown 

Frank, Melvin Smith 209 E. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown 

Frank, Ralph William 202 Penn Ave., Massillon, 

Frank, Ray David 202 Penn Ave., Massillon, 

Franklin, Eleanor M. (1) 156 Elm Rd., Stow, 

Franklin, Ora Marie 1945 Taylor Rd., East Cleveland 

Franko, Andrew Paul (2) 35 Montgomery, -Youngstown 

Franks, Charles William (1) Randolph 

Erase, Lenora Mae 28 24th St., Barberton 

Erase, Milan 2107 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Frayn, Nadine Esther (1) R. F. D., Perry, 

Frederick, Betty Louise 629 Clearmount Dr., Youngsto'wn 

Frederick, Virginia Elinor.. R. D. No. 3 N. Makoning Ext., Warren, 

Freeman, Donald W 641 N. 3rd St., Dennison, 

French, EHreda Lois R. F. D. No. 7, Medina, 

French, Marilyn Esther Andover, 

Fretz, Carolyn Josephine 507 Fulton Rd., Canton, 

Freyensee, Stuart Henry 518 Hancock St., Sandusky, 

Friar, Clyde Luther l3illonvale 

Friedland, Elaine Pearl 215 S. DePeyster St., Kent, 

Fry, Robert Royce 794 E. Exchange St., Akron 

Fuller, Frances E. (1) 45 Oviatt, Hudson 

Fuller, Patricia Chariot 213 University Dr., Kent 

Fulmer, Alice Maurine 800 Elm St., Ashland 

Funk, Arthur William (2) 534 E. 107 St., Cleveland, 

Furcolow, Helen Jane 314 S. Lincoln St., Kent, 

Furcolow, Mary Louise 923 15th St., N. W., Canton, 

Furnas, Margery May R. No. 2, Uniontown 

Furrer, John Harding R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, 

Fye, Beatrice Jane Clinton 


Gable, William Dale 2500 Loop Rd., Cleveland 

Gaje'wski, Edmund Leon 226 Glenwood Ave., Akron 

Galdert, Nathan 1 828 11th St. N. W., Canton 

Gallagher, Robert Thomas R. D. No. 8, Box 263A, Akron, 

Gallov^ay, Martha Louise 1207 Jennings Ave., E. Liverpool 

Gallucci, Catherine Lucille 4215 Trowbridge Ave., Cleveland 

Gaipert, Nathan Isadore 828 11th St, N. W., Canton 

Ganas, James J 215 E. 3rd St., E. Liverpool 

Ganas, Themis Margaret (2) 215 E. 3rd St., E. Liverpool, 

Gantz, David Charles E. Market St., Ext, Mogadore, 

Ganyard, Dale C 168 Gale St., Akron, 

Garbett, Charles Robert 545 Bacon Ave., Akron, 

Gardner, Carey C. Jr 147 Grain Ave., Kent 

Barrett, Barbara Anne 1735 Lament St. N. W., Washington 

Garrett, Caroline Chappelear (1) R. D. No. 1, Mantua, 

Garthwaite, Marjorie Mary 2515 8th St. N. W., Ccmton 

Gatts, Lowell Arden Berlin Heights, 

Gaylord, Howard Raymond R. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, 

Gehrman, Jack Donald 4474 W. 214 St., Fairview Village, 

Geib, Elsie Louise (1) Lake Cable, Canton, 

Geiger, Ebert Mark (2) Trowbridge, 

Geist, Barbara Carolyn River Rd., Olmsted Falls! 

Geitgey, Mack Leo 501 Woodland Ave., Wooster, 

Gensler, Karl Edward 12411 Chesterfield Ave., Cleveland, 

Genuske, Arthur Edward 147 Halls Hts., Youngstown, 

Ohio George, Salem Kaleel 919 Cherry Ave N. E., Canton.. Ohio 

Ohio Gephart, Clifford Raymond (2) 3857 W. 40 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Gerber, Dorothy Elizabeth R. D. No. 1, Oberlin, Ohio 

Ohio Gerber, Warren Willis 871 S. Haines St., Alliance, Ohio 

Ohio Gerberich, John Barnes 2350 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Gerlach, Edith Marion 2536 Market St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Ghere, Richard Ir 1069 Atlantic St, Warren, Ohio 

Ohio Gialelis, Dorothy 522 18th St. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Gibbons, J. Edgar 1709 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Gibson, Janice Jane R. D. No. 1, Brookfield, Ohio 

Ohio Gibson, Martha Helen Mogadore, Ohio 

Ohio Gifford, Jack Albert 249 S. Fredom St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Gifford, Roy Gaylord 1035 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gilbert Roy Lee 739 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Gilbrest, Carol Frances R. D. No. 2, Hammondsville, Ohio 

Ohio Gilcrest, Jean Ann 1001 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Giles, Shirley Lee 617 Perry St., Massillon, Ohio 

Ohio Giles, Richard Olin (2) 2304 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Gilham, Helen Irene 257 Miles St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gill, Betty Louise (1) R. D. No. 1, Masury, Ohio 

Ohio Gillies, V^illiam Henry 317 Illinois St., Lorain, Ohio 

N. Y. Gillis, Herbert Russell 482 Erie St, Barberton, Ohio 

Ohio Gillis, Richard Henry 482 Erie St., Barberton, Ohio 

Ohio Gilly, Victor Robert (1) R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Gilmore, Alfred McDowell (1) Wood St., Flushing, Ohio 

Ohio Gladigan, Heinz 855 Inman St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Glass, Esther 862 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Glauser, Helen Lucile (1) R. No. 3, Alliance, Ohio 

Ohio Glazier, Harold Earle 3077 Markle Dr., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Ohio Gleckler, Margaret Marie Lisbon Rd., Columbiana, Ohio 

Ohio Glenn, Ray Frazier 413 Celtic St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Glass, Paul Howard 618 Forest Ave. S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Gloss, Stanley Charles 912 Forest Ave. S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Glo-wack, Anne Veronica (1) Twinsburg, Ohio 

Ohio Gluck, Bert Murray 160 W. 106 St., New York, N. Y. 

Ohio Gochenour, Mae Belle R. F. D. No. 5, Warren, Ohio 

Ohio Gockstetter, Mary Ellen 825 Harriet Ave N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Godfrey, Margaret Marie R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Godges, Harry Frank Rt. No. 1, Box 156, Windham, Ohio 

Ohio Godges, Raymond E Rt. No. 1, Box 156, Windham, Ohio 

Ohio Goerke, Robert Harold (2) 300 North Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Goldberg Ruth Sheila (2) 197 W. State St., Barberton, Ohio 

Ohio Goldstein, Bette Jane 620 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

N. Y. Gombert, Gordon Loris 330 Ashland St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Goodwin, Frank Leroy R. F. D. No. 2, Medina, Ohio 

Ohio Goodwin, Russell Eldred 811 Union St. S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Goodwin, Thomas Paul 675 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gordon, Finley M 1848 Torbenson Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Gordon, James Yarnell 1395 Girard St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gordon, Martin Eli 162 Westwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gordon, Reba Edyth 893 Whittier Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Gorham, Le"wis 133 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Gorlich, Elizabeth Helen 4217 Buckley Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Goshen, Charles Elmer 506 Hazlett Ave. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Gosling, Leigh William 1125 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Goss, Virginia Elizabeth 10739 Lerer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Gould, Anne Williams (2) 1350 Cove St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Graczyk, Joe Michael (1) 1329 5th St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Grahame, George Oliver 414 Nash St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Granata, Anthony Francis 64 Vesper St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Graner, Frank M Stow, Ohio 

Ohio Grant, Jean Marie 14114 Idarose St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Gray, Irene Jane {2) 2451 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Gray, Jack Edward 227 Myrtle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Gray, Robert Donald 15 S. Portland St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Gray, Robert Edwin (2) 417 Myrtle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Green, Ray William 22 Nebraska St., Painesville, Ohio 

Ohio Greenamyer, Adelbert Charles R. D. No. 1, Salem, Ohio 

Ohio Greenberger, Charles Maynard R. F. D. No. I, Tv\rin Lakes, Ohio 

Ohio Greenisen, Loretta Jeanette 1117 Cleveland St., Salem, Ohio 

Ohio Greer, Robert Irvin 1511 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Greer, Sara Jane 5 Union St., Greenville, Ohio 

Ohio Gregory, Doris J 127 Elm Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Ohio Gregory, Helen Marjorie 127 Elm Rd., Stow, .Ohio 

Ohio Griffey, Donald Morton 403 Broad St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Ohio Griffin, Fern Earl Brookfield, Ohio 

Ohio Griffin, James Joseph 118 W. Glendale St., Bedford, Ohio 

Ohio Griffith, Ruth Madeline 433 Ravenna Rd., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Griffith, Wayne L 433 Ravenna Rd., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Griffiths, Wanda Nan 348 N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Grimes, Betty Jeanne (1) 1028 Ouilliam Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Ohio Grimm, William Fredrick (1) 378 S. Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Groeger, Edith Dorothy (1) 1734 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Grombacher, Betty Ann 2711 Mt. Vernon St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Grooms, Jack Walter R. D. No. 4, Salem, Ohio 

Ohio Grossenbacher, Inez Leibforth (2) 849 Bertha Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Grosvenor, Florence Olive 72 King Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Ohio Groves, Enid Evelyn (1) 1944 E. 45 St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Ohio Grunder, Lucille Kathryn 1113 S. Erie St., Massillon, Ohio 

Ohio Gruskiewich, Helen (1) Williamsfield, Ohio 

Ohio Gue, Bernice Mae (2) 46 Ste-wart St., Struthers, Ohio 

Ohio Guenther, Eleanor Ruth 950 Nathaniel St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Guiher, John 1404 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Guinter, John Robert R. D. No. 5, Box 434, Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Guinther, Dorothy Jane Warner, Ohio 

Ohio Guise'wite, William Lee 4407 Howard St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Gulgin, Dan E Lagrange, Ohio 

Gustafson, June Marie Arlington Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Ohio H 

Ohio Haas, Clair Eugene 1458 E. 115 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Haas, Geraldine Frances Aurora Station, Ohio 

Ohio Haberkost, Dean Franklin 1119 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Haberkost, Robert R 884 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Hacha, Jo Ann 2131 Walnut Blvd,, Ashtabula, Ohio 

Ohio Hadsell, Wade Lewis 1575 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Hater, Paul Egan 533 E. Cambridge St., Alliance, Ohio 

Ohio Hagan, Constance Eleanor 297 Rye Beach Ave., Rye, N. Y. 

Ohio Hageman, Wilbert 1 215 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Haglund, Carl Anderson 3059 Windsor PL S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Haglund, Mrs. Wayne Anderson (2). 3059 Windsor PI. S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Hague, Duane 1370 Meriline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

D. C. Haines, Helen Margaret Minerva, Ohio 

Ohio Haines, Ray MacPhail (1) 715 Woodstock Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Haines, Shirley Clement (1) Lake Rd., Perry, Ohio 

Ohio Haines, Walter Charles 173 Oak Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Ohio Hakes, Charles Willard (1) R. F, D. No. 3, Norwalk, Ohio 

Ohio Halaiko, Michael John R. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Hale, Evangeline Louise 94 Fenton Ave., Mogadore, Ohio 

Ohio Hale, John Fred 2412 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Hale, Maynard George Chillcothe Rd., Mentor, Ohio 

Ohio Haley, Frances Arlene Creston, Ohio 

Ohio Hall, John William 2938 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Ohio Hall, Margaret P 723 S. Arch St., Alliance, Ohio 



''1849— Kent's Oldest Bank'' 




The Bank of Courtesy 
To University Students 

Member of 


Tinker , , . * 

Funeral .... 

Home . . . . 

Water St. KENT, OHIO Phone 3133 


Lumber Co. 




Phone 3614 

Across from City Hall 



P 1 j^' 111 o II i li 
Chrrslcr . - 

G.M.C. Truck . 


Phone 3519 

Hcilsey, Florence E Copley, Ohio 

Hambleton, Ray Warren (2) 2716 Market St. N., Canton, Ohio 

Hamilton, Dorothy Maize R. No. 2, Jefferson, Ohio 

Hamilton, Reta I R. No. 2, Jefferson, Ohio 

Hamilton, Zana Creswell New Cumberland, Ohio 

Hammond, Robert Finley 1675 Hampton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Hampton, Margaret Grace 2201 E. 89th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hanan, Joyce Jane 2195 Valley View Dr., Rocky River, Ohio 

Hand, Ethel Jane 1229 Summit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Hanes, Betty Jeanne 955 Oxford Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Hanes, Marland Clair (1) Aurora, Ohio 

Hange, Harold R. (1) 425 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Hanks, Robert Clayton Box 16, Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Hanley, Lewis John 1647 25th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hanlin, John Joseph 11221 St. Clair St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hanna, Elmer 9709 North Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hannon, Robert Francis 68 Pasadena Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hansen, Geraldine Elizabeth. . .New Denmark, New Brunswick, Canada 

Hansen, Robert Cecil 216 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Hanson, Lois Merle (1) R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Hanus, Aileen Frances Burton, Ohio 

Happoldt, Donna Elizabeth 1501 Thornapple St., Akron, Ohio 

Harbaugh, George Harold 225 Lincoln Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hardman, Jewell Fern R. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Hare, Ralph Gordon 2287 9th St., Akron, Ohio 

Harlan, Warren Clinton 213 Grant St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harmony, Jean Lucille 340 Auburndale St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Harms, Delia Elizabeth 10504 Harvard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Harney, Alice Alberta 2249 E. 82 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Harper, Eileen Ann 40 East 202 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Harper, Martha Elizabeth 411 Washington Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Harper, Richard M 119 Overwood Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Harrington, Robert Charles 321 S. Spruce St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harris. Donald Herbert 324 S. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Harris, Earl Morris 305 E. Highland Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Harris, G. Bernie 1161 Woodward Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Harris, Helen May 211 Kathron Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Harris, lack Curtis 824 Cameron St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Harris, Olive Elizabeth (2) 3518 E. 157 St., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Harris, Pearl May R. F. D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Harsha, Alice Juanita 1945 Pilgrim PL, Akron, Ohio 

Hart, Betty Marie 123 N. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Hart, Elizabeth Taylor Garrettsville, Ohio 

Hart, Joe Adrian 217 West High St., Hicksville, Ohio 

Hart, Robert E 501 N. Main St., Minerva, Ohio 

Harter, Helen Louise 42 Woodland Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Hartman, Arlene Alice Moultrie, Ohio 

Hartman, Rev. Ferd (2) Mercy Hospital, Canton, Ohio 

Hartman, Ruby Ernestine 1577 Breiding Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Hartman, Ruth Marie Aurora, Ohio 

Harlsough, Elizabeth Ida 922 Arlington St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Harvey, Elaine 1759 Cumberland Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hatch, Janice Marie 3318 Meadowbrook, Cleveland, Ohio 

Haushalter, Evelyn May 730 Wall St., Akron, Ohio 

Hausrath, Ellen Marie 13406 Rugley Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hawk, Adella Eileen Beach City, Ohio 

Hawk, Bray O R. F. D. No. 1, Strasburg, Ohio 

Hawk, Dale Lester 237 Para Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hawk, Lois Jeannette 119 Parsons St., Mankato, Minn. 

Hawkins, Russell Harry 47 Orchard, Geauga Lake, Ohio 

Hawley, Don W 227 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Hawthorne, Clyde Schofer 1272 Richmond St., S. Euclid, Ohio 

Hayden, Marilynn (1) R. D. No. 1, Box 324, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hayes, Ruby Lee 680 Coburn St., Akron, Ohio 

Haylett, James Edward 220 W. Prospect St., Mantua, Ohio 

Hayne, Clementine Akron Rd., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Hays, Mary Ellen 3223 W. 100 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hayward, Ernest Downs (2) 2505 E. 83 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hazen, Elsie Eleanor 419 W. Main St., Geneva, Ohio 

Hazen, Mary Elizabeth 1217 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio 

Hazen, Paul F 1106 Grant St., Ashland, Ohio 

Hazen, Ruth Lois 419 W. Main St., Geneva, Ohio 

Hazlett, Ruth Elizabeth Sullivan Rd., Hudson, Ohio 

Hazlinsky, Olga Amelia 390 Stanton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hearn, W. LaVerne 433 Cuyahoga St., Kent, Ohio 

Heath, Belte Jayne Lake Street, Kent, Ohio 

Heath, Jeanette A. (1) Lake Street, Kent, Ohio 

Heck, Mrs. Dorothy Anderson 707 North Main St., UhrichsviUe, Ohio 

Hedeen, Virginia Ruth Shiloh, Ohio 

Heichel, Bertha Mae Box 46, Ontario, Ohio 

Heichel, Vernon Glenn 445 W. Grant St., Kent, Ohio 

Heighten, Harold Herbert 433 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Heighten, Robert Cecil 402 Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Heighten, Robert Herbert (1) 433 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Hoiks, L. Elizabeth 53 Sheldon Ave., Rittman, Ohio 

Heil, Thomas John 3894 West 135 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hein. Robert William 3943 E. 131 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Heilen, Clayton Howard 14508 Allen Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Heinz, Helen E 1 1702 Kunz Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Helma, Gertrude Theressa Box 42 West Street, Uniontown, Ohio 

Helman, Robert Jay 197 E. Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Helmick, Sheldon Harry 1001 7th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Heminger, James McClellan (2) R. D. No. 5 Box 200, Akron, Ohio 

Henahan, Don Joseph 1287 Beech Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Hendricks, Marguerita Yvonne 7904 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Henry, Arthur Richard 4149 E. 120 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Henry, William Paul R. F. D. No. 4, Box 565, South Akron, Ohio 

Hensley, Christine Helena 173 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Herbert, Henry 1117 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hermanson, Etno Edward R. No. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Hershkowitz, Harold 701 E. 180 St., New York, N. Y. 

Heyard, Paul F 155 Columbus St., Canton, Ohio 

Heyl, Phyllis A R. No. 2, Box 232, Kent, Ohio 

Hicks, Elaine Rosabelle 958 Fern St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Higgins, Jane Virginia 1208 East High Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Higgins, John Michael 311 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Higgins, Robert William 2189 Edgewood Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Hildebrand, Bette Jane (1) 1349 Aster Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hill, Merrick Mallory Weston, Ohio 

Hill, Norvel E 162 Vincent St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Hill, R. Leonard 336 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Hill, Richard Lorin 900 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Hill, Russell Lloyd 336 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Hilsinger, Myra Elizabeth. . . .2641 Maplewood Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Himes, Virginia M Louisville, Ohio 

Hine, Lloyd Louman 23 Castle Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Hine, Marjorie Mae 23 Castle Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Hines, Metta Virginia West Salem, Ohio 

Hinman, David Rockwell 415 S. Prospect St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Hirsch, Allan (1) 11 Bettman St., Akron, Ohio 

Hirschl, Edwin John 546 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Hirt, Robert Lee 3390 Rosedale Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Hite, Lorain 1218 Clarenden St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Hoagland, Robert Claude 4953 E. 110 St., Garfield Hts,, 

Hoben, June Elizabeth 15705 Madison St., Lakewood, 

Hodge, Bill Grange (2) 5115 Oakmont Dr., South Euclid, 

Hodgson, Donald Laverne 484 Woodland Ave., Akron 

Hoefler, Ervin Allen 161 Oakwood St., Ravenna 

Hofacre, Harrold Wayne R. D. No. 4, Wooster, 

Hoff , John Lynn East Rochester, 

Hoff, Pauline Christine Litchfield, 

Hoffman, Olive Catherine R. No. 1, Box 300A, Warren 

Hoffmeyer, June Elaine 21 Mayfield Ave., Akron 

Hoiston, Estella Mary 10809 Frank Ave., Cleveland, 

Holbrook, Clyde Gillis Macedonia, 

Holcomb, Virginia Eileen E. Bagley Rd., Berea, 

Holgate, Wilbur Curtis 549 Tallmadge Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Holland, Anne Marie (2) 554 Fairchild Ave., Kent 

Holloway, Charles Park 116 Burton Ave., Akron 

Holm, Alice Ruth (2) 1930 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Holmes, Brian Ward 615 Hudson Rd., Stov/, 

Holmes, Dorothy May 9701 Easton Ave., Cleveland 

Holmes, Emma Catherine Rt. No. 3, Box 325, Kent, 

Holmes, Ralph H R. No. 3, Kent, 

Holms, Walter 1 1730 Tenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Holshoy, Harold McKinley 549 S. Lincoln St., Kent, 

Holtsclaw, Mary Elizabeth (1) Route 1, Woodsfield, 

Holzhauser, Jr. Frederick Ludvrig 1446 E. 109 St., Cleveland, 

Homan, Paul Theodore (1) 607 Grant St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Hoobler. Mary Jane 1017 Vine St., Kent 

Hood, Wilbert Jasper (1) 221 E. Main St., Canfield 

Hook, James Edwin 979 Delia Ave., Akron 

Hooper, Ted Richard (1) 1067 Collinwood St., Akron, 

Hoose, Richard Alfred 1860 Shaw St., East Cleveland 

Hoover, Charlotte Mildred (1) R. F. D. No. 2, Garrettsville 

Hoover, Donald R. F. D. No. 1, Alliance 

Hoover, Evelyn Marguerite 1352 Diagonal Rd., Akron 

Hopes, Bunamae Alice 160 Christian Ave., Hubbard 

Horbaly, William 4067 E. 147 St., Cleveland 

Horesh, Alfred Joseph (1) 5346 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, 

Horner, Sarah Ann Boyden Rd., Northfield 

Horning, Marcus John R. D. No. 1, Atwater 

Horst, Hazel Lucille R. F. D. No. 1, Columbiana 

Horton, Margaret Elizabeth Rootstov/n 

Horton, Yvonne 1418 Horner Ave., N. W., Canton 

Horwedel, Ransome Edward (1). . .23281 Center Ridge, Rocky River, 

Hosfield, John Norris 119 Frances Ave., Akron 

Hoskin, Walter Edward 585 Dayton St., Akron 

Hosteller, Dale William Sugar Creek, 

Hostettler, Dorothy Lavon 128 E. Hall S., Kent, 

Hostettler, Gordon F 128 E. Hall St., Kent, 

Houger, Maynard Leroy 380 Crosby St., Akron 

Houseman, Mary Virginia (2) 12705 Speedway, East Cleveland 

Howard, James Emmons (1) 413 High St., Kent, 

Howard, Joseph Wright 146 Maple Rd., Stow 

Hov^ell, Arline Louise 170 Monroe Falls Rd., Stow, 

Hoyt, Edwin Raymond (1) 213 Highland Ave., Kent 

Hrabko, Louis Jr 2930 E. 123 St., Cleveland 

Hromyak, Kathryn Louise 955 S. Irvine Ave., Sharon 

Hubbard, Dale C R. No. 5, Medina 

Hudak, George Andrew (2) 2120 Robin Ave., Lakewood, 

Huber, Lawrence R. (1) 78 Aqueduct St., Akron 

Hudec, William Elmer R. D. No. 3, E. Center Rd., Canton 

Hudson, Charles Johnston 92 Nebraska St., Akron 

Hudson, Dorothy Ruth 8800 Detroit St., Cleveland 

Hudson, Lyman Ivan 301 W. Line St., Minerva, 

Hudson, Robert George 1344 Goodyear Blvd., Akron 

Huff, Cecil R 1840 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Huffman, Dorothy A Brewster, 

Huffman, W. Donald Brewster 

Hulbert, Betty June 530 Vine St., Kent, 

Hulbert, Nadine 202 S. Lincoln St., Kent, 

Hull, Dorothy Bailey 4332 W. 223 St., Cleveland, 

Hull, Phyllis Arleen 317 Oxford Ave., Elyria, 

Hultberg, Dorothy Louise (2) 1114 Avon St., Akron 

Humbert, Frances Longston (2) 529 Lafayette St., Ravenna 

Humel, Mary Ann 29526 Lake Rd., Bay Village, 

Humphries, Richard James Novelty, 

Hunt, C. Irene Port Washington 

Hunt, Margie Adele 567 Sunset View Dr., Akron, 

Hunt, Mildred Carolyn R. F. D. No. 2, Uniontown, 

Hunt, Vivian LaVera (2) 3240 E. 130 St., Cleveland 

Hunter, Lillian Lucile 316 W. 4th St., Ashland 

Hunter, Mary Jane 917 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls 

Hurd, Lucille M Chagrin Falls 

Hurst, Marion Louise 3406 Lownesdale Rd., Cleveland, 

Hutchins, Bruce Arthur 437 Perkins St., Akron 

Hutchison, Rexford Lee 701 Lakemont Ave., Akron 

Huter, Richard C 1463 E. 105 St., Cleveland, 

Hutter, Lois Pat 3422 Daisy Ave., Cleveland, 

Hyatt, C. William R. D. No. 4 Box 664, Akron 

Hyppa, Linda Evelyn 999 N. State St., Painesville, 

Hyre, Marjorie Ann 820 Devonshire Rd., Dayton 


Ihrig, Jean Elspeth (2) 175 Belvedere Ave., S. E., Warren 

Immel, Ivan Dexter 335 Grain Ave., Kent 

Ingham, Robert S. (1) 201 Grain Ave., Kent 

Ingham, William Vern 845 Bryce Rd., Kent, 

Ingram, Helene Ruth 405 E. 124 St., Cleveland, 

Irish, Jack Warren 285 Newell St., Barberton 

Irmiter, Ted Ferer 447 Park Ave., Kent 

Irvin, Richard Carter R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls 

Irwin, Jeannette Hazel R. F. D. No. 3, Middlefield 

Irwin, Marjorie Virginia (1) E. Main St., E. Orwell 

Isaman, Donald Edgar 327 Auburndale Ave., Youngstown 


Jaccaud, William D. (1) R. D. No. 1, Wadsworth, 

Jackson, Eugene George 224 New St., Fairport Harbor, 

Jackson, Norma Mary Meigs Ave., Grand River 

Jacobs, Francis Austin (1) 624 Chestnut St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Jacobs, Gladys Rose 8204 Beman Ave., Cleveland 

Jacobs, Mildred Leona 167 23 St. S. E., Massillon, 

Jacot, Marjorie Ella Copley, 

James, Mary Ellen Mantua 

Jameyson, Ruth Miriam R. D. No. 1, Spencer, 

Jamison, Eleanor E 1571 Rydalmount St., Cleveland 

Janecek, Helen Gloria Windham 

Janus, Helen Marie 528 W. 30th St., Lorain, 

Jarvis, Emma Louise 990 McKinley Ave., Steubenville, 

Javins, Betty Lee 115 W. Cambridge St., Alliance, 

Jeb, William Holly (1) 452 W. Main St., Ravenna, 

Jeffrey, Rosalie Ruth R. D. No. 3, Toronto, 

Jeffries, Frank Allen 620 Magnolia Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Jenkins, John M 922 Grain Ave., Kent, 

Jerles, Otha Charles 142 Second St., Byesville, 

Jicha, Stephie Rose 10414 Union Ave., Cleveland, 







Thafs Wrong . . . 
You re Right 

Roger Wicks 

Kent Restaurant 

If you try this 

new combination - - you will 

be satisfied 

Main St. Kent 

Jikutz, Theodore 459 Franklin St., Barberton, 

Johnson, Barbara Jane R. F. D. No. 3, Alhance 

Johnson, Dona B 821 Bryce Rd., Kent, 

Johnson, Donald William R. D. No. 5, Box 775, Akron 

Johnson, Floyd Walter 1811 Bellflower St., S. W., Canton 

Johnson, Harold (1) 2195 E. 85 St., Cleveland 

Johnson, Jayne Marie 20731 Stratford Ave., Rocky River 

Johnson, Lloyd Elvirood Hudson Rd., Kent, 

Johnson, Marcia Lou 821 Bryce Rd., Kent 

Johnson, Max E 778 W. Main St., Kent, 

Johnson, Minot Mead College St., Hudson, 

Johnson, Paul Briscoe (2) 1721 Hampton Rd., Akron 

Johnson, Richard Edmund 2217 W. 100 St., Cleveland 

Johnson, Robert William R. No. 3, Box 300, Kent, 

Johnston, Charles A 414 Frazier Ave., Akron 

Johnston, Etta Jean 10 Main St., Poland 

Johnston, Jeanne Marie 1736 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Johnston, Mildred Maud (1) 15314 Macauley Ave., Cleveland 

Johnston, Pauline Mary 3307 E. 126 St., Cleveland 

Jones, Blanch Ann R. F. D. No. 2, Highland Dr., Hudson, 

Jones, Donald E 450 Bell St., Chagrin Falls 

Jones, James Edward Brookfield 

Jones, II, James William Little Mount Rd., Mentor, 

Jones, Joe Jennings 4136 E. 114 St., Cleveland 

Jones, John Ivor (1) 318 Kentucky Ave., Lorain 

Jones, Reese Lloyd (1) 434 Meridian St., Ravenna, 

Jones, Robert C 223 E. Summit! St., Kent, 

Jones, Robert Griffith 318 Kentucky St., Lorain 

Jones, William Earnest 1270 Kentucky Ave., Akron 

Jones, William Kenneth Somerdale 

Jones, Winnifred Jeanne 742 N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, 

Jurisch, Fred Joseph (1) Box 36, Phalanx Station 

Justice, Tommy Bernard (1) 812 Hunt St,, Akron, 

Juszli, Mary 102 24th St., Barberton 


Kading, William Payne 161 VanBuren Ave., Ravenna, 

Kadov/, Ruth Eleanore 55A Pearl Rd., Berea, 

Kahn, Nancy 723 W. Exchange St., Akron 

Kainrad, Chris A. (1) R. F. D., No. 1, Diamond, 

Kaiser, Mary Kathryn 430 Lodi St., Elyria, 

Kane, Tom Henry 1320 2nd St., Lorain 

Karakul, Victor 2668 E. 37 St., Cleveland, 

Karash, Michael Patrick 1107 Ro-wley Ave., Cleveland 

Karasik, Milton Bernard (2) 1945 Prospect Ave,, New York. 

Karnatz, Marjorie Emma 456 E. 148 St.. Cleveland 

Karnes, Gertrude Louise R. R. No. 2, Greenfield 

Karnosh, Eileen Mae Dillonvale 

Kasik. Charles Edward 12713 Revere Ave., Cleveland 

Katrick, Antone Charles 315 E. 25th St., Lorain 

Kauffman, Myron Clinton (1) R. F. D. No. 1, Box 380, Barberton 

Kauvar, Irving 688 S. Broadway, Geneva, 

Kay, Shirlee Doris 792 Storer Ave., Akron 

Keeley, Kathleen 3000 W. Market St., Akron, 

Keiser, Dean Robert (1) 1108 Spring St,. Canton 

Keith, Robin R. No. 6, Box 100, Akron 

Kellerman, William Earl 418 Frazier Ave., Akron, 

Kellogg, Genevieve 227 Center St., Conneaut, 

Kelly, Hazel Bertha Edison 

Kelly, John Thomas 416 Maile Ave., Lakewood 

Kempel, C. Norman 163 Hudson Rd., Stow 

Kempke, Mary Elizabeth Russell 

Kemppel, David Edgar 376 Lillian St., Akron 

Kenat, Dorothy Ruth 26837 Lake Rd., Bay Village 

Kendall, Mary E. (1) 78 Aqueduct, Akron 

Kennedy, Dorothy Jean 1444 Hollywood St., Warren 

Kennedy, Jack Alexander 98 Kirk-wood Ave., Akron 

Kennedy, William Ehnerd (2) 525 S. 11 St., Escanaba, 

Kent, Leonard B. (2) 150 Edgerton Rd., Akron, 

Kent, Vera Lucille 150 Edgerton Rd., Akron 

Kenyon, Henry Russell 213 Highland Ave., Kent, 

Kenyon, Robert Squires 741 S. Main St., Orrville 

Kepler, Chester Sterling 747 Chitty Ave., Akron 

Keppler, Ruth M 130 W. 6th St., Dover 

Kerckhoff, Richard Karl 4028 W. 158 St.', Cleveland 

Kern, Anne Elizabeth 4709 Noble St., Bellaire, 

Kernen. Berta Ruth 207 University Rd., Kent 

Kesselring, Blanche Alene 1529 Triplett Blvd., Akron 

Kessler, Betty Jane South Ridge W, Ashtabula, 

Keyser, Frances Lorene 1464 Hollywood, Warren 

Kienzle, Jean Muriel (2) 748 Mildred St., Lorain. 

Kieselbach, Alfred George 532 E. Highland Ave., Ravenna 

Kiffor, Rudolph Steve 2828 E. 122 St., Cleveland, 

Kilbourne, Richard A R. F. D. No. 3, Kent 

Kilby, Dorothy Ruth R. F. D. No. 3. Burton 

Kilby, Harry Robert 176 Linden Dr., Kent 

Kilby, Jane Ruth 2552 Eaton Rd., Cleveland Hts. 

Killgrove, Joe Darrell Hartville 

Killgrove, Ruth Hartville 

Killian, Charlotte Martha Darrowville 

Killings, Wilham Henry (1) 207 Perkins St., Akron 

Kimball, Charles Newton (1) Roscoe, 

Kime, Dorothy Lucille R. D. No. 1, North Fairfield' 

Kincaid, Margaret Ruth 4201 Main St., Eggertsville 

Kinder, Robert Theodore 632 S. DePeyster St., Kent 

Kingsley, Grace Louise Brookfield 

Kinsinger, Sister Benita (1) 22 S. Walnut St., Akron, 

Kirk, Betty Nadine 166 N. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, 

Kirkland, Arthur William Box 17, Amsterdam, 

Kirkpatrick, Gene Victoria Church St., East Springfield 

Kirtland, Kenneth C 311 E. Highland Ave., Ravenna, 

Kitchingman, Robert Ray 369 Crosby St., Akron 

Klein, C. Robert Route No. 2, Tiffing 

Klein, Margaret May Ave., Northfield 

Kleir, Virginia Mae R. F. D. No. 2, Jefferson, 

Kline, Elaine Marcella 1860 Hillside Terrace, Akron, 

Kline, Gloria Yvonne Marion Ave., Rd., Mansfield 

Kline, Jean Glenna (1) General Delivery, Barberton 

Kline, Joseph Cornelius (1) 228 Kenilworth St., Akron 

Klipsic, Anthony (1) 2215 W. 5th St., Cleveland 

Klontz, Everett Earl 248 Malacca St., Akron 

Knapp, Gordon Elwood 214 E. Summit St., Kent, 

Knechtges, Edwin Joseph Grafton 

Knight, Charlotte Ann 526 Sieber Ave., Akron 

Knight, Dorothy Johnson (1) R. D. No. 3, Kent, 

Knight, Wilham Thomas 1642 Himroad St., Youngstown, 

Knipe, Clyde Preston (1) Diamond 

Kniseley, Marjorie Ann 220 W. Pershinq St., Salem 

Knott, John Leslie Twin Lakes, 

Knouff. Mary Louise Ridge Rd., Willoughbyi 

Koch, Paul Emanuel Petersburg 

Kochenderfer, Lillian 319 N. Willow St., Kent, 

Koller, Marvin Robert 12428 Saywill St., Cleveland, 

Kondik, Robert Lawrence Macedonia, 

Ohio Konkel, Victoria E 907 13th St. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Koole, Frances Harrietta 166 Mills St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Ohio Koons, Janice R. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Kopp, Maxine Jeanette 338 Broad Ave. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Kordinak, Edward F 438 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Korecky, John Larry 3754 E. Antisdale St., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Ohio Kormos, John Peter 9901 Heath Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Korosec, Johana Marie 3034 Hillman St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Kosch, Pete Edward (1) 33'55 W. 58, Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Koster, Margie Louise 451 Sumner St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kothe, Naomi Jewel R. D. No. 2, Oberlin, Ohio 

Ohio Kovalchick, Daniel Jerome 524 Devitt Ave., Campbell, Ohio 

Ohio Kovanda, Robert George. .. .2914 Chadbourne St., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Ohio Kovar, Ben Thomas (2) 30 Wiese Rd. Brecksville, Ohio 

Ohio Kramel, Leonard Frederick 90 Railroad St., Hudson, Ohio 

Ohio Kramer, Dorothy Theresa Route No. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Ohio Kramer, Loretta Ann Route No. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Ohio Krebs, George Edv^rard 640 Blaine Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Krebs, William Arthur 640 Blaine Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kreighbaum, Bruce L 1101 Massillon Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kreighaum, Charlene Evelyn R. D. No. 2 Box 49, East Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kreuter, Karl 1437 Ferndale Ave. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Krichbaum, Mary Olive 504 3rd St., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Ohio Krichbaum, Ruth Ellen 504 3rd St., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Ohio Krieg, Freda L Fly, Ohio 

Ohio Krimmel, Alice Louise 473 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio KroU, Roy Howard 837 Lyden St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ohio Kruck, Charles William 926 High Ave. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Krumm, Walter C 6377 Stumpf Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Krupansky, Gizella Margarita. . .2524 Berkshire St., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Ohio Krupp, Neva A R. F. D. No. 2, Lorain, Ohio 

Ohio Krusko, Vilma Mary 9321 Orleans St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Krzynowek, Frank Joseph (2) 4409 Germaine St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Kubina, Carolyne Rose 1101 N. 4th St., Toronto, Ohio 

Kubuski, Edward Thomas 1009 Chestnut St., Grafton, Ohio 

Ohio Kubuski, Raymond John 1032 Mechanic St., Grafton, Ohio 

Ohio Kuchenbacker, Cornelia Ann 395 E. 260 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Ohio Kuethe, Don B 620 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Kuhn, Ruth Carol (1) 85 Devonshire Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kunkle, Mary Katherine Box 73, Warwick, Ohio 

Ohio Kulchycky, Russell Myron (1) 669 Fern St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Kunkler, Kathleen Ann 407 May Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio L 

N. Y. LaCroix, James (2) 494 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Ladd, Raymond Edward 41 W. Salome Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio LakioE, William Constantinos 438 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Ohio Lamb, Phyllis Louise R. D. No. 5, Salem, Ohio 

Ohio Lambert, Grace Helen "...15800 Libby Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Ohio Lammlein, Robert Albert (1) 1168 Second Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lang, Dolores Randolph, Ohio 

Ohio Lang, Paul Douglas 962 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lanza, Esther Mary 441 E. 123 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio LaPoUa, Ruth Marguerite 1266 Grant St., Warren, Ohio 

Ohio Lapp, Ruth A 319 Spring St., Dennison, Ohio 

Ohio Large, Herman Jr Sardis, Ohio 

Ohio Larick, Ernest 23745 L. S. Blvd., Euclid, Ohio 

Ohio Lasker, Raymond James 11018 Nelson Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lattin, Elaine Adelle 167 N. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio LaTorraca, Henry 11510 Thornwood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Laubach, Patricia Ann R. D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Ohio Lauderbaugh, Betty (2) 703 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Lauffer, Alice Caroline 1323 West Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Laughlin, Holly George (1) 2514 S. 30th St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Laughlin, Oliver Chapin Jefferson, Ohio 

Ohio Laughrey, Alberta 711 E. Main St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Ohio Lourenson, Elizabeth Carroll 1222 Woodland Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Mich. Lourenson, Jessie Louise 1222 Woodland Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Lave, Arthur Joseph R. F. D. No. 1, Burton, Ohio 

Ohio Lawrence, Charlotte Rilla Route 1 Box 325, Warren, Ohio 

Ohio Lawrence, Cloyd LeRoy (1) Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Ohio Lawrence, Hubert B 588 Stanton S., Niles, Ohio 

Ohio Lawrence, Myron W 5366 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Ohio Lea, Ruth Yvonne 1608 Broad Blvd,, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Leadenham, Betty Jane 275 Harcourt Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Leah, Ruth Beatrice Route No. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Ohio heboid, Audrey Arlene Bolivar, Ohio 

Ohio heboid, L. Jeannette (1) 794 E. Buchtel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio LeChaix, Joseph 4149 E. 100 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lechleitner, Mary Maxinne (2) Bristolville, Ohio 

'Ohio Lee, Jack Kenneth 255 Shawnee Path, Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lee, Jane Louise 3528 E. 118 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lee, Robert Noland Peninsula, Ohio 

Ohio Leet, lola Thompson Mantua, Ohio 

Ohio LeeVer, Lyla Faye Sunny Acres San., Warrensville, Ohio 

Ohio Leever, William Dwain 323 Newell St., Barberton, Ohio 

Ohio Legan, Anne Marie 5099 Stanley Ave., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Ohio Leggett, Charles Dana 484 Grant St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Leggett, Jack Wendall R. F. D. Middlebranch Rd., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio height, Dorothy Jane Wampum, Pa. 

Ohio Leist, Margaret Eloise 1124 12th St. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ohio Lejsek, Anton R. F. D. No. 1 , Windham, Ohio 

Ohio Lemasfers, Wilbur Jay 165 Clinton St., Ravenna, Ohio 

N. "Y. Lemert, Mrs. Frances J. Kauffman Franklin Aplts. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Lengs, Russell Eugene. . 717 E. Riddle Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio Lenner, Helene Yvonne 511 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lenner, Maxine Virginia 511 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lenz, Irene Cathryn 2019 Brunswick St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Leonard, Thomas F. (2) 410 N. Grant St., Wooster, Ohio 

Ohio Lepkowski, Lucian Witold (1) 4804 W. 19 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio LePrevost, Florence Elene (1) R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Ohio LeRoy, Charles Henry 108 Hall St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio LeRoy, Edward B. (1) 108 Hall St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio LeRoy. Zoma Jean 1224 Woodland Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Ohio Letts, Meade 14404 Northfield Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Edward Harry Box 153, Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Helen Virginia Box 236, Malvern, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Margaret Mary 18225 Landseer Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Milton Bud (1) 529 Douglas St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Robert K R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Roger R 237 Highland Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Lewis, Sara Elizabeth (1) 2203 S. Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Liber, Martha Marie 230 S. Center St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Ohio Liebert, Gerhard Max 1491 Jefferson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Liebert, Joachim H 1491 Jefferson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Liezere, Mary A. (2) Streetsboro Rd., Hudson, Ohio 

Ohio Lifton, Leonard 408 Cleveland Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Lightman, Rosalyn M 28 Glenview Rd., Mayfield Village, Ohio 

Ohio Liles, Evelyn LaPearl 335V2 Scott Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Liles, Susan Beatrice 511 Kling St., Akron, Ohio 

Ohit) Limbach, Kenneth Fredrick 993 Berwin Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Ohio Line, Elizabeth Claire 229 E. School St., Kent, Ohio 

Ohio Linehan, Cornelius Jack (2) 6411 Franklin Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ohio Linerode, Doris Odra Middlebranch, Ohio 


QnAWiamjL . . . buyi only the best. 


W. W. REED and SON 

Established Since 1913 

Federal Savings 


Loan Association 

of Kent 


SAFETY — Each account fully insured up to $5,000.00 — chartered 
and supervised by the United States Government. 


Office: 141 East Main St. KENT. OHIO Phone 4716 



from your 


Builders' Supplies 


Sand, Gravel, Tile 

s^^"« sr«rion 


Dial 5312 




4 Locations in 
Cuyahoga Falls 


and Akron 

821 W. Main KENT 





Congenial — Friendly 








K. S. U. 

Phone 4514 



Kent. Ohio 


Students Wise . . . . 
Buy Supplies 

at Kent's 


For Meals 



For Drugs 


Phone 5111 



Have your eyes examined 
Watches and Jewelry Repaired 


Phone 3312 

Rockwell Building 

East Main St. 


Imperial ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ Dry ♦ ♦ ♦ 

♦ ♦ ♦ Cleaning 

Established 1910 

133 North Water 
Kent, Ohio 

Phone 4452 

Link, Antoinette H. (2) 443 Needham Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Linsenmann, William Michael 3444 W. 91 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lipkov/itz, Morton Herbert. .2383 N. Pork Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Lipp, Elma Elizabeth East Paleshne, Ohio 

Liptak, Katherine Ethel 1918 West 57 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Little, Charles Edward 1111 Wellman St., Massillon, Ohio 

Little, Mary Helen 1 106 Hoover PI. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Litzell, Elizabeth Ann R. D. No. 3, Hudson, Ohio 

Litzell, Richard Crane 2344 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Llev^ellyn, Nelson Lewis 546 Belvedere St. S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Lloyd, Harry Gilbert 1203 Berwin Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lloyd, William A 1359 Lynn Park Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Loesch, Robert Allan 1776 11th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Logan, George Morrison (1) 218 Twin Oaks Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Long, Dave William 765 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Long, Hazel Marie Waldo, Ohio 

Long, Howard Frederick R. F. D. No. 1, Bellville, Ohio 

Long, Marjorie Jean 1084 Lexington Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Longfield, Mary Rexine 3467 Woodridge Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lord, Helen Luella 1171 Maple St., Mentor, Ohio 

Lore, Patricia Alice 681 Payne Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Loritsch, Bernard Vincent (2) 1421 Laffer St., Akron, Ohio 

Lottman, Agnes Augusta Box 361, Elyria, Ohio 

Love, William Allen R. D. No. 1, Warren, Ohio 

Lovejoy. Mary Katherine 4244 Harrison St., Bellaire, Ohio 

Lowe, Elizabeth Wynne 3232 Gaylord (16), Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lowe, John Emerson (2) 1071 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lowengart, Otto B 794 E. 90 St.. Cleveland, Ohio 

Lower, Dale Clifford (2) 200 E. Jackson St., Millersburg, Ohio 

Lowery, Kirk Martin 907 Baughman St., Akron, Ohio 

Lowry, Kenneth James 113 Lincoln Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Luce, Robert Clyde 1519 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lucek, Joseph Anthony 3579 E. 59 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Luck, Leonard Frank 1308 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 

Luikart, Jeannette Mary 22 Luikart Dr., Euclid, Ohio 

Lull, Frank Charles 740 Upson St., Akron, Ohio 

Lull, Mildred Louise 740 Upson St., Akron, Ohio 

Lussen, Helen Louise (2) Twin Lakes, Ohio 

Lutes, Doris Irene 238 College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Luthardt, LaVerne Ruth 4510 W. 14 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lutz, Wilma Elizabeth (2) 1018 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Lux, Doris Marie 1421 Fourth St. N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Luzio, Anthony J 500 Seroco St., Newark, Ohio 

Lyons, Julia Rose 992 Brice Ave., Lima, Ohio 

Lythgoe, G. Graham R. D. No. 4, Box 661, Akron, Ohio 

Lytle, Fannie Mae (1) 387 Washington St., Akron, Ohio 


MacDonald, John Whitaker 311 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

MacDonald, Mariesta 1218 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

MacPhail II, William Emmett (1) 429 E. Cambridge St., Alliance, Ohio 

McBride, Vivian Rose (2) 2039 Ohio St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McCabe, John Hardesty (2) 42 McKinney St., Willoughby, Ohio 

McCafferty, Ross John 25 E. Fifth St., Barberton, Ohio 

McCall, Blossom Jean 2022 20 St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McCarthy, Frank James 1900 Idlewood Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 

McCarthy, Helen Ann 1667 Parkwood Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 

McCartney, Feme Lucille (1) Clinton St., Doylestown, Ohio 

McCauley, Marjorie H 1003 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

McClain, Andrew Joseph 329 Silver St., Akron, Ohio 

McCleary, Robert Henry (1) Blue Willow Inn, Akron, Ohio 

McC'elland, Dorothy Mae 329 Hower St., North Canton, Ohio 

McClure, Herbert L Diagonal Rd., Wayland, Ohio 

McCord, Eugene Warren 904 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

McCoy, Richard Marion Rd. No. 4, Box 592, Akron, Ohio 

McCracken, Helen K 723 Wooster Ave., Strasburg, Ohio 

McCue, Dorothy Eileen 363 Hower St., North Canton, Ohio 

McCully, Florence Evelyn R. F. D. No. 3, Carrollton, Ohio 

McCune, Bill Raymond 1060 Chalker St., Akron, Ohio 

McCune, Jim Robert 1060 Chalker St., Akron, Ohio 

McCurdy, Elizabeth Ann 1787 East 86 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

McCuskey, Wilfred Stanton R. F. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDade, Agnes Rosalie 115 S. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

McDaniel, Carl (2) 2318 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDermott, Gerard Joseph (2) 1033 Bloomfield St., Akron, Ohio 

McDermott, Mary Catherine 1143 Washington Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

McDevitt, Vincent Joseph 914 N. State St., Painesville, Ohio 

McDonald, Arthur H 1924 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDonald, John Wilford 2850 Northland St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McDonough, Kathleen Ann 136 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

McElroy, Dorothy Louise 326 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

McElroy, Robert Morton 325 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

McFadden, Martha Jean Atwater, Ohio 

McFelridge, Charlene Elizabeth. ... 1839 Stanwood Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

McGmnis, Richard Wellington 2227 Ohio Ave., Youngslown, Ohio 

McGlothlin, Claude 739 Elm St., Akron, Ohio 

McGowan, Catharine Wanita. .. .2151/2 W. 6th St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

McGrail, H. Stanley 509 Alexander St., Akron, Ohio 

McGrew, Cornelius A Canal Fulton, Ohio 

McGuire, Betty Sue 1035 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

McGurk, Jack Stanford 2489 Auburn PI., Akron, Ohio 

McHugh, RiUa Beryl Nev^ Matamoras, Ohio 

Mcllvaine, Earl E 220 High St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Mclnturlf, Jeane Kyger 13706 S. Parkway Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mclntyre, Donald Cedric R. R. No. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 

McKibben, William Robert 215 Sherman St., Kent, Ohio 

McKee, Dorothy Jane (2) 774 Peerless Ave., Akron, Ohio 

McKinley, Jay (1) R. D. No. 4, Mansfield, Ohio 

McKinslry, Bob Winton (1) 1520 Waterbury St., Lakewood, Ohio 

McMasters, Wood Eugene 318 Third St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 

McMillen, Lois Marion (1) 202 S. Pearl St., Youngstown, Ohio 

McNcmiee, Carolyn M. (2). . . .13517 Clarborne Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 

McPherson, Kathryn Mae R. No. 2, Alliance, Ohio 

McWilliams, J. Charles 605 St. Leger Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Mach, Howard James 3632 E. 106 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mack, Marlin William (2) 1712 E. 9th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mackey, Phyllis Eleanor 460 Mulberry St., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Madar, Dorothy Twila 121 Linden St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Maglione, Charles Victor 161 Glendale Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Mahaffey, Jane W 569 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Malarik, Alice Wetzel 422 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Malarik, Steve 422 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Malat, Jeannette Virginia 3437 Glenmere Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 

Moloney, Kathleen Alice. ... 1190 Rozelle Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Moloy, Richard Edson (1) 154 King Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Maluke, John Irwin 1247 Honodle Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Malyk, Petryna Kathryn Williamsfield, Ohio 

Mandula, Madge Millicent. . . 3566 East Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Manes, Wilbert Joseph 802 S. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Mangold, Norma Marie 442 Spaulding St., Akron, Ohio 

Manko, Thomas 335 E. School St., Kent, Ohio 

Mannino, Maria Louise 2206 Coventry Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mansfield, Mildred Dorothy (2) 1019 Manon PI., Akron, Ohio 

Mansfield, Richard K 1019 Manon PI., Akron, Ohio 

Manyo, Peter A 5320 Woodman Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Marcus, Eloise (1) 5805 Thackery Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Marcy, Alice May Epping Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio 

Margolis, Edward (1) 10213 Hampden St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Markley, Edward C. (1) 4615 Franklin St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Marquis, Eula Mae 1274 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 

Marsh, Gordon Wayne 333 N. River St., Kent, Ohio 

Marsh, Virginia Helen Mantua, Ohio 

Marshall, Don Edgar At'water, Ohio 

Marshall, Josephine Jane 328 Bobbins Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Martens, Arthur Bernard (2) R. D. No. I, Copley, Ohio 

Marthey, Louis Gene 1107 Florida Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Marti, Virginia Lillian 3206 West 112 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Martin, Albert Leo 508 Marview Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Martin, Donald Earl 201 N. Wooster Ave., Dover, Ohio 

Martin, Dorothy Luella (2).... 60 Munroe Falls Ave., Munroe Falls, Ohio 

Martin, Geraldine Alma 386 W. Jackson St., Painesville, Ohio 

Martin, Harold Eldridge Sola Blvd., Minerva, Ohio 

Martin, Helen Marie 17626 Indianola Dr., Lakewood, Ohio 

Martin, James Mechlin 166 E. Prospect St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Martin, Phyllis 819 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Martin, Suzanne 819 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Maruskin, Margaret Dorothy 2610 Taft Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Marvin, Sidney Lewis R. F. D. Mantua, Ohio 

Mason, Betty Eloise 72 Ido Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Masters, C. Battelle Elyria Ave., Amherst, Ohio 

Masucci, Gelsomina 135 Willis Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Mathews, Robert John Kinsman, Ohio 

Matson, Elsie Mae North Bloomfield, Ohio 

Matters, John Nelson 940 West 6th St., Erie, Pa. 

Matthews, Jack Maurice 306 Park Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Matthews, Mildred May 225 Parkview N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Matthews, Robert James 306 Park Ave., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Mattis, Ruth May 886 Greyton Ave., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Maurer, John P 179 Kenilworth Ave N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Maxa, Mildred Pearl Mantua, Ohio 

Maxwell, Betty Maria 172 Westover Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Maxwell, Otis Graydon 143 Thorndale Ave., Stow, Ohio 

May, Leo Anthony 3775 E. 53 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mayher, Arnold James Kiwanis Lake, Novelty, Ohio 

Mayhew, Ellis F 603 Lincoln St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Mays, Ralph Vernon 341 E. Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Meacham, Ralph Elwood Cortland, Ohio 

Meacham, Dorothea Lois (2).... 173 Rosemont Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Meachen, Elinor Ruth Lakeside, Ohio 

Medred, Eva Dellroy, Ohio 

Mehl, Mary Ellen 2035 S. Linden Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Mehlenbacher, Reita E 304 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 

Meier, Mary Angelo I4Q7 7th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Melick, Marguerite Jean Bladensburg, Ohio 

Melick, Ollie Mae Howard, Ohio 

Mellor, Alfred Heber R. D. No. 3, Box 265, New Castle, Pa. 

Melton, Carl Wesley Route 2, Barnesville, Ohio 

Memmer, Evelyn Galye Suffield, Ohio 

Mendiola, John Nicholas 248 Harris Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Mericola, Alexander Antonio 32 Peninsula Rd., Hudson, Ohio 

Merida, June Cannon 9106 Parmalee Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Merriiield, Irene Martha 11719 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio 

Merwin, Harmon Turner 55 Grove St., Middlefield, Ohio 

Meshot, Fannie 425 N. Park Ave., Hubbard, Ohio 

Messuri, John Ralph (2) 3169 West 31 St. Cleveland, Ohio 

Metcalfe, Rema Nolle 2632 Ellet Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Metzger, Patrick Henry 307 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Metzger, Roscoe Albert R. D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Meyer, Eleanor Jane 1058 Dover Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Meyer, Wendell Williams 910 5 Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Meyers, Glenn William 1610 Green Road, South Euclid, Ohio 

Michaels, Joseph M 65 Marion Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Micsko, Margaret Elizabeth 10104 Benham Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Midgley, Edith Medina, Ohio 

Midgley, Hazel Frances Route No. 6, Medina, Ohio 

Migge, Dorothy Irene 400 Fremont S. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Miles, Richard Burt 501 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Mileski, Joe 500 Carthage Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Miley, Phyllis Irene 1552 Preston Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Miller, Allen Harry (1) 1453 Huguelet Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Miller, Betty Alvinnia (1) 323 E. Indianola Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Miller, Betty Elaine (2) Everett, Ohio 

Miller, Don Gilmere Rd. , Leavillsburg, Ohio 

Miller, Gerald Ivan R. D. No. 4, Box 339, Akron, Ohio 

Miller, Harold Thomas 313 Woodward Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Miller, Harry Edward 532 Adams Ave., Huron, Ohio 

Miller, Jacqueline Ileen 3085 Crescent Dr., Warren, Ohio 

Miller, Katherine Geneveieve 5112 Reed Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Miller, Laura Anne (1) Box 86, Cortland, Ohio 

Miller, Marilynn 9 State St., Norwalk, Ohip 

Miller, Marilynn Arliss R. F. D. No. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Miller, Marjorie Ann R. D. No. 1, Diamond, Ohio 

Miller, Marjorie Ann (2) 201 Columbus St., Crestline, Ohio 

Miller, Mary i^pne 1298 Curtis St., Akron, Ohio 

Miller, Mary Kathryn Route No. 3, Carrollton, Ohio 

Miller, Maxine Louise 907 N. Grant St., Wooster, Ohio 

Miller, Roland 1831 Ohio St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Miller, Roy Allen 203 E. Williams St., Kent, Ohio 

Miller, Sam David Marion Ave., Rd., Mansfield, Ohio 

Miller, Theta 1374 Manor Pk. Lakewood, Ohio 

Miller, Virginia Dorothea (1) 66 Monroe St., Bedford, Ohio 

Miller, Wallace Noelan R. No. 1, Box 140, Kent, Ohio 

Milligan, B. Aileen 1701 Lincoln St., Wellsville, Ohio 

Millman, Shirley Marion..... 1137 Cook Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Millsop, Marion Sue 1846 Garfield Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Mine, John Wesley 493 Alice St., E. Palestine, Ohio 

Miner, Ned Bair 519 Alexander St., Akron, Ohio 

Miner, Sherman Leman 5 Montclair Ave, Batavia, Ohio 

Minko, Walter 640 W. Thornton St., Akron, Ohio 

Minor, Betty Lou 957 Greyton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Minor, Margery Alice Copley, Ohio 

Mitchell, Andy 272 McPherson St., Mansfield, Ohio 

Mitchell, Iris Louise (1) 1127 Riverside Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Mitchell, James Fredrick 457 Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Mitchell, Robert Harold 620 Grain Ave., Kent, Ofiio 

Mitchell, Roberta L. (1) 712 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Mitten, Marilynn M R. No. 4, Box 105, Carrollton, Ohio 

Mitlendorf, Harold Russell 432 Wolcott Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Mittiga, Dominic Joseph 301 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Mizer, Howard Edgar R. No. 2, New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Mlcek, Zdena Anne 11 James St., New London, Ohio 

Mock, Helen Mae 349 Kenilworth St., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Modzeleski, Ted 259 W. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Mohler, Roy lames 208 Seventh St., North Canton, Ohio 

Mohr, Dorothy Jane (2) State St., Garrettsville, Ohio 

Mohr, John Leonard (2) 19001 Springdale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Mollica, George James 500 Wooster Ave., Akron, Ohio 



Work off Those Qym Credits 1 1 



Bowling Alley 


For Better Health 


PROP. W. C. "POP" MYERS Phone 3033 

Molnar, Helen 1651 E. 30 St., Lorpin, 

Monaco, Don Joseph 99 Gordon Ave., Campbell 

Monastra, Nick (1) R. D. No. 6, North Canton, 

Montgomery, Mary Catherine 244 Lincoln Ave., Ravenna, 

Montgomery, Paul M. (2) 259 Franklin Ave., Kent, 

Moon, Arthur Lee Mogadore, 

Moore, Edward Richard 121 S. Pearl St., Kent, 

Moore, Phyllis Lucille (1) 104 Rhodes Ave., Akron 

Moore, Richard Alden (1) 2882 W. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls 

Morocco, Nellie Sandra (1) Box 525, Alliance, 

Morato, Lester P 2784 E. 117 St., Cleveland, 

Morean, Helen Mayfread 1017 Vine St., Kent, 

Moreland, Betty Frances 309 Highland Ave., Kent, 

Morgan, Delbert Thomas. .. .941 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls 

Morgan, Joan Katharine 3383 Lownesdale Rd., Cleveland 

Morgan, Leonard (2) 3644 Cummings Rd., Cleveland 

Morgan, M. leanette 17 Maple Ave., Bridgeport, 

Moricoli, John Chester 480 Longmere Dr., Kent, 

Morrill, Martha Lee 14014 Lakeshore Blvd., Cleveland 

Morris, Betty Jane 12712 Rexwood Ave., Cleveland 

Morris, Carl J 133 N. Portage Path, Akron, 

Morris, George F. (1) 481 Columbus St., Leetonia 

Morrison, Jack 999 Avon St., Akron 

Morrow, Margot Kathryn 1505 Shehy St., Youngstown, 

Morton, Kathleen June (2) R. No. 1, Aurora 

Moscato, Mary Frances (1) 3548 E. 116 St., Cleveland 

Moseley, Mada 1648 Arch St., Alliance 

Mosely, Neal Joseph (2) 425 E. Milton St.. Alliance, 

Moser, Valeria Elizabeth 803 Race St., Dover 

Mosher, Charles John Jr 1275 Edwards Ave., Lakewood 

Mosher, Jerry Smith 328 Madison St., Conneaut 

Mosher, Paul W 121 N. DePeyster St., Kent, 

Mosher, Robert Fred 129 N. DePeyster St., Kent 

Moss, Gloria Toledano 881 Copley Rd., Akron 

Mossier, Maurice Amy (2) R. No. 7, Akron 

Mossop, Johnny Corven 1009 Berwin St., Akron 

Mottmiller, Pauline Mary 1165 Liberty St., Barberton 

Motz, Annabelle P R. D. No. 1, Danville 

Moulton, Eugene Russell (2) Summit St., Ext., Kent 

Mount, Harry Parker 520 W. Main St., Kent 

Mouse, Stanley Garrison 1935 Auburn Ave., Dayton 

Mueller, Margot Ruth 10306 Bernard Ave., Cleveland, 

Muerth, Ralph Christian Route No. 4, Alliance 

Mullett, Margaret Elizabeth Windham 

Mumaw, Gladys Jean R. F. D. No. 2, Garrettsville 

Mundy, Marian Louise 873 S. High St., Akron 

Munger, Bonita F 326 E. Main St., Kent 

Munnia, Robert Vincent 2127 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Mural, Walter Vladimir 3701 E. 131 St., Cleveland 

Mural, William 2313 Denison Ave., Cleveland, 

Murdock, Dorothy Jeanette (1) 513 Broadway, Wellsville, 

Murphy, Harold Nicholas 719 Damon St., Akron 

Murphy, Karl M 2648 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Murphy, Woodrow Wilson (2) 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent 

Muskoff, Gene Elynor (1 ) Navarre, 

Mussin, Freda Louise (2) 556 E. Lucius St., Youngsto"wn 

Muzik, Helen Marie. 12922 Union Ave., Cleveland 

Myers, Clyde Wooster (1) 63 Wandle St., Bedford 

Myers, Elizabeth J 2405 University St., Canton 

Myers, Everett W 480 W. Main St., Kent, 

Myers, Frederick E 811 Glenwood, Warren 

Myers, Geraldine Irene 37 Oak Hill, Delaware 

Myers, Harriet Louise (1) 11 Mayfield Ave., Akron 

Myers, Helen M 13036 Lorain Ave., Cleveland 

Myers, Jacqueline Ruth 888 Avon St., Akron 

Myers, Jennabel Winnetta 37 Oak Hill, Delaware 

Myers, John Ernest 163 Edgerton Rd., Akron 

Myers, Paul Stanley 807 Maryland Ave. S. W., Canton 

Myers, Robert G 3041 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls 

Myers, Willella Henrietta 37 Oak Hill Ave., Dela"ware 

Myers, William Carl 327 Park Ave., Kent, 

Mylar, Edna Jean 815 Orchard Grove Ave., East Liverpool 

Mylar, Kenneth Robert. . . .815 Orchard Grove Ave., East Liverpool 

Myser, Justine Adele 627 Insande Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Myser, Sue Irene 627 Insande Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Mytholar, Robert Ward (I) 811 W. Exchange St., Akron, 


Nace Jr., George Mathias (2) 387 Lincoln Way, Lisbon 

Nalencz, Leonard V 561 Orlando Ave., Akron, 

Nolle, Nellie Mae 430 Kenan Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Nass, Mary Elizabeth (2) 13901 Kelso Ave., Cleveland 

Neal, Robert John Kingsville 

Nearposs, Charlotte Jane North Kingsville, 

Nedetsky, Ho-ward Paul 402 Frazie St., Bo'wling Green 

Neff, Herbert B 1257 Wertz Ave. S. W., Canton 

Neidert, Fred H 22 E. Varis St., Aurora 

Nellis, Bette Anita 423 W. 6th St., East Liverpool 

Nelson, Bette Marie 459 Lake Ave., Ashtabula 

Nelson, Andre Harry (2) Mantua 

Nerone, Jean Louise 52 T-welfth, Campbell 

Nettrour, Sylvia D 340 Ohio Ave., Salem 

Netzen, Leslie Earl 3344 Wilson PI., Toledo 

Neugebauer, Dorothea Irene (1) 761 Hudson Rd., Stow, 

Newman, Ann Louise 491 Sunset View Dr., Akron 

Newman, George M 712 Vine St., Kent, 

Newman, Grace Kathryn R. D. No. 1, Kent 

Niarchos, Pauline 43 East High St., Alliance 

Nicholas, Gwennie Somerdale 

Nichols, Marjorie June Burton 

Nickar, Stanley Frank 6302 Luelda Ave., Parma, 

Nickerson, Mary M R. R. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls 

Nicodemus, Evelyn Nadine 303 Water St., Wadsworth 

Niles, Kathlyn Eileen (2) 2700 N. Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Nischwitz, Reynold E. (1) R. No. 9, Cleveland 

Nobil, Anita Esther 746 Upper Merriman Dr., Akron, 

Norris, Arthur Homer Conesville 

Norris, Mary Catherine 434 Malvern Rd., Akron 

Norton, Lyle H. (1) 1067 N. Howard St., Akron 

Novak, Frank Monte R. F. D. No. 2, Grafton. 

Nydegger, Frederick Navarre 


Oberholtz, James Clyde R. D. No. 4, Box 662, South Akron 

O'Brien, Mary Jane 1781 Uth St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Ocasek, Betty Olive Bhaffee Rd., Macedonia 

Ochenreider, Mae Emily R. D. No. 1, Box 183, East Akron, 

O'Connor, Kathleen Lucille 13838 Blifton Blvd., Lakewood, 

Oder, Alice Marie 178 Greenfield St., Tiffin, 

Ofensend, Betty Jane 557 Wildwood Ave., Akron 

Offenhauer, Mary Frances 1602 Rose PI., Cincinnati 

O'Grady, Robert Emmett (2) 694 Eddy Rd., Cleveland, 

O'Hara, James Paul 720 W. Main St., Kent, 

Ohliger, Rosemary Elizabeth. .832 Orchard St., New Philadelphia, 
Ohlson, Harry Emmanual 1924 High St., Cuyahoga Falls 




Oldham, Mary Helen 129 Harriman St., Bedford. 

Oliver, Mary Louise 196 West Indiana Ave., Sebring, 

O'Malley, Rita Clare 1346 W. 61 St., Cleveland, 

Oncu, Emma Irene Valley City, Medina, 

O'Neal, Robert Frank 798 Grant St., Akron, 

Oostdyk, Robert James 648 Mill Rd., Ravenna, 

Opeil, Leonard Joseph 13713 North Dr., Garfield Heights, 

Ormsby, Wade Emerson 489 Mineola Ave., Akron 

Orpin, Robert Russell 465 Broadway, Bedford 

Orr, Linus Shurl North Jackson 

Ortt, Clarence Hugh 314 W. Church St., Newcomerstown 

Osborn, Ruth Elizabeth R. D. No. 1, Elyria 

Osborne, Irene G 450 McNally Ct., Alliance 

Osborne, Jane Cady 402 N. DePeyster, St., Kent, 

Osborne, Katharine Augusta High St., Je-wett, 

Osborne, Virginia Mae R. F. D. No. 3, Cortland 

O'Sickey, Alice Mary 3750 Washington Pk. Blvd., Cleveland, 

Oswald, Marvin Reno Hartville 

O'Toole, William James 383 E. 123 St., Cleveland! 

Overholt, Edna Mae R. F. D. No. 3, Box 395, Kent, 

Oyler, Corrine Adelaide (1) 189 Sanford Ave., Stow, 


Page, John Joe 3049 E. 65 St., Cleveland 

Palermo, Tony Antone (1) 664 Sumner St., Akron 

Palmer, Alfred A 2464 Whitelaw Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Palmer, William David 463 N. Willow St., Kent 

Paluch, Anthony P. O. Box 87, Wolf Run 

Paluch, Nestor P. O. Box 87, Wolf Run 

Pandelis, Nick 286 Wildwood Ave., Akron 

Panik, Susan 2114 Elberen St., Youngstown 

Pannier, Marion J 1480 Arch St., Alliance 

Papp, Alex William 239 King St., Fairport Harbor, 

Papushak, George 3435 E. 78 St., Cleveland 

Park, Charles Wilbur (1) 1695 S. Union St., Alliance 

Parker, Alice Alberta 64 Pine St., Geneva, 

Parker, Constance LaRue {!) 5901 Franklin Ave., Cleveland 

Parker, Don Lewis 2464 Eaton Rd., Cleveland Heights 

Parker, Ed Oscar (1) 245 E. Miller Ave. Akron 

Parker, John Earl 10218 Olivet St., Cleveland 

Parker, Raymond Clmton (1) R. D. No. 2, Kent 

Parker, Stanley John Windham 

Parkhurst, Robert Foster (1) 1324 Cook St., Lakewood 

Parmelee, Harry Gardiner (1).... 17203 Mapleboro, Maple Heights 

Parrish, Harold C 1014 Haynes St., Akron 

Parson, Lucille Corinne 129 E. Front St., Dover, 

Parsons, Dorothy Louise Marshallville 

Parsons, Eva H 150 Firestone Blvd., Akron 

Pater, Mary Route No. 4, Warren 

Patrick, Eleanor Prescott. . . . R. No. 1, Wayside Farm, Amsterdam 

Patterson, Doris Lee Franklin Rd., Chagrin Falls 

Patterson, Fred Friday 118 Crain Avenue, Kent 

Patterson, Margaret Alice 123 Broadway, Girard 

Patterson, Robert McFarlin 1695 W. Market St., Akron 

Patterson, Robert Thomas 3920 Behrwald St., Cleveland 

Patterson, William Harold Jr 150 S. Mantua St., Kent 

Patterson, Wilmer Owen R. D. No. 1, Killbuck 

Patton, Elizabeth Virginia 2546 Graham St., Akron 

Paulich, John Hanzel 5238 St. Clair St., Cleveland 

Paulus, David Lewis , R. D. No. 3, Kent 

Pavkov, Pete (1) 1367 Ninth Ave., Akron 

Pavlovic, Anna Louise R. F. D. No. 1, Dillonvale. 

Payden, Donna Belle 1213 Riverdale St., Lindsey, 

Pearson, Leland Jay 602 Arlington, St., Akron 

Peck, Curtis W 448 Rockwell St., Kent 

Peck, Betty Winifred Kent, 

Pell, Betty Virginia 245 Washington St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Penn, Howard 'Thornton 1544 Merline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls. 

Penn, Melvin Marion 1544 Merline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Pentland, Jean Nye 17463 Woodford St., Lakewood 

Pentz, John Jr 3909 Clinton Ave., Cleveland 

Penza, Enio Raymond 135 High St., Girard, 

Percoco, Diana Annetta (1) 1277 N. Howard St., Akron 

Percoco, Frank Anthony (1) 24 N. Balch St., Akron 

Perrin, Janet Marshall 18224 Fernway Rd., Shaker Heights 

Petee, Frank Jr 46 Park Ave., Willoughby, 

Peters, Ulric Joseph 3622 West 50th St., Cleveland 

Pethel, Margaret Elizabeth R. F. D. No. 1, Madison 

Petit, Jack Warden 2423 11 St. N. W., Canton 

Petko, Matilda 2442 14th St. N. E., Canton 

Petrenchak, Amelia Ann R. D. No. 2, Ravenna 

Petrie, Kathryn Dunn (1) 521 Lake St., Kent 

Petros, Ralph John Bayard, 

Pettit, Betty Maxine 2491 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Petty, Janet Louise 2059 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Petty, Roberta Mae 2059 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Pfahler, Maryanna 41 Third St., Shelby, 

Pfeifer, Helen C 544 W. 40th St., Ashtabula 

Phelps, Edwin Muriel R. D. No. 4, Box 59, S. Akron 

Phillips, Frank Gerald Peninsula, 

Phillips, Lawrence J. (1) 847 Avon St., Akron. 

Phillips, Raymond Edward 7809 Star Ave., Cleveland, 

Phoenix, Hattie Elnora 2315 E. 100 St., Cleveland 

Pickard, Elsie R. D. No. 8, Box 715, Akron. 

Pierce, Donald Lee 122 Morse Ave., Painesville, 

Pierce, Merle Scheffel 2222 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Pierce, Ruth Lucy (1) R. F. D. No. 3, Mantua, 

Pierce, Vera Grace 210 S. Mantua St., Kent 

Pike, Howard Porter (I) R. D. No. I, Kent 

Pilliod, Charles Julius 654 Notre Dame, Cuyahoga Falls, 

Pincombe, Marie Helen (2) Ill West St., Berea, 

Pincombe, Virgil D Ill West St., Berea, 

Pinkos, John George 605 Hammel St., Akron, 

Piorkowski, Julius Joe 164 Mustill St., Akron, 

Piotrowski, Milan Frank 3889 W. 19th St., Cleveland, 

Plasman, Nina Helen 11809 Castlewood St., Cleveland, 

Pliskin, Libby Toby 609 Euclid Ave., Akron, 

Pliskin, William Aaron 609 Euclid Ave., Akron, 

Podojil, James William (1) 931 Morris Rd., Kent 

Poe, Alfred Paul (2) 325 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, 

Point, William Harris 91 Outlook Dr., Tallmadge 

Pollock, John (2) 879 Chalker St., Akron 

Pomeroy, Gilbert Scott 1219 10th St., Lorain, 

Pomeroy, Leonard R R. F. D. No. 3, Painesville, 

Poole, Lorin Kenneth 367 Hudson Rd., Stow, 

Poore, Etta Marie North Kingsville 

Pope, Alex Charles 781 Lovers Lane, Akron 

Porea, Cornelia Elizabeth 181 Elm Rd S. E., Warren, 

Porowski, Walter Stanley 3458 E. 76 St., Cleveland 

Porter, Dorothy Maxine R. F. D. No. 3, Cadiz, 

Porter, Faye Clarissa Box 162, Kingsville, 

Porter, Jean Belle Cortland, 

Porter, Marian Ruth R. F. D. No. 3, Hudson 

Porter, Raymond Russell Kingsville 




Compliments of 



Horticulture is 


an Art. 









A Lifetime Experience 

in the art of growing 

and arranging flowers. 

Phone 5300 



1312 N. Mantua Phone 3813 

Potts, Robert LeRoy 229 W. Liberty St., Medina, Ohio 

Powell, Edna Mae R. D. No. 2 Alliance, Ohio 

Powell, Janice Ellen 1168 Lexington St Akron, Ohio 

Powell John W Jefferson, Ohio 

Powell William Charles Box 202, Flushing, Ohio 

Pozniko, Pollyana R. F. a No. 1, Columbiana, Ohio 

Prasse Fred C 1686 Beaconwood Ave., South Euclid, Ohio 

Pratt, Bruce Ransom -403 Stow St., Kent, Ohio 

Pratt Iris L Green Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pratt', John Leland 68 W. Main St., Norwalk, Ohio 

Pratt Roy Bruce 423 Broad St., Conneaut, Oliio 

Prdsen, Anne Agnes (2) 19716 Arrowhead Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Price, Geraldine May 2406 Montclair St. Cleveland, Ohio 

Price, Joseph ■ ■ 128 Elm St., Masury, Ohio 

Prinz, Gerald G 223 Fourth St Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Prosen, Anna Agnes (1) 19716 Arrowhead Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Puckett, Frank Waterman (1). . .307 Kathron Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Puhar, Peter (2) Box 525, Alliance, Ohio 

Purnell, Emily Mae ■ • ■ ■ • 'n'S?" '^ ' S 

Puz Anne Marie Box 69, Bessemer, Pa. 

Pyte, Howard L :.■.■. 619 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Pyle, Lorrin Wesly 659 Albemarle Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 


Ouattrochi, August William 11115 Grafield Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Queen, Polly Ann 19^ **'°=„?'-' ^^^^•?^' R^^ 

Ouimby, Norma Jane 1028 N. Uhnch St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Ragle Paul (1) 1425 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Raimdnde, Adeline Leonore Third St., Yorkville, Ohio 

Randies, Chester Irvin R. F. D. No 2, Burton, Ohio 

Rankin, Pearl Mae Greentown, Ohio 

Rapp Mary E 990 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Rapp! Noel George 990 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Rarick, James Clifford 605 Lindell St., Akron, Ohio 

Rasor, Virginia A. (2) 367 W. First St., Dayton, Ohio 

Rastetter, Robert Agustine (1) 431 South Arch Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Ritchford Inez 2436 Liverty St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ratchford, June Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rawles, Evelyn Lynn 1711 Hampton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Ray, George Sheldon 53 S. Liberty St., New Concord, Ohio 

Ray, Gladys Mae (1) Kensington, Ohio 

Raymond, Robert George 447 W. Thornton St., Akron, Ohio 

Readnower, Thomas Eugene 1827 Scott St., Covington, Ky. 

Ream, Mary Jane R. F- D. No. 5, Canton, Ohio 

Rebeck, Harold 315 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Roddick, Letitia M 545 E. 50th St., Chicago 111. 

Redmond, John F 344 N. Freedom St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Redmond, Richard George 1203 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Reed, Frances Catherine 244 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Rees, Ardelle Johanna 1845 Mammering R., Cleveland, Ohio 

Rees, Evelyn 26 Cherry St., Girard, Ohio 

Rees' Harriet Jane Bonnie Brooke, Hubbard, Ohio 

Reese, Albert David (1) 210 S. Diamond St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Reese, Dorothy Ann Washingtonville, Ohio 

Roger, Harvey Adlia 133 S. Bridge St., Newcomerstown, Ohio 

Reid John Brown 87 Garfield Ave., E. Palestine, Ohio 

Reid! John William 43 Royal PL, Akron, Ohio 

Reimer, Irene Mildred 1001 15th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Reinhard, Leonard (1) 3578 W. 45 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Reiss, Sylvia Louise 192 Emmons St., Akron, Ohio 

Reitz George David 260 Cedar St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Reitzel, Eleanor Luise 349 6th Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Renkert, Robert Edward 329 Erie St., Kent, Ohio 

Rennie, Mette June 875 Barwyn St., Akron, Ohio 

Rentschler, Robert D 90 C. W. Carl, Jeromesville, Ohio 

Renz, Delmar A. (I) 447 W. Chestnut St., Akron, Ohio 

Renz Elizabeth Doris 636 N. Wabash Ave., Brewster, Ohio 

Renz, Ruth Helen 636 N. Wabash Ave., Brewster, Ohio 

Resseger, Charles Howard 300 Sundale Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Reynolds, Kermit C Route No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Reynolds, Willard Carl R. F. D. No.' 1, North Fairfield, Ohio 

Rhoads, Mary Jane (1) 1325 W. 76 SI., Cleveland, Ohio 

Riblet, Martha Jane Route No. l; Mt. Gilead, Ohio 

Richards, Anthony Michael 800 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Richards, Carol 2370 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Richards, Charles T 880 Bisson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Richards, Kenneth Ray (2) 956 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Richards, Ralph Powell Hartville, Ohio 

Richards, William Lucius 1489 Prospect Ave., Rocky River, Ohio 

Richardson, Carl Carr Williamsfield, Ohio 

Richardson, James Paul 19 Penn Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 

Richner, Carol Arleen Twinsburg, Ohio 

Richner, Jacguely n Twinsburg, Ohio 

Rickard, Dorothea Mae 1308 Penn. Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Rickey, John Thomas 122 N. Diamond St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ridill, Michael Richard 4818 Edgepark Dr., Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Ridley Jean Krager 257 Ontario St., Barberton, Ohio 

Rigby, William Angil 359 Garfield St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Riley, Charles Victor R. No. 1, Dover, Ohio 

Riley, Clare R. F. D. No. 2, Seville, Ohio 

Riley, Paul LaVerne 417 Kathron Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ringler, Doris Louise 339 E. State St., Alliance, Ohio 

Rinto, Carl Russell 1013 West 51 St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Rist, Dorothy Jane 5089 Haverford Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ritzman, Dale B 666 S. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Robert, John Max Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Roberson, Geneva 141 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Roberto, Rose New Milf ord, Ohio 

Roberts, David William (2) 332 Beaver St., Akron, Ohio 

Roberts, Frances Ann 1926 6th St. S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Roberts, Jean Louise 2284 13th St. S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Roberts, Kenneth Wilson New Waterford, Ohio 

Roberts, Jr., Robert Clifford 6510 Farnsworth, Parma, Ohio 

Roberts, William Donald 347 Clarendon St., Canton, Ohio 

Robertson, James Harvey 446 McGowan St., Akron, Ohio 

Robertson, William Kelly 446 McGowan St., Akron, Ohio 

Robinson, Edward T 1000 E. Crosier St., Akron, Ohio 

Robinson, Jean Frances 1526 Arthur St., Lakewood, Ohio 

Robinson, LaVerne Adelle 620 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Roby, Calvin Howard 1635 DeSota Ave., Warren, Ohio 

Roby, Charles 1635 DeSota Ave., Warren, Ohio 

Rodda, Tom Herbert 394 Broad St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Roddy, Mabel Catherine Box 95, Unionville, Ohio 

Roderick, Robert Landes 516 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Rodgers, Jack Allen R. D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Rodkey, Leonard L. Jr 201 Chicago Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Rogers, Betty Jane 304 Markson Ave., Columbus, Ohio 

Rogers, Jr., William B 79 N. Union St., Akron, Ohio 

Rohlf, Hilda Gwendolyn R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Rohr, Lawrence Joseph 2235 21 St. S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Roland, Floyd Raymond East Canton, Ohio 

Rollins, Robert Benjamin 540 Orchard Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Romito, Joe Thomas (2) 208 Hazen St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ronald, William Howard 293 Belmont St., Warren, Ohio 

Rongone, MoUie Mary 548 Broadway E., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rongone, Pearl 548 Broadway E., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rongone, Ronald Leo 1987 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rose, Joseph James High St., Middlefield, Ohio 

Rose, Madelyn Louise (2) 2632 E. 63 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Rose, Martha Josephine (1) 31 Ardmore Ct., Niles, Ohio 

Rosenbloom, Nathan 695 Moon St., Akron, Ohio 

Rosenthal, Hyman 2330 83 St., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Rosick, Thomas Andrew 3120 Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ross, Mildred Mae Lake Cable, Canton, Ohio 

Rothermund, Helen Margaret 189 Poland Ave., Struthers, Ohio 

Rothermund, Jane G 189 Poland Ave., Struthers, Ohio 

Rowles, Clint K. (1) 1672 13th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rowles, Mary Jane 649 Dartmouth St., Canton, Ohio 

Rowley, Donald F. (1) 648 Myrtle Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Rozuk, Ray Edward 1939 Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Rublin, Ruth 710 7th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ruddy, Genevieve 130 Grant St., Lowellville, Ohio 

Rufener, Martha Eleanor R. R. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Ruggles, Dorothy Gaynelle 822 Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ruggles, Elizabeth June 822 Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ruggles, William Kent 2594 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Runk, Marguerite Pearle 2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Runt, James Edward (2) 33 Orchard, Geauga Lake, Ohio 

Ruschell, Robert James 2697 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Russell, Doris Autumn 1458 E. 115 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Russell, Eugene George 125 East Hall St., Kent, Ohio 

Russell, John William 442 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Russell, Myron Lester Diamond, Ohio 

Russell, Norman Pierce (2) 557 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Rust, Howard Fredric 508 Scott St., Crestline, Ohio 

Rutherford, Clyde Walter 3236 Columbia Rd., North Olmsted, Ohio 

Rutkowski, Bertha Josephine Kingsville, Ohio 

Rutkowski, Juliana Mary Kingsville, Ohio 

Ryan, Helen Carolyn 756 S. Seneca Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Rybak, Francis James (2) R. F. D. No. 2, Hudson, Ohio 

Rychlik, Dorothy Helen 4132 W. 161 St., Cleveland, Ohio 


Sabo, Anna Elizabeth 439 Norton Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Sabo, Julius Edward 475 Wehrle Ave., Newark, Ohio 

Sacco, Helen Agnes Box 525, Alliance, Ohio 

Sacks, Shirley Florence 174 Burton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Sadler, William Edward (1) 653 N. Bever St., Wooster, Ohio 

Saelens, Marion Kathryn 2168 Northland, Lakewood, Ohio 

Safko, Lillian Mae 686 Hammel St., Akron, Ohio 

Soger, Alfred 1. (1) 700 Bedford St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Saker, Virginia Pauline 1157 Edgewood St., Warren, Ohio 

Salem, Fred T 407 Livingston St., Akron, Ohio 

Salem, Julia 4747 Main Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Salisbury, John Edward 118 East 34 St., Lorain, Ohio 

Salomore, John August 30 Vine St., Willoughby, Ohio 

Saltsman, Hugh Dale Hammondsville, Ohio 

Salzer, Louis W Chesterland, Ohio 

Salzman, Albert Myron (2) 580 Storer St., Akron, Ohio 

Samartzi, Amos Charles 549 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 

Sampson, Jane Louise Garfield, Ohio 

Sandison, Don Stewart R. D. No. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Sanford, Jeanne Marie (2) 28 Dodge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Santone, Bruno 414 Nash St., Akron, Ohio 

Sarmir, Joe Peter 3697 E. 131 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sartoris, Margaret (2) 334 Catawba Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Saukkonen, Linnea T 17444 Broadway Ave., Maple Hts., Ohio 

Savely, Joe Edward 730 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Savu, Betty Elizabeth 434 Belmont St., N. W., Warren, Ohio 

Sayers, Carol Louise 314 Sayers Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Scarem, Wilfred Roy 301 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Scarpitii, Arthur Oliver 863 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Schader, George 419 Summit Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Schaeffer, Doris Marie 612 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Sohafer, Jack 208 King St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Sohafitz, Leonard Joel 542 S. Oakland St., Sharon, Pa. 

Schampel, Letha Laverna 854 8th St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Scheffer, Helen Louise 750 Noble Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schenz, William Thomas 153 Roswell St., Akron, Ohio 

Scherer, Charles Robert 226 S. Pearl St., Kent, Ohio 

Scherer, James Barnett 226 S. Pearl St., Kent, Ohio 

Scheu, Alyce Lenore 1421 Uth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Scheverman, John Gerard (2) 91st St., Harrison, N. Y. 

Schick, Alberta L 438 Portage Trail, E. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Schiere, Henrietle Minnie 3211 W. 41 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schilmiller, Donald Richmond 1375 Copley Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Schindewolf, John Elmer 1455 East Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schlegel, Harold Christian 325 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Schlesinger, Betty Mae 11438 Carolina Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schmidt, Arlynn Ruth 6081 Broadview Rd., Parma, Ohio 

Schmiedel, Jane Frances 1240 Arnold Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schmutzger, Karl Eugene 997 Wooster Rd., Barberton, Ohio 

Schneider, Edith M 421 Tallmadge Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Schneider, Helen Theresa 1740 E. 38 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schneider, Rene Abel R. F. D. No. 1, Sterhng, Ohio 

Schneider, Robert William 83 Hurlburt St., Akron, Ohio 

Schnitzer, Mary Maude East Sparta, Ohio 

Schoffman, Victor Edward 852 Wall St., Akron, Ohio 

Schorr, Esther 1 150 Merchant St., Marion, Ohio 

Sohraegle, William Arthur 17317 Oxford Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schray, Mary Leona 1460 Delia Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schuller, Margaret 703 Early Rd., Youngstovrn, Ohio 

Schultz, Geraldine Florence 1785 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Schumacher, Dorothy Evelyn 1767 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Schumann, Jack Nathan (2) 1 109 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Schwabe, Richard Frank 4149 East 135 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schwartz, Jane Adele 2023 Marlindale Ave., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Sch-wartz, Lillian L 525 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schwartz, Ruth Mariorie. . . .2023 Marlindale Ave., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Schwering, Robert Marion 9724 Hilgert Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Scofield, Mary Jane Jefferson, Ohio 

Scott, Miriam Adele Hudson, Ohio 

Scott, Elizabeth Marie (2) 112 Portage St., Kent, Ohio 

Scott, Robert Dean Homeworth, Ohio 

Scullion, Donald 960 Elbow Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Seagard, Curth Leon (2) 412 Buffalo St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Seagard, Herbert Bertil (2) 412 Buffalo St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

Searcy, William Harold Hudson, Ohio 

Searle, Donald Marshall 306 Sackette St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Season, Julia Littleton 2044 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Seeman, Arlene Lucille 444 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Seese, Robert Henry 621 Keller St., Barberton, Ohio 

Seesholtz, Mary Ann 401 3 St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Seigman, George Francis 249 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Seiwert, Robert Charles 40 N. Portage Path, Akron, Ohio 


KENT. OtiiO 

Hart, Shaffner and Marx Clothing [ //.l' 

. . . KNOX HATS 

Phone 3514 

Hi! Ho! 










The visit you 

Go where the rest go. 


Main Street KENT 

West Main 

Sekeres, Elmer Charles 341 Black St., Akron 

Sell, James Edward 2690 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls 

Semler, Alfred Homer 1003 Crain Ave., Akron 

Senich, Andy 3361 W, 25 St., Cleveland 

Serksnis, Lillian Marjorie 433 East 123 St., Cleveland 

Serne, Harold 27455 Lake Rd., Bay Village 

Seroy, William Wayne 2260 Goodnor Ave., Cleveland Hts. 

Seubert, Joann Marjorie (1) 4405 Irene Ave., Cleveland 

Sewald, George Steven R. D. No. 4, Ravenna 

Sexton, Harrison T. (2) Poland 

Seyfried, Harold Aldert 249 S. Walnut St., Ravenna 

Seymour, Eleanor Catharine R. F. D. No. 1, New Milford, 

Seymour, G. Deming New Milford 

Seymour, Willis Bernard (1) 502 Elm St., Ravenna, 

Shade, Hal Conrad 3346 Daleford Rd., Shaker Hts. 

Shafer, William Curtis 156 Bonnie Brae, Warren 

Shaffer, Alveretta Anna 447 Cuyahoga St., Kent, 

Shaffer, Herbert William Hartville, 

Shaffer, William Henry (1) 931 Lawton St., Akron, 

Shaffer, William Stewart 124 Sireetsboro Rd., Hudson 

Shaheen, Loyd Ferris 405 12 St., N. E., Canton, 

Shanks, Marjorie Blanch (1) Darrowville, 

Shannon, James Peter Satin St., Jefferson 

Shardine, Betty Jean Suffield 

Sharp, Ray D 302 Beaver St., Akron 

Shary, Vera R. D. No. 1 , Ravenna 

Shattuck, Dale 2443 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Shaw, Betty Jane 19 Tritt St., Sawyerwood, 

Shaw, Jean E Vincent Rd., Silver Lake 

Shaw, William L 319 1. 346 St., Willoughby, 

Sheary, Leslie Eugene 40 Edv/ard Ave., Akron 

Sheers, George Blair Jr 1022 Bennington St., Massillon 

Shellenberger, Allan Clair (1) 1144 Oakland Ave., Akron, 

Shelly, Richard Stanley (1) R. F. D. No. 3, Box 377, Akron, 

Shepard, Mary Jane 146 Burrov^rs St., Geneva, 

Sherbondy, lacgueline F 1924 E. 93 St., Cleveland 

Sheriff, Russell Eugene Bell St., Bellville, 

Sherran, Clifford L 576 Diagonal Rd., Akron 

Sheriff, Mary Frances 371 N. Myers Ave., Sharo 

Shetler, Betty Lou 349 Harter Ave., N. W., Canton 

Shields, George Richard Atwater, 

Shimek, Jeanetfe Ruth 1511 Ridgewood Ave., Lakewood, 

Shinn, Blanche Louise 300 Sherman St., Akron 

Shipton, Josephine Emily R. D. No. 1, Youngsto-wn 

Shircliff, James William R. D. No. 1, Suffield 

Shively, Richard Miles, Jr R. D. No. 3, Kent, 

Shook, Jane Sophia 142 Chestnut St., Leetonia 

Shook, Loel G. (1) 1662 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Show, Whitlaw M Main & 8th St., S. W., Massillon 

Shreve, Wendell Ernest (1) 1075 Deha Ave., Akron 

Shrigley , Beatrice Eileen Rootstown 

Shrigley, Ralph Charles Box No. 6, Rootstown 

Shriner, Kate Clarissa 60 Gay St., Newark 

Shuke, John Franklin Six Mile Ru 

Shulan, Annabelle 1720 Woodland Ave., Canton 

Shurtleff, Beatrice Gail 17729 Windward Rd., Cleveland 

Shutts, Kenneth Eugene 315 Washington St., Chagrin Falls 

Sidinger, Wayne Ayers 464 S. Union Ave., Salem 

Siebert, Virgil J 677 Patterson Ave., Akron 

Siedschlag, Karl G R. D. No. 2, Kent 

Siennicki, Edmund John 4371 W. 28 St., Cleveland 

Siemersky, Peter Paul (2) 18509 Parkview Ave., Cleveland 

Silverstein, Leonard M 765 Packard Dr., Akron 

Simkins, Elwood B R. D. No. 1, Suffield, 

Simmons, Alyce Marie 48 18th St., S. W., Barberton, 

Simon, Jr., Theodore William (1) 367 Belvedere St., Warren 

Simone, Louis Vincent 10921 Grandview Ave., Cleveland 

Simons, Orlle H. (1) 815 Hudson Rd., Kent, 

Simpson, Rachel State St., Garrettsville, 

Simpson, Russell Gene 402 Trumbul St., S. E., Warren 

Sindledecker, Charles Lawrence R. F. D. No. 3, Nev/ton Falls, 

Singley, Adele A 1932 E. 1 16 St., Cleveland, 

Sinn, Donald Frederick .' .Diamond 

Sintetos, Constantine D 5614 Jefferson Ave., Ashtabula 

Stvon, Lynn E 1300 E. Main St., Ravenna, 

Sivon, Ruth L. (1) 1300 E. Main St., Ravenna, 

Skivington, Bill Landis Rice Ave., North Girard 

Skora, Geraldine Janet 463 Berea St., Berea, 

Slater, Dorothy Elizabeth Paris 

Slater, Robert John (1) Paris 

Slepecky, Michael 4220 Buechner Ave., Cleveland, 

Slivka, Marie Josephine 4455 Pearl Rd., Cleveland 

Slyman, Clyde 2177 16th St., Akron 

Slyman, Theodore Joseph 2177 16th St., Akron 

Smetts, Richard Roy 162 Bachtel Ave., Akron 

Smiley, James Spalding R. D. No. 2, Alliance 

Smith, Allen William 3218 11 St. S. W., Canton 

Smith, Annette Renee 2121 Elbur Ave., Lakewood 

Smith, Arthur William (2) Burrows Ave., East Liverpool 

Smith, D. Frances 2035 E. 96 St., Cleveland 

Smith, Dorothy Pearl 1874 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Smith, Eloise B 114 Second St., Niles 

Smith, Ethel Mae 1928 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Smith, Glenn Grin 1722 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls 

Smith, Harold Vaughan 707 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Smith, Harry W Atwater 

Smith, Helen Marietta ^ 1186 Second Ave., Akron 

Smith, Jerome L ^. 898 Peckham St., Akron 

Smith, Jessie Mae 9125 Blaine St., Cleveland 

Smith, Joan Suzette 425 Main St., East Aurora 

Smith, John Alex (1) R: D. No. 3, Ravenna 

Smith, Joseph Carrol 1874 Front St., Cuyahoga Fall: 

Smith, Kyle S. (1) ,, 120 Burton St., Akron 

Smith, LeRoy E ! 2035 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls! 

Smith, Lorene Ava 2065 Morrison Ave., Lake-wood, 

Smith, Margaret Lucille (1) 191 Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, 

Smith, Marjorie Edwina R. D. No. 3, Ravenna 

Smith, Paul Shaw 917 Morse St., Akron 

Smith, Robert Folger 2690 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls! 

Smith, Robert George Lake Milton, Diamond! 

Smith, Roma Marie 132 Linden Rd., Kent 

Smith, Ronald Winthrop (1) 716 Albion Ave., Akron 

Smith, Russell Lyall 1 874 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls. 

Smith, Ruth Mary 503 Main St., East Aurora, 

Smith, Viola Marie (1) 17611 Franklin Blvd., Lakewood. 

Smith, Winnifred Jane 2783 Norwood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Smythe, Harriet Wright R. D. No. 2, Utica! 

Snow, Richard Allen 902 Lincoln Way, Ashland! 

Snow, Richard Oliver 2633 Reid Ave., Lorain 

Snyder, David Helton 213 S. Walnut St., Ravenna 

Snyder, Dorothy Josephine 2049 E. 115 St., Cleveland 

Snyder, June Delories 2049 E. 115 St., Cleveland, 

Snyder, Kenneth Dale (1) R. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth Constance 117 Florence Ave., North Olmsted, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth Mills 400 Wildwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Snyder, Sue 1416 Shorb Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Sohn, Margaret Louise (2) 335 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sohn, Phyllis Jean 335 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Solack, Stella Therese 147 Dane St., Amherst, Ohio 

Solomon, Claudette (2) 778 Euclid Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Solow, Robert Harry 125 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y 

Somers, Richard T R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Cihio 

Sonnenlitter, Mary LaVerne 107 E. Wood St., LowellvtUe, Ohio 

Sophrin, Alan David 1745 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sours, William Leonard 2270 13th St., Akron, Ohio 

Southard, Ruth Lucetta Kingsville, Ohio 

Sowers, Richard Murray 352 Bonnie Brae, N, E., Warren, Ohio 

Speicher, Robert Ray Box 214, Bergholtz, Ohio 

Spelman, Comfort Carrie 501 W. Main St., Kent, Onio 

Spero, Marjorie Eunice 2804 E. Overlook Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Spidel, Elizabeth Irene 635 N. Wabash, Brewster, Ohio 

Sponseller, Eugene R. F. D. No. 4, Canton, Ohio 

Spratt, George C 97 Jewett St., Akron, Ohio 

Spratt, James A. (2) 97 Jewett St., Akron, Ohio 

Sprouse, J. June 4407 State Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Spruance, Virginia Ann 237 Cambridge Ct., Elyria, Ohio 

Sprunger, Preston Ray R. D. No. 2,Wadsworth, Ohio 

Squires, Evelyn Sarah 210 S. Balch St., Akron, Ohio 

Squires, Gertrude Roberta R. F. D. No. 1, Oberlin, Ohio 

Stadelman, Robert Edward 927 Woodward Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stadtler, Anne Irene 2087 W. I4th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stallard, Lillian Sara 247 Harvard St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Stalzer, Robert Fredrick. .. .417 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Stamm, Orvis Eugene R. F. D., Mantua, Ohio 

Stamm, Robert Donald (2) 1117 28th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Stamps, Dorothy Merle 414 Oberlin Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Stange, Elaine Elizabeth 1429 E. 134 St., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Stanley, Earl R 271 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Stanley, Marion A 666 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Starkey, Betty Jean Cooley Farm, Warrensville, Ohio 

Starn, William Frank 112 N. Main St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Starner, David William 159 Yonker St., Barberton, Ohio 

Starr, Dwight Ladd 2179 Stone St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Starrett, John L. (1) 134 E. Oak St., Kent, Ohio 

Stauffer, Bernice Berdine 2064 3rd St., S. E., Canton, Ohio 

Steek, Carolyn E 415 Washington St., Warren, Ohio 

Steele, Elizabeth Kathleen Hibbetts, Ohio 

Steele, Phyllis Mary St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Steese, Elizabeth Jane 396 Cloverdale Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stefanik, Milan (2) 3541 W. 58 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stefanosky , Joseph S Mogadore, Ohio 

Steffen, Paul Herbert 17914 Windward Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Steffy, L. Wilford 2212 2nd St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Steigler, William Eugene 44 Wigley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Steimer, Doris Jean 2401 5th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Steiner, Helen Mae 1292 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Steiner, James Frederick (1) R. D. No. 4, Warren, Ohio 

Steiner, John Vernon 1292 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Steinert, John Main St., Neffs, Ohio 

Steinhauser, Virginia Rose 2629 Benton St., Ellet, Ohio 

Stephens, Martha Eleanor 1073 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Sterley , Robert C 586 Glendora Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Sterling, June Shirley 190 Warren Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Stevener, Harry (1) 2311 S. Arch St., Alliance, Ohio 

Stevens, William A. Jr 216 S. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Stewart, Dale David 44 Wigley Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, Elmer Carl 4892 E. 97 St., Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Stewart, Vance Jr 578 E. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, Wesley Thomas 2078 18th St., Akron, Ohio 

Stewart, William Harley 2078 18th St., Akron, Ohio 

Stilenbauer, Margaret Mae 8 Eastland Ave., Tallmadge, Ohio 

Stinchcomb, Alia Jeanne 2157 Niagara Dr., Lakewood, Ohio 

Stockdale, Bob Edmonds 264 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Stocking, Milan A 669 Patterson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Stocking, Robert Milton 1245 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Stokes, Arthur Joseph 142 S. Main St., Hudson, Ohio 

StoU, Wilda G 2119 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Stoll, William Charles 738 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Stone, George 5505 Vandalis St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stone, Phyllis Anne 734 Franklin Rd., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Stoner, Virginia Myrtle Box 356 Brewster, Ohio 

Storey, Jim Lawrence 424 Milburn Ave., Millburn, N.J. 

Stover, Joy E 703 State Ave., Massillon, Ohio 

Straide, J 2200 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Strain, Dorothy Jeanne 635 W. State St., Alliance, Ohio 

Strauss. Emilee Lillian 106 Churchill Rd., Girard, Ohio 

Stringer, Doris Jane 931 4th St., New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Stromberg, Miriam Marie 3363 Milverton Rd., Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Strong, Dora Louise Berlin Center, Ohio 

Strong, Florence Viola 238 E. King St., Chardon, Ohio 

Strou^, Jean Elizabeth 133 E. 203 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stroup; Mary Jane 9708 Willard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Strubl6, Dorothy Mary 251 Clingan Ave., Hubbard, Ohio 

Stubbs, Saralee 533 Morning View, Akron, Ohio 

Stuber, William Dunlap 1831 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Stueve, Robert William 1865 Granthan St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stump, Louise Elinor 4023 Brooklyn Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Styles, Myron Clifton (1) 2258 E. 95 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Suderow, Mary C Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Suek, Roy Glenn 217 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Suits, Kathryn Anne 3940 Elm wood, Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Sullivan, Donald Richard 250 Marion St., Painesville, Ohio 

Sullivan, Ernie 427 Sycamore St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Sommers, Ardith Delories 588 Pearl St., Marion, Ohio 

Summers, Frank D 1005 13th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Summers, Harry V 1005 13th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Sumner, Mrs. Jean Heinze 308 E. College St., Kent, Ohio 

Suppes, Gertrude Elizabeth 217 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Suppes, Motiorie Louise 217 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Susskin, BeatricS^ Barbara 3525 E. 153 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sutphen, William Ross (1) 1284 Dayton St., Akron, Ohio 

Swallow, Charles William 602 Vincent Blvd., Alliance, Ohio 

Swan, Margaret Elinor 1923 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Swanda, Evelyn Mae 20802 Hillgrove Ave., Maple Hts., Ohio 

Swanson, Wilma K. (1) R. D. No. 4, Massillon, Ohio 

Swartz, Ruth Ann (1) 667 Oxford St., Akron, Ohio 

Swasey, Jr., Fred Harold 428 Lawrence St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Swearengin, Genevieve E 416 Adena St., North Canton, Ohio 

Sweeny, John Jr 376 Sumatra Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Swinehart, Charles Henry (2). .8935 Meridian Rd., No. 4, Cleveland, Ohio 

Swisher, Helen Eugenia Hudson, Ohio 

Switzer, Marjorie Rebecca 13041 Cedar Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Swope, Geraldine Marie 2610 9th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Sypher, James Pearce (2) 555 Blain Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Szabo, Gabriel Robert 2803 Bridge St. Cleveland, Ohio 




incuue ft^/uMc toi^ 


ail vyccaSionS 

Phone .1491 

iS e b ri n g , O li i «» 

Szabo, Joseph John Brainard Rd., Warrensville, Ohio 

Szemersky, Peter Paul (1) 10509 Parkview, Cleveland, Ohio 

Szuba, Florence Kathryn 6840 Ottav/a Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 


Tabler, Charles John 22 Conley Ave., Newark, Ohio 

Tabor, Frank R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Talbot, Betty Louise R. R. No. 9, Shaker Sq. Sta., Cleveland, Ohio 

Tallant, Helen Gertrude 21 Chippewa Dr., Brecksville, Ohio 

Tapper, William 795 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Tarantine, Dominic Joseph 2634 W. Federal St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Taylor, Bert 1275 Eastland Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Taylor, Donald Preston 140 Fawcett St., Canton, Ohio 

Taylor, Jack W R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Taylor, Evelyn Elizabeth (2) 586 Van Everett Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Taylor, Starling E 105 South St., St. Clairsville, Ohio 

Taylor, Wilbur Nelson (2) 236 W. Gaskill St., Alliance, Ohio 

Telinde, Don E. (1) 1204 Laird St., Akron, Ohio 

Telzrow, Robert William 144 Wandle St., Bedford, Ohio 

Terrill, Wilfred H Suffield, Ohio 

Terry, Wayne, Robert 47 Prospect St., Mansfield, Ohio 

Testa, Ercole Pete R. D. No. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 

Teuscher, Elizabeth Ann 1161 Maple St., Mentor, Ohio 

Tewes, Don Darrell 317 Orchard St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Theiss, Henry King 440 S. Prospect St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Thiele, Vernon Myron (2) 906 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Thierry, Jacgueline Mary 1921 12th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Annabelle Louise. .2878 Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Carl 1745 E. 29 St., Lorain, Ohio 

Thomas, Charles Wilbur 2240 25th St., Akron, Ohio 

Thomas, Jean Elizabeth 840 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Donald Burdette (2).. 840 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, June Bierce 3005 Overlook Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Thomas, Martha Jane 328 Vienna Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Thompson, Donald William 421 Correll St., Akron, Ohio 

Thompson, Dorothy Iris 462 Baxter St., Medina, Ohio 

Thompson, Marjorie Ellen 124 Sherman St., Kent, Ohio 

Thompson, Francis Jay (2) Chardon, Ohio 

Thompson, Norman Phillip 1709 Coit Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Thompson, Robert Milton 616 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thompson, William Tyler Maywood Farm, Plymouth Ridge Rd. 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Thornton, John Milton 788 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Thornton, Parke Richard 788 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 

Thursby, Gerald Paul R. D. No. 3, Barberton, Ohio 

Thwaite, Harold Dwaine R. F. D. No. 2, Belmont, Ohio 

Tidyman, Don Dine (2) 2495 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tifft, Howard Sguires 239 Wadsworth Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Timms, Margaret Ellen 557 St. Ledger Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Tingley, Donald Allen 546 Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Tmgley, Gordon Lewis 546 Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Tissot, Marjorie Louise 1323 E. 142 St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Titschinger, Margaret Helen Route No. 6, Mansfield, Ohio 

Tobasco, Andrew Lawrence 227 Oak St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Tobin, Ernest Richard 395 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 

Tocus, Eugene S 1604 Stewart St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Toll, Wayman Lloyd 1012 Stadelman Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Torma, Alex Joe 2836 E. 122 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Toth, Louis 11805 Forest Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Toth, Margaret Helen 2652 Grand Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Toth, Vincent John Box 316 Pearl Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Totten, Anita Rae 917 Bobbins, Niles, Ohio 

Towner, William Robert (1) Brady Lake, Ohio 

Townsend, Madeline Jane 1200 Wilbur Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Trachsel, Adrain Aaron 611 W. Maple, North Canton, Ohio 

Tramonte, Don Ross R, D. No. 2, Medina, Ohio 

Trapp, Eleanor Ruth 1924 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Trover Charles R 829 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Trau, Flora Louise (1) 2100 Cottage Grove, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Traxler Harmon Page 1517 Hoyt Court, Mentor, Ohio 

Treat, Mark G. 648 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Troesch, Max Gilbert 8121 Hough Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Trommer, Paul Edward 8881/2 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Trow, Kenneth Todd (1) 9601 Silk St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Truby, Wilfred Ray 1633 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Trunkey, Mary Louise Shreve, Ohio 

Truxell, Robert Harvey Box 74, Masury, Ohio 

Tryon, Mary Helen (1) 1467 Rockaway St., Akron, Ohio 

Tucker, Elisabeth Ann 2046 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tucker, Ted Richard 248 S. 6th St., Byesville, Ohio 

Tulhs Ralph H.. . College Hill, Rogers, Ohio 

Tumill, Rosemarie Esther (2) 142 E. Midlothian St., Youngstown Ohio 

Turner Mrs. Lucretia Curran 415 Rockwell St., Kent, Ohio 

Turn, Ar hur Leonard 605 Prince St., Negaunee, Michigan 

Tury, Helen . . R. f. D. No. 5, Coshocton, Ohio 

Tuskey, Betty Margaret 522 N. Grant St., Hinsdale, Illinois 

Tweed Helen Lewis ... 2770 Tifft St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tymochko, Eugene Jay (2) North Jackson, Ohio 

n K^l' 5?''°''®^® <2) 1193 Wilbur Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Uebel, Thora D 1440 Lakeland Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

hS^m ""■ ', S52 N. Ardale Ave,, Youngstown, Ohio 

TTK ' D°l"°"o'^"''"^Vn-, ^^^^ Birchwood St., Gorfield Heights, Ohio 

Uhl, Robert Barton (2) 105 S. Monroe St., Millersburg, Ohio 

U mer, Dorothy Louise 3758 Curtis St., Mogadore, Ohio 

T^i'2''''i,'n°'? ^°^D -.u 228^ '6* St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

n ?t i'J°?^, ^""^ 8°5 Winton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Untch, Robert Lee 1310 Rowland St., Canton, Ohio 

Utter, Loren C 316 Main St., Vermilion, Ohio 

Vaoariu Earl Paul 412 N. Liberty St., Alliance, Ohio 

vSf ;■ K®"^ ^^'i- \ o o 5609 Fleet St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Volenti, Raymond J. 363 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Van Auker, Alfred Jay 3325 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Vance, Renna Evelyn.. 15O6 Cohassett St., Lakewood, Ohio 

VanHyning, Audreinne lone 303 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

V "S^ u'"''; r®"^ / 303 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

VanSlyke Juliana Fern 4324 Birchwood St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Varner, Russell Wayne 441 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Vaughan, Allan Solon Oho 

Vaughan, Enos Paul 90 M.' 'denier' ■F!d.','Twin'sburg; Ohio 

Vaughn, Ralph Heffner 314 Ontario St., Akron, Ohio 

Verbanek, John Robert mg w. 20lh St., Lorain, Ohio 

Verbulecz, Wendell M 1459 Rockaway St., Akron, Ohio 

Vitangeli, Dominic Joseph 916 Lafayette St., Canton, Ohio 

,^ n ■ M."^ E- Market St. Ext., Warren, Ohio 

Vok, Charlotte 3296 Berkeley St., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Volk, Judith (1) 3296 Berkeley St., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Vrsan Frank 1801 Stark Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Vutech, Virginia Elizabeth Box 128, Canfield, Ohio 


Wachcic, Elfriede Marie 59 Cherokee Trail, Willobee-on-Lake, Ohio 

Wagner, Sister Cecile (1) 22 S. Maple St., Akron, Ohio 

Wagner, Donald Charles 1234 Worley St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Wagner, Elmin David Smith R. D. No. 3, Hudson, Ohio 

Wagner, Harold Parker Peninsula Rd., Hudson, Ohio 

Wagner, James William 366 Crosby St., Akron, Ohio 

Wagoner, Bill J R. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Wagstaff, Claire Jane 530 W. Evergreen St., Youngsto'wn, Ohio 

Wait, Nelson P 156 Franklin St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Waldeck, Robert Wesley 14914 Arden Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Waldeck, Jr., William Lloyd 14914 Arden Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Waldo, Connie 142 Elmwood Ave., East Aurora, N. Y. 

Walker, Don E 2033 Lorena Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Walker, Earl Arthur (1) 85 Kent Court, Akron, Ohio 

Walker, Ethel Louise 4487 W. 194 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Walker, Helen Irene Box 59, Richmond, Ohio 

Walker, Lucile Mary 350 Van Horn St., Louisville, Ohio 

Walker, Robert Lowry 208 S. Chestnut St., Kent, Ohio 

Walker, Vernon William 501 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wallace, Mary Anna Box No. 7, Mahoningtown, Pa. 

Wallis, Robert Brown 1587 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Walrath, Velma Wilda 636 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio 

Walsh, Janet Ann 38 E. 5th St., Barberton, Ohio 

Walter, Evelyne Jane (1) 140 N. Freedom St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Walters, Verla Leora 220 Parkway, Ravenna, Ohio 

Walther, Richard Allen Macedonia, Ohio 

Walther, William James Macedonia, Ohio 

Walton, Jennie M 207 Highland Ave., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Waltz, Robert Wesley 2055 Newberg St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wanamaker, Betty Jane R. F. D. No. 1, Warren, Ohio 

Wands, Ralph C 413 Fairchild Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Ward, Isabelle Ruth New Milford, Ohio 

Ward, Jack Carter 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Warman, Laura Cathleen Williamsfield, Ohio 

Warner, Genevieve Mae 157 Beck Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Warnke, Jeanne Cornelia 1581 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Warren, Lyle 1242 Highland Ave., Springfield, Ohio 

Worth, Margaret Florence (1) 430 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Waterbury, Irving Babbitt 66 Wandle Ave., Bedford, Ohio 

Watkins, James Paul 161 S. Garland St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Watson, John William 1387 Brown St., Akron, Ohio 

Wafts, John William Wayland, Ohio 

Watts, Watson Leon 151 E. Spruce St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Wawrin, Andrew R R. D. No. 2, Atwater, Ohio 

Weaver, Harold Morton 2573 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Weaver, Roger H." R. D. No. 1, Suffield, Ohio 

Webb, Alice Marie Austinburg, Ohio 

Webb, Florence Marie 304 Washington Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Webber, Lydie Poley (2) 18717 Winslow Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Weeden, Kenneth Leon 1073 Whittier Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wegman, George Emmet Suffield, Ohio 

Weigle, Dick Charles 601 17th St., Canton, Ohio 

Weil, Harold L 485 St. Leger Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Weimer, Don Robert 520 College Ave., Wooster, Ohio 

Weimer, Mary Kathryn {1) 414 Grand Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Weimer, Verna Henrietta Box 68, Dalton, Ohio 

Weirick, Jeanne (1) 1592 Hillside Terrace, Akron, Ohio 

Weisenberg, Leonard Leslie 10821 Morrison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Weiss, Bertha Mae Dundee, Ohio 

Weiss, Raymond Thomas (2) 2460 Berk St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Weiss, Stanley Serai 153 Burton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Weiss, Winona Clara 1228 16th St. N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Weixel, Mary Luette (1) Chardon, Ohio 

Welker, Martina Mary 2903 Northland, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wellar, Helen Ruth 14301 Castalia Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wells, Winnie Belle 539 W. Hopocan St., Barberton, Ohio 

Welton, Barbara Joyce Hubbard Rd., East Aurora, N. Y. 

Wenhart, Edward R. D. No. 8, Box 72, Akron, Ohio 

Werb, Theodore Julius 3211 West Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Werstler, Robert Sheldon 433 Werstler Ave., North Canton, Ohio 

Wesley, Charles William (1) Homewood Ave., R. D. No. 1, 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

West, Alice Etta 1240 E. 3rd St., Salem, Ohio 

West, John Charles 1665 Preston Ave., Akron, Ohio 

West, Kathleen Virginia R. F. D. No. 3, Warren, Ohio 

WestfoU, Jean Henrietta (2) 1551 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Weston, Doris Evelyn 2391 Columbus Rd., North Olmsted, Ohio 

Westover, Clarence Ralph 1305 Believes St., Akron, Ohio 

Wetzel, Lowell Riddle Block No. 9, Ravenna, Ohio 

Weymouth, Arlene Elizabeth 1855 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Whalen, William Perry 5140 Summer St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Wheeler, John Edward 73 Wandle Ave., Bedford, Ohio 

Wheeler, Scott Marengo, Ohio 

White, Elizabeth K 122 N. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

White, Jennie Jean 122 N. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

White, John Levon 334 Parkwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

White, Marjorie Verne 1055 Roanoke Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

White, Vernon Harlan (l)..Rio Grande Drive, R. D. No. 1, Warren, Ohio 

White, William Allen R. D. No. 1, Mogadore, Ohio 

White, William Dennis 329 E. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Whitehead, Christine Arminta 15209 Lincoln St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Whitfield, Robert E. (2) 690 May St., Akron, Ohio 

Whitman, Jeanne Kathleen 681 Roslyn Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Whittlesey, Marjorie Jean 571 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Wible, Carlos D 155 E. Ohio Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Wichert, Harding A 141 Marcella Ave., Stow, Ohio 

Wicks, Floyd E 511 Sandusky St., Ashland, Ohio 

Wicks, J. Roger (1) 611 Sandusky St., Ashland, Ohio 

Wiest, Wilfred Skyrm 717 N. Main St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Wigner, Opal Pearl Box 281 , East Akron, Ohio 

Wiland, Richard C R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Wilber, John Vernon 418 Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Wilcox, Evelyn Jessie R. F. D. No. 6, Medina, Ohio 

Wilcox, Glen F 332 Erie St., Kent, Ohio 

Wilcox, Jessie Pearl R. F. D. No. 3, Hudson, Ohio 

Wildblood, Harry Molineaux. . 1021 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Wiles, Juliett Ann 301 W. Paradise St., Orrville, Ohio 

Wilkin, John Roger Amsterdam, Ohio 

Wilkin, Wayne Wendell 512 Brittan Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Williams, Doris Wadene 360 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Williams, Eric Garland 618 Sugar St., Marion, Ohio 

Williams, Ernest Allen (1) Box 102, Justus, Ohio 

Williams, Ernest John (1) 11111 Miles Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williams, Evalyn Marie (2) 647 Lovers Lane, Akron, Ohio 

Williams, Everitt Harvey 268 N. State St., Marion, Ohio 

Williams, George Walter R. D. No. 4, Box 595, Akron, Ohio 

Williams, Hazel Leone 12921 Hlavin Ave., C'eveland, Ohio 

Williams, Jean Paul Wardsboro, Vermont 

Williams, Joanne Holmes 3283 E. 128 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williams, Mrs. Katharine 431 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Williams, Kenneth Wesley 736 School Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Williams, Margaret L 1296 Donald Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Williams, Robert Joseph 543 Rockwell St., Kent, Ohio 

Williams, Robert Landen 1029 Pitkin Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Williams, Thomas H. (1) 1288 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Williams, William C 1551 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Williamson, Harry Bernard 3311 W. 98 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williard, E. Russell Sandy Lake Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 


Where University Folks Qo For Their Drug and Toiletry Needs 

Dependable Merchandise at Minimum Prices 


Lentheric . Early American Old Spice . Yardley's 


Winter's Famous Home Made Chocolates . Whitman . Crane . Gobelin 
Shaeffer's and Waterman's Pens . Pencils . Desk Sets 

Plan To Meet Your Friends At Thompson*s Fountain 

THompsons drug store 

Charles Young - Merrill Thompson 
South East Corner Main & Water Sts. 








We Cater to 



with the 


1612 State Road 


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

T. R. MacDonald, prop. 

Phone 6321 

Williard, Robert Grant 678 Lakemont Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Willis, Arthur WiUiam 900 School Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Willow, Marjorie Marie (2) 3812 East 71 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Willson, Mary Jane 388 Forker Blvd., Sharon, Pa. 

Wilson, Bernard Orville Route No. 3. Medina, Ohio 

Wilson, Cora L 165 Virginia Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Wilson, Florence Ruby 1716 East 84 St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wilson, Leon H. (2) 1301 Mt. Vernon Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wilson, McLene Janice (1) 4450 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wilson, Robert Joseph 355 East Vermont St., Sebring, Ohio 

Wilson, Wesley Joe 931 Mercer St., Akron, Ohio 

Winkler, Claire Anne 1727 13th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Winsper, Dean L 12915 Christine Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Winters, Mary Alice 81 E. 219 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Wise, Charles Merrill R. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Wise, Clarice lona Mogadore, Ohio 

Wise, Eugene Wilbur R. D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Wise, Robert Raymond 394 S. Arlington St., Akron, Ohio 

Wjsler, Virginia Fuller (1) 18 Grant St., New London, Ohio 

Wisnieski, Thelma Jean 6944 BrecksviUe Rd., Independence, Ohio 

Witner, Joseph Franklin 621 Greenwood St., Akron, Ohio 

Wohlford, Earl G 2646 Elmwood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wojno, Roman 157 W. Buchtel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wolcott, Betty Rose 2495 Whitelaw Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wolcott, Evan Le'wis 1715 Canova Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wolcott, Fremont Oliver R. D. No. 1, Copley, Ohio 

Wolf, Edith Louise 37 Mackey St., Hubbard, Ohio 

Wolf, Lois Vernessa 464 Lloyd St., Barberton, Ohio 

Wolf, Martha 505 Second St., Donora, Pa. 

Wolfe, Jr., Ed'ward Clarence. .. .3343 Beechv/ood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wolfe, Merritt C 1560 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wolfe, Walter Norman 442 Wolcott Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Wolford, Mildred Mosser (1) 1432 Dueber St., Canton, Ohio 

Wolford, Richard Wilson 619 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Wood, Bonivere Bowman 1308 Oregon Ave., Steubenville. Ohio 

Woodhouse, Charles Emmert (1) R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Woodhouse, Robert Lawrence R. D. No. 3, Box 48, Kent, Ohio 

Woods, Mildred Mae 167 Brooklyn St., Salem, Ohio 

Woodward, Richard Leroy 2503 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Woolsey, Barbara Lee (1) 4662 Parkwood Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 

Wootton, Virginia Ruth Oak-wood Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Worcester, Florene Emma 54 Hamilton St., Oberlin, Ohio 

Wowra, Arthur Bernard R. D. No. 1, Clinton, Ohio 

Wowra, Betty JacgueUne R. D. No. 1, Clinton, Ohio 

Woyar, Peter 1834 Java Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wren, Frances Rebecca 61 Second St., S. W., MassiUon, Ohio 

Wright, Beatrice Edna Chippe-wa Rd., BrecksviUe, Ohio 

Wright, Betty May (1) 476 Madison St., Akron, Ohio 

Wright, Donald E. (2) 2121 9th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Margaret Ellen 2543 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Norma E 323 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Wilbert H. (1) 57 Nottingham St., Akron, Ohio 

Wuchter, Eileen Mae 1418 Wuchter Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Wynkoop, James P 3333 Martindale Rd., Canton, Ohio 


Yadvirshis, Alfred Thomas (1) R. D. No. 3, Medina, Ohio 

Yarano, Loretta Carolyne 10806 Bernard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Yates, S. S 3057 W. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Yavor, Elvira (Patty) 424 Large Ave., Clairton, Ohio 

Yeck, Raymond D 1607 Woodward Ave., Lakev/ood, Ohio 

Yesso, John Aleric 830 Day St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Yost, Betty 2217 Lincoln Way, Massillon, Ohio 

Young, Dale Ardys Canton Rd., East Akron, Ohio 

Young, Grace Jane (1) 4238 E. Ill St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Young, Robert Seymore (1) 335 South Island, Rocky River, Ohio 

Young, Robert Snyder 291 Grove St., Akron, Ohio 

Youngen, LaDema Lucille Eastland Ave. Ext., Tallmadge, Ohio 

Youngman, Doris Vivian 1019 Kling St., Akron, Ohio 

Yount, Rachel Lavera 300 E. Voris St., Akron, Ohio 

Youtzy, Lois Mae Gulf Rd., Elyria, Ohio 

Yugovich, S. Ann 841 Marshall St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Yurchison, Anne Geraldine 203 Wayne Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 


Zaderecky, Michael 7922 Spafford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Zahniser, M. Leland 183 E. Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Zdesar, Rose Marie 687 E. 200 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Zehnder, Howard (1) 383 Noah Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Zeis, Judson Elias 888 ClearvieiAr Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Zeller, Donald Alvin (2) 227 Grain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Zeller, Mary Lou 68 Helen Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Zeller, Paul Joseph 927 Park Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Zepko, Julie 157 E. Crosier St., Akron, Ohio 

Zigler, Robert Allan (1) R. D. No. 2, Wadsworth, Ohio 

Ziler, Vivian Oleta 1755 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Zima, Victor Hugo 37 Pine St., Geneva, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Erie Robert 145 Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Esther Lucille Mound St., South Charleeton, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Feme Ina R. D. No. 5, Salem, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Florence E 114 Iron Ave., Dover, Ohio 

Zink, Dale E. (1) R. D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Zink, Edward J R. D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Zink, Richard Ray (1) R. D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Zinn, Bertilou 710 S. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Zucker, Norman (1) 777 Ruth St., Akron, Ohio 

Zuercher, Venus Route No. 4, Millersburg, Ohio 

Zukas, Albert Victor 13308 Benwood Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 




Sporting Goods with us is a Business . . . 
not a Sideline. 

We are students of the college of hard 

knocks and we will appreciate your 

sporting goods business. 

Visit Akron's Largest 
Sport Goods Store 

35 S. Main St. Akron, Ohio 

HEY ! ! ! 

Keep up with this 
fast moving world, 
while you're moving. 

YOUNG'S .... 




The new 1940 Firestone Deluxe 
auto radio has Monomatic Tuaing, 
Trimatic Tone Control and Custom- 
Fit Dash Mountings. 
Deluxe 100-inch cowl 
anteooa with booster 
as shown 

No. 66 

Antenna extra 

Main Street 


Kent, Ohio 

Known for his fine arrangements 
You will certainly agree 
Lots more enjoyable entertainment 
Each of your dances will be 

Moke your next selection 

I n favor of this band 

Then you will have no objection 

|-|is is the finest music in the land. 

The Home 

of Kent's Finest 



Kent-Ravenna Road 


with You 

Toward Achievement 
and Tradition 


Best wishes from the 

Robin Hood 


PHONE 638 




The Engravings were made by 







Advertising Directory 

Al's Cottage. 

. 205 

Getz Bros 207 

Parsons Lumber Co. 


Bill Lewis 207 

Terese Green . 


Kent National Bank 211 

P. L. Frank Lumber 211 

Tinker Funeral Home 211 

Flynn Motors 211 

Kent Restaurant 213 

W.W.Reed 215 

B. &B 216 

Kent Feed & Supply Co 216 

University Cleaners 216 

Mother Mac's 216 

Campus Supply 217 

G.F.Elgin 217 

Imperial Dry Cleaning 217 

Ohio Edison 


. 221 


Richard's Floral 221 

D. H. Green 


Kent Hotel 223 

E. L. Hoard 


Al Roberts 225 

Hale Thompson 227 



Ravenna Laundry 227 

City Bank 228 

Huston Pugh 229 

Young's Tire 


Kyle Smith 229 



Robin Hood 230 



Engravers 23 1 

Kent Recreation B. A 219 



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Liptak, G. Davis, J. Smiley, B. Solow, J. Aschauer, R. Rozuk, 
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M. Thompson, E. Tucker, J. Robinson, M. Boehm, J. Stroup, M. Rufener, L. 
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Leland Zahniser, Marjorie Jacot, Gordon Hostettler, 
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Ernestine Baumgardner, Jewell Hartman, Opal Wigner 
Frances Koole, Alice O'Sickey. 

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Y. M. C. A. 

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Irene Osborne, Dean Mary L. Smallwood, Betty Crampton, Marge Hunt, Martha 
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venor, Ernestine Baumgardner, Lillian Kochenderfer, Martha Rufener, Kay Maloney. 

Vince McDevitt, Don Miller, Jack Harris, John Powell, Robert First, Leonard 
Kramel, Roger Wicks, Fred Vacha, Cloyd Lawrence, Thurman Artz. Middle Row: 
Leland Zahniser, Kenneth Adolph, Al Kieselbach, Max Johnson, Jack Watts, Louis 
Cardinal, Jack Wilber, Leonard Opeil. First Row: Gordon Hostettler, Don Scullion, 
Woody Barkett, Bob Potts, Dick Firth. 



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H. P. E. CLUB 

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Y. W. C. A. 

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Leadenham, R. Lapp, M. Leist, R. McDade, P. Niarchos, M. 
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Saelins, B. Savu, J. Schaltz. J. Stroup, F. Szuba, M. Trun- 
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Miss S. Koehler. J. Rothermund, E. Evans, E. Baumgard- 
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sough, B. Munger, L. Kent, S. Horner, M. Suderow, H. 
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Russell Goodwin, Bill Henry, Jack Harris, Edward Wen- 
hart, Henry Briggs, George Ray, Myron Bruno, Adrian 
Trachsel, Henry LaTorraca. John Steinert. James Martin, 
Clyde Hawthorne. Charles Earhart, Leo Difford, Charles 
Franks, Bill Skivington, Bob Dichuhoff, Elton Bachman, 
Harold Holshoy. Roy Clarke, Art Eisenmann, Tom Barnes, 
Dan Gulgin, Ray Conard, Charles Traver, Adelbart Groon- 
amyar, Edward Kubuski, Earl Stanley, Nelson Llewellyn, 
Frank Tabor, Eric Williams, Lauran Warwan, Joe Beal, 
Louis Salzer, Andy Senich. Arthur Willis, Joe Aschauer, Don 
Harris, Bob Harrington, Richard Emmitt, Paul Koch, Enio 
Penza, Jack Schafer, Wilbur Taylor, Jack Ward, Norvel 
Hill, Bob Deal, Everett Myers, Myron Lawrence, Wilbert 
Manes, David Paulis, James Appleby, Wayne Wilkin, Leo 
May, Ed Chesleski, Eli Beery, Milan Piotrowski, Joe Jones, 
Dominic Mittiga, Don Marshall, Bill Boliantz, Bill Powell, 
Don Cunningham, Roy Miller, Jim Alogdelis, Prof. Clinton 
Van Duesen, Prof. Adrian Van Wyen. 

L. Rodkey, D. Taylor, W. Watts, F. Vacha, J. Powell, J. 
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L. Fagley, M. Fankhauser, B. Ferguson. L. Francis, L. Frase, 

E. French, T. Ganas, D. Gerber, C. Gilcrest, H. Gregory, 
L. Grunder, D. Guinther, E. Guenther, F. Haley, B. 
Halsey, P. Harris, A. Hawk, C. Hayne. E. Hick, M. Hines, 
Mrs. M. Hoobler, B. Hopes, M. Horton, Y. Horton, M. 
Hunt, L. Hutter, Mrs. I. Immel, M. Jacot. H. Janeck, B. 
Johnson, G. Karnes, E. Karnosh, F. Keyser, D. Kime, G. 
Kingsley, M. Knouff, L. Kochenderfer, M. Krichbaum, R. 
Krichbaum. A. Laughrey, R. Leah, D. Linerode, M. Lull, B. 
McCurdy, B. McHugh, B. McPherson, A. Marcy. E. Meachen, 
J. Miller, L. Miller, M. Miller, A. MiUigan, B. L. Minor, P. 
Moore, M. Moscato, M. Offenhauer, M. Oliver, V. Osborne, E. 
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Cooley, F. Crowfoot, A. Cope, L. Cox. J. Critz, G. Daniels, 
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R. Goodwin, W. Guisewite, B. Hanks. R. Hawkins, L. Hill, 
R. Hill, R. Holmes, P. Homan. I. Immel, R. Johnson, D. 
Kempel, A. Kirkland, B. Klein, O. Laughlin, D. Leggett, 
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Melton. E. Myers. D. Parker. W. Reynolds, B. Richards, J. 
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White, B. White, R. Wilken, D. Wolford. D. Ugran.